A Self-Care Day With Me ✨

Hey guys! I realize it’s been a bit since my last blog post, something that doesn’t occur often. If you missed it on Instagram, sadly one of my cats passed away last week. I decided to take some time to grieve. As well, I have been super busy at work the last month and have just been feeling uninspired when it’s come to my blog and Instagram. I think the break was very much needed because I hadn’t taken a break since Christmas.

During my break, I thought about what I want this blog to be like. I concluded that I definitely still want to continue blogging, but that what I was doing in the past might not be sustainable for me currently. My consumption habits have changed so it’s not realistic for me to be constantly doing reviews of new makeup and books. I want to incorporate other aspects of my life more into my blog. I’m also not sure if I can continue posting twice a week, but I’m going to try for a bit before making that decision.

Anyway, that is a long-winded way to say I wanted to share a bit of my day this past Wednesday. I had the day off work and decided to do a little self-care day. I decided to get all dolled up and do my makeup. I’m testing a bunch of new makeup so stay tuned for that blog post. 😉 It was chilly and rainy (perfect first day of fall) so I decided to break out this new cardigan I got from Winners.

The first stop on my self-care day was afternoon tea with my mom. For my birthday my mom had given me an IOU coupon to go to afternoon tea wherever I wanted. I found this place called Tea At The White House in Waterdown. If you’re local I highly recommend this place. We decided to go all out and get the White Tea House, which comes with tea, sandwiches, scones and desserts. They have over 200 teas to choose from! The food was also delicious. It was a big meal, but they also offer smaller tea services. It was great and definitely go back.

Then the next stop was The Freelton Antique Mall. This place is a huge antique store and is only about 20 minutes away from Waterdown. My mom and I love antiquing so it was nice to walk around. We were there for only half an hour and only did a quarter of the store. I found this gorgeous rose quartz bowl. It’s the perfect size to hold jewelry or other little trinkets, and it was only $40!

To finish off my self-care day, I got a 60 minute registered massage at Zenbar. I received a gift card for my birthday but hadn’t had the chance (because of lockdowns and then work) to use it until now! I’ve had massages and facials at Zenbar before, they’re a great spa. I let the massage therapist know I had some tension in my neck and shoulders and she did a great job of working them out. I also know that many insurance plans will cover registered massages, so I also recommend people look into that because it’s a great way to relax but also save some money.

And that was my self-care day guys. I also hope you enjoyed this post, sharing some more local places that I enjoyed visiting. Let me know in the comments what are some of your favourite activities you like to do on self-care days!



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