March Boxycharm 2020

Hi guys! Today I am sharing my March Boxycharm! My post on Tuesday featured one of the products in my box, but now I am giving my full review! Also, I would like to note that last month Boxycharm said that they were switching to virtual cards but I got a physical card in this month’s box? What’s going on Boxycharm? Anyways, now onto the box.

Photo 2020-03-13, 12 39 48 PM

The first item in my box is the Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Clean Cleansing Balm. Now I believe that this is just a cherry version of their original Green Clean. Since I have used their original formula and have another cleansing balm open I decided to not open this one. But I like their original formula! It does a good job of removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean. The only thing is if I accidentally get it in my eye it’s annoying. The cherry version smells like maraschino cherries. Price: $34 US (the original is $45 CAD).

Next is the Sutra Beuty Mini Ceramic Curling Iron. If you watched my video on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee), then you know that I like this mini curling iron! It does a great job of creating nice, tight curls. This would be the perfect curling iron to travel with because it’s small but does a great job. Price: $49.99 US

The lip product this month is the Becca Glow Gloss. I got the shade Carmellia and I was worried because it’s a bright pink. But these glosses are sheer, so it gives a nice hint of cool-toned pink to the lips. The formula is nice because it’s not sticky. But it has a weird scent, very herbally and almost like tea tree? Luckily it’s not very strong. The packaging bugs me though. It has a rounded bottom and a bump on the top. So I can’t stand the gloss vertically. It’s not the end of the world, but I would prefer at least one flat side. Price: $22 US

Photo 2020-03-25, 2 38 04 PM

My least favourite product is the Hank & Henry Living in Color Palette. First, the packaging is extremely bulky. I can get behind bulky packaging if it’s cute or serves a purpose, but this is just annoying. Next, I don’t like the colour story. It’s pretty boring and there isn’t any shades in the palette that I think are unique or make me want to use the palette. Finally, the quality of the eyeshadows aren’t that great. The mattes are patchy and the glitter shades need to be packed on. For example, the shade Mariana Trench is very similar to Mermaid Boy in the Colourpop Dream St palette. The quality of the Colourpop shadow is way better. The only good shade is La Canela, which I think is a different formula than the other shimmers. Overall a dud palette that is not worth the price: $27 US

The final product is the Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer. I like receiving a product like this because at least I will actually use it! Since I got it I’ve been using it every single time I’ve showered. The lavender scent is strong but not overwhelming. It lathers up well and has been lasting multiple washes. The only thing is that I find that the sponge is scratchy at first and takes a while to become soft. Overall I love using this, but I wouldn’t go out and repurchase it. Price: $16 US, $22 CAD

The final total of the box is $149 US. Honestly, this box was good except for the palette! Just goes to show that you have to test the products before you judge them! Let me know what you think of this month’s box in the comments.



I tried following a beauty Youtube tutorial

Hey guys! Today I decided to try and do something fun while I am stuck inside. If you read my March products of the month, then you know I am using the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St palette. Kathleen Lights always posts tutorials using her palettes, so I thought it would be fun to try and follow one! I decided to follow this video if you are curious.

So how easy was it to follow the video? Well, first it helped that I owned the palette that she used. That makes it easier than trying to use similar shades. But in the tutorial, she used a Colourpop Super-Shock Shadow that I don’t own. She applied it all over her lid before applying the dark brown Elfish. I decided to just apply Elfish by itself. In hindsight, I would have applied a plain brown eyeliner all over my lids. I felt that it would have given something for the shade to stick to.

Overall I think Kathleen did a great job explaining how to do the look. But to be fair it was a pretty simple smoky eye. It would be interesting to try and follow a more complicated look and see if it would be harder for me to do. I also think that since I had a great base knowledge about makeup it was easier for me to follow along than if someone didn’t know how to do their makeup.

It was funny because in the video Kathleen talked about how she struggled to apply her false lashes. And I had the same issue! I like Kathleen because she is honest, she shows when she is struggling. It makes her more honest and authentic.

This was super fun for me to do, especially because I wouldn’t have thought to do a makeup look like this. I want to try and follow more makeup tutorials!

Let me know if you guys have any you would like me to try! I think I want to do one by Allana Davison next. 👀

I also will be posting a video of me doing this makeup look on my Instagram as well, so make sure to follow me there (@xoxoxoleelee)!



Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vol II Palette Review

Hey guys! Today’s review is on the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vol II. I know a lot of people don’t like Jaclyn and Morphe. I decided to purchase this palette because I liked Jaclyn’s first palette. I wanted to see if the quality would be as good as the first one. I also personally loved the colour story. At the end of the day, support who you would like with your money. Objectively I think this palette is great, but if you can’t support the people behind it then don’t buy it.

Photo 2020-02-19, 10 50 30 AM

Volume II is a 35 pan palette, the same as the original. There are some similars in the sense that there are warm/neutral colours at the top, and then colourful shades near the bottom left. The pans in the new palette are slightly smaller – by a millimetre (I measured lol).

While the eye automatically gets drawn to the bright shades, there are a fair number of neutral shades in the palette. I was able to do a fair number of daytime and glam looks. I do find many of the neutral shades similar. I would love a few deeper neutral shades. G-Money is the darkest brown and then there is the black. The neutral shades are also very warm and pull peachy/orange on me. So if you are more of a neutral brown kind of person, then I recommend the original.

I love the colourful shades in this palette. The mattes all blend well, which is impressive since I known neons and purples are hard to formulate. I will say that the neon pink, Tipsy Girl, did stain my eyelid after I used it. But that is common with pinks – the James Charles palette also stained me too. I will say that looking at this palette just makes me feel inspired.

So my overall thoughts are that this is a great palette! I think that the quality is on par with the other palette. While I wish that the neutrals were less peachy. At the end of the day I’m going to reach for this palette for the colourful shades, not the neutral ones. If you like colour, then I recommend you pick up this palette. If you like neutral shades more then I would recommend the original palette.

And that is my review! I will be posting some looks with this palette for the next couple of days, so make sure to follow me there (@xoxoxoleelee). And if there is anything you want to know about the palette ask me in the comments!



Product Empties January 2020

Hey guys! I am back with a good old products empties! I didn’t do a post in December, so this one is a little longer than usual. But I will try to be brief haha.

jan 2020

First I have two setting sprays, both favourites of mine. First is the Urban Decay All Nighter and the other is MAC Fix+. I have talked about these setting sprays many times before on my blog. I find that UD does a great job of making my makeup last, and MAC Fix + does a great job of making my makeup look flawless. I have repurchased both of these.

Two hair products from L’Oreal today! The first is the L’Oreal Total Repair Cica Creme. I use this after I shower on the ends of my hair. I noticed a difference in my hair when I didn’t use the product, but I wouldn’t say it overall improved the health of my hair. It’s not bad, but I have decided to try a different hair oil for now. The other product is the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Nectar. I did notice a difference with this product! My hair was softer and shinier after I used it. Not a product that I would use all the time, but great for special occasions.

A makeup empty for once! I finally finished my Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation. I think this might have been the first time I have ever finished a foundation! I talked about this foundation in my 2019 favourites if you want to know more about my thoughts on the product.

Two products from Lush today! The first is the Mask of Magnaminty. I didn’t finish this mask because it dried up on me. But I did repurchase it because I  enjoy this mask. It does a great job of cleaning my skin. I will just try  hard to use up the mask this time before it dries out. The other Lush product is Karma Kream. I love this body lotion. It is thinner than most but absorbs into the skin quickly. I love the scent, and I find that it lightly lingers throughtout the day. I just love the blend of orange and patchouli – it’s sweet and spicy at the same time!

I finished two Origins masks. I got both of these in a gift set last year, and these were my favourites. I like them both equally for different reasons. The Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay is good for evening out skin texture. The Out of Trouble mask is great for helping with active breakouts. I like both masks and would repurchase, but I am currently trying to use up some other masks in my collection. But I would recommend both masks.

I finished my favourite moisturizer, the Laneige Water Bank Hydrating Gel. They have updated the packaging so it looks different than the one I finished. I have already purchased another one and I’m already half-way through it. My skin just loves this moisturizer.

Another moisturizer is the Tula Super Soothe Calming Moisturizing Lotion. I have mentioned this in the past that I use a face moisturizer on my chest and back to help control my acne. This one I won in a giveaway so I decided to use it for that purpose. Did a great job of keeping my body moisturizer and not break me out. I will not be repurchasing because I don’t think Tula even ships to Canada?

Next up is a product I got in my Boxycharm, the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. This balm is great at removing a full face of makeup. I enjoy using it after a night out to quickly and effectively remove my makeup. The only thing I don’t like is that if I get it in my eyes my vision gets all blurry. Very annoying. So while it did a good job of removing my makeup, I would go half-blind for five minutes after using it. I will not be repurchasing it because I have other products I want to test out.

The final product is the Nivea Hydro Care lip balm. I love this lip balm, but I repurchased it AND THEY CHANGE THE FORMULA. I am shocked and saddened. It smells different and feels different on the lips. I don’t like the new formula as much. I will continue to use my new lip balms since I purchased them, but guys it’s not the same. 😭

And those are my product empties! Also, I am looking into changing up how I take my photos, so head over to my Insta (@xoxoxoleelee) and let me know what you think!



Products of the Month – January 2020

Hey guys! Today I am giving the update for my December products and sharing with you my pick for January. If you are unaware of my little series, every month I pick two products to focus on for the month. It’s a little hybrid between a shop-my-stash and a project pan. The goal is to give some love to existing products in my collection.

Photo 2019-12-06, 1 09 20 PM

The first was the  Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette. I picked this palette because I needed something for both day-time use and holiday parties, and this work perfectly. I was able to create so many looks using this palette. I also brought this palette with me to Punta Cana and it was great! This is a great palette to travel because of the variety within the palette. Honestly this is a great palette and it was fun to play around with it this month.

The second product was Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. I was hoping to finish this primer but I still have a lot left! Just goes to show that primer can last a  long time since you only need a tiny amount. Especially with this one because it’s so glowy. This was great when I was in Punta Cana because I was going for a dewy look. I like my Dr. Brandt primer more, but this one was still pretty good.

Photo 2020-01-06, 4 28 10 PM

Now for my January products I picked another Laura Mercier product! I didn’t realize until I was writing this post – oh well! This is a baby sample of their Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I’ve used this powder before and I do like it! But this baby sample doesn’t have a sifter which makes it very annoying to use. So I want to use this powder up!

Photo 2020-01-06, 4 30 34 PM

The second palette was chosen by you guys! So follow me on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) to be apart of these kinds of things! This month I will be playing with the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette, which was my favourite palette when it first came out. There are so many fun shades in this palette, so I am excited to play with it this month!

And that is my update for the month! Let me know if you have any suggestions for next month in the comments.



Back to School Haul

Hey guys! So when this post goes up, I will have just finished my first day of school! So what better way to celebrate than a back to school haul. Even if you are not going back to school, September is a great time to get some end of summer deals as well as some new pieces for fall. If you want to see my talk about these pieces, go check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) I have it saved as a highlight. Now for a miscellaneous haul!

Photo 2019-09-02, 2 15 55 PM

First up are some notebooks! At Indigo there were doing a special deal when I was in store that if you bought two stationary products, you got the third free! So I got a Watercolour Floral notebook, a Blush Branches one (on sale), and an Agave Plant notebook (also on sale). I like these because their three subject notebooks, so I will have one section for each of my classes. At Indigo I also a new pencil case for my bujo supplies since my other one was getting too small. This Organized AF one is also on sale! Finally from Indigo I got a Ginger Pumpkin Spice candle. I had the same scent last year and I loved it. It smells like fall, but isn’t too sweet.

Next I decided to jump on the hair clip trend with this four pack from the brand Zoe Ayla (which are currently sold out on their site). I actually found them at Winners for $7.99, which is way cheaper than the $45 price tag on their site. Winners had other clips as well, so if you interested I would check them out.

My one pair of shoes are a pair of Loafers from the brand Naturalizer. I own a few other shoes from the brand and they always held up well. I decided to get loafers because I have slides that look similar, but find they slid off when your walking a lot, and also can’t be worn when it’s cold outside. I needed a pair of professional looking shoes, and I think this pair fits the bill. I got mine from DSW.

Photo 2019-09-02, 12 39 28 PM

Next up clothes! First I got this cute skort from Forever 21. I think it’s fun but still slightly professional looking piece. I can easily dress it up and dress it down, and it long enough that I don’t have to wore if my shorts are being cheeky.

I got three pieces from H&M. First I got this V-Neck Dress, and if you don’t like the pattern I got they have other options online. I like the dress because it’s long but still looks fresh. It’s a step up from a summer dress but still pretty casual. Next I got this crinkled blouse in a fun leopard print. I love this shirt for a couple of reasons. First I was looking for a leopard print item, and I think this blouse is so fun. And then I can easily style it up or down, for more casual and business use. Finally I got this fine-hair sweater in taupe, but there are other colours available online as well. The length is great where I can wear it with jeans tucked in or untucked with leggings. I also don’t own anything like this taupe shade, so it’s a nice edition to my sweater collection.

Finally from American Eagle I got three items. They were having a sale of buy-one-get-one-50% off their jeans, so I got two pairs. I tried their curvy line and fell it love. I haven’t tried on a pair of jeans that fit me so well before. They are cut to be wider in the hips and more cinched in in the waist. I got them in Black and Midnight Dreamer (dark wash). Finally from American Eagle I got this super cool sweater. I can’t seem to find it online, but if I do ever find it again I will link it. It gives me 80s ski lodge x Patagonia vibes. Can’t wait for the weather to cool enough for me to wear it.

And that is my lil back to school haul. Let me know in the comments what you guys are doing this fall, whether it’s going back to school or any fun plans you have!



Colourpop Haul Part 1

Hey guys! So about a month now I placed a Colourpop order. I don’t order from Colourpop often, so when I do I usually do a big order. My order came in a couple weeks ago (you would have seen this if you follow my Instagram @xoxoxoleelee). I have mentioned this before, but I am currently working at a pool this summer. Which means that I don’t wear makeup most days, so it is taking me longer than usual to test out products. I have decided to split up my haul into two parts. Some of the products I already have an opinion on, but others I still haven’t tried. So today I have five products, and the rest will be up within a week or two.

Photo 2019-08-22, 12 27 04 PM

First up is the Orange You Glad palette. Colourpop has been releasing these nine pan colourful palettes what seems like every other week. This palette was the newest one when I placed my order, plus I fell in love with the colour story. While a full orange palette might not seem like the most wearable palette, what I like is that you can take one or two of these shades along with a more neutral palette to make a beautiful look. Oranges pair well with browns and golds, so you can easily create a simple glam look that isn’t too bold. Or you can do what I did and go all out (see look below). But the best part of this palette is that the quality is amazing. Even the neon matte shade called Sunkiss’d (which reminds me of Cheetos) is so bright but also soo blendable. I had no problems blending out the shadows. And the photos don’t do them justice, they are so bight and pigmented in real life. Oh also did I mention that this palette is $12USD?? I highly recommend this palette if you like the colours.

Next up is the Lippie Stix in the shade Brink. This lippie is one of their best sellers and it’s currently sold out – for a good reason. I love this lip, it is definitely my new go to. This is such a comfortable matte lipstick. I wouldn’t even call it matte, it’s much closer to a creamy satin. It lasts pretty well through the day. It didn’t really make it through lunch, but it wear away badly like some other lips. The shade is also so nice. It’s a deeper nude, but not dark by any means. Overall I love this lippie, and will be continuing to wear it a ton.

The next lippie is their Lip Tint in the shade Rise n Shine. I featured this lippie in my simple school makeup look. This formula is like a hybrid between a creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. It’s sheerer than a regular lipstick but more pigmented than more lip glosses that I have tried. It’s perfect for a nice wash of colour on the lips. I also really like this peachy shade, it’s great for summer but also to transition into fall.

Next I tried one of their new-ish launches – their Blush Stix. Listen, I have been watching Youtubers rave about cream blushes all summer, especially the NudeStix ones. Now I have never tried cream blush before, so I was a little hesitant to spend $40 CAD on a product I’m not even sure I would like. So I decided to try the Colourpop ones and if I like the idea of cream blush then I might invest in a more expensive one. Well the answer is yes, I want more cream blushes! I got the shade Splash, which is a midtone rose (aka pink). I could rub a brush against the stick and then apply it to my face. It gave me such a fresh face look. It looks so much dewy and lighter than using powder blush. It is less long lasting than powder, but I really enjoy the look. And for $8USD it’s a great product. I definitely want to get a peachy one now.

The final product is a basic but needed one. I got a single pressed power eyeshadow in the shade Hear Me Out. This matte shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I like to use it to set my eyeshadow primer. I had finish a NYX shadow in a similar shade, so I decided to get one from Colourpop to do the job. I just find setting my primer with a shadow helps blend them out better. A pressed powder could also be used, but I like putting this in my magnetic palette with my other shadows so I have all the shadows I need in one place. I would definitely recommend Colourpop’s single eyeshadows, I’ve never had an issue with any of them.

And that is the first part of my Colourpop haul! Stay tuned for part two, which should be coming within the next couple of weeks! Also if you are interested in seeing swatching of all the products that I got, check out my IGTV!



Simple School/Work Makeup

Hey guys! Summer is almost over, only two more week! So I am starting up with some back to school/work content. I am personally super excited. I love fall and I am so tired of this hot weather. I am also ready for a change, and I’m excited to start my new program. So to start off my back to school series, I thought I would share my quick 10-minute makeup routine. This look is great for school or work because it’s quick and simple and lasts well. In this post I will be sharing all the products that I use, but check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) because I filmed myself doing the makeup! I am trying out doing some stuff for IGTV, so it should be up sometime this weekend!

Photo 2019-08-16, 12 17 49 PM

So to start off my makeup look I prime my eyelids and skin. I want my makeup to last me all day, so priming is super important t help it last. I use the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer on my eyes and the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer

For my eyes I use three eyeshadows – super simple! Today I am using all Colourpop. First I set my eye primer using Hear Me Out. You could also just use a face product to do this as well. I find that shades blend better when I set my primer. Then I use Bel Air to add a little definition to my crease. You can use as much or as little as you want. A bronzer could also be used instead of a shadow for a more monochromatic look. Then I take my Super Shock Shadow in the shade Ladybird and put it all over my lid. The little bit of sparkle and glitter takes the look from average to fun, but the champagne shade is still neutral enough for everyday wear. To finish off the eyes I apply my Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

For my base I am currently doing a lot of mixing, just because I am in between shades right now. I used my Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation and Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation and buffed it out using a brush. Then I mixed my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, placing my Nars concealer (which is paler) closer to my under eyes to help brighten them. Then I took my Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder and used my sponge to pack it under my eyes and around my nose. These are the areas that crease the most/get oily first, so that’s why I densely apply powder here. I lightly dusk the rest of my face with powder just to set it. 

Next I do my eyebrows with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. If you are curious about my brows, I have a whole blog post about them. I didn’t set them with brow gel because I find that makes them look harsher, and since I want a simply makeup look I let them be. 

To finish up my face, I take my Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and place in on my cheeks, forehead, nose and under my chin. Then I take my Milani Rose Powder Blush and place that on the apples of my cheeks and on my nose. Then I finish off with the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter for a soft glow. I like to use powders for my simple makeup look because I find them faster to apply then creams and they last way longer on the skin. I finish off the face with some NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray. To finish all the whole look, I apply the Colourpop Lip Tint in the shade Rise N Shine to add a little colour and shine to my lips!

Photo 2019-08-15, 2 22 13 PM

And that is my quick and easy makeup look! I have a lot of back-to-school stuff plan, including a haul, an outfit lookbook and some content about my bullet journal! Ooooh I’m so excited!



My Perfume Collection

Hey guys! So today I will be sharing my perfume collection. I did a poll on Instagram (follow me at @xoxoxoleelee) and you guys said you were interested in seeing my collection. Now I’m not a huge perfume person, I don’t even put it on every day. I also have a weak nose, so I gravitate towards stronger scents. But I have amassed a small collection – some of which are unfortunately not available anymore (rip). Anyways, before I begin just want to note that I am not a huge sweet/fruity perfume person. Actually all these perfumes has musk as one of their notes soooo…… I definitely have a perfume type haha!

perfume collection

First is the Kat Von D Saint Eau du Parfum. Now I’m not a huge Kat Von D fan, but god do I love this perfume. The main notes are vanilla, musk and jasmine. I like this perfume because it’s the perfect balance of floral and musky. It’s light enough to wear everyday day, but the musk adds that little something to it. I also think that the bottle is gorgeous as well.

Today is a sad day, because I found out that my beloved Marc Jacobs Mod Noir is discontinued. I have this in a roller ball, and was planning on eventually getting it in the bottle but clearly that’s not happening anymore. I liked Mod Noir because it’s more bright and sophisticated compared to some of my other perfumes. The notes are greens, gardenias and musk. I liked wearing this perfume when I wanted something more fresh but not sweet. I will enjoy this perfume to the last drop!

The most heady and sensual of all my perfumes is the Lancome La Nuit Tresor. This is the scent I like to wear on a night out. The notes are pink peppercorn, bergamot, rose and almond blossom, white musk and tonka bean accord. The peppercorn adds a bit of spiciness so it’s not just heavy all around. This scent is also super long lasting. If I put it on at night I can smell it the next morning. A little too heavy for everyday wear, I love it when I want to feel ~sexy~.

Another perfume I think is discontinued is the True Religion Hippie Chic. I’m not really surprised that this is not sold anymore, this was actually the first perfume I ever owned. This bad boy is like six years old (the fact that it’s still going shows you how much I wear perfume). This one is more floral and fruity compared to the other perfumes I own. The notes are raspberry, pomegranate, apple, hibiscus, jasmine, lily of the valley, wood and musk. The wood and musk base notes help balance out the sweetness. This is a great everyday scent, and I would love to find something similar once I finish it.

My most recent  addition to my collection I purchased while I was in France. The Fragonard Etoile is a very clean, almost unisex scent. The notes are bergamot, lemon, apple, ginger, gardenia, lily of the valley, jasmine, cedarwood, amber and musk. This is a very fresh scent, perfect for summer. I’m happy that I choose this one because I don’t have anything in my collection quite like it, so I’ve kinda rounded out my collection.

And that is my little perfume collection! I’m super curious, let me know in the comments what your go to perfume/scent is! 🙂



Influenster #SpringThingsVoxBox Review

Hey guys! So today I am sharing some products that I got in my Influenster #SpringThingsVoxBox. I did received all these products for free for reviewing purposes, but all the thoughts in this post are my own.

influenster producters spring 2019

The only product I am not fond of is the Juice Beauty SPF Oil-Free Moisturizer. I am really picky with my sunscreens. Most either break me out or give me bad texture so I am very hesitant to try new ones. First I don’t like this because it claims to be a moisturizer but the feel and consistency is just like a sunscreen. I don’t find it that hydrating, if anything it leaves my skin feeling powdery. I have to be very careful not to apply too much or else it leaves a weird white-cast. But realistically I shouldn’t be putting on just a little sunscreen, so I don’t like how finicky it is. Finally I haven’t tried putting makeup over top, but judging from how powdery it makes my skin feel I don’t think it would work well. But while I don’t think I’ll use this on my face, I will probably still use this on the rest of my body. I like that it is made with organic ingredients, and it’s free of a lot of bad chemicals.

Next is probably by favourite product I tried, the Clean&Clean Deep Action Peel Off Mask with Activated Charcoal. I’ve tried a bunch of peel off masks, and this is the first I’ve actually liked. It was easy to peel, didn’t hurt, and actually cleaned my skin. This performed better than some high-end masks that I’ve tried. There is also a lot of mask in one packet, so you could probably get two masks out of the one packet. I would highly recommend trying out this mask, especially since it’s from the drugstore it’s so cheap!

The other Clean&Clear mask is the Night Relaxing Jelly Sheet Mask. The mask was very cooling and relaxing. I also think that it did a great job of hydrating. What I didn’t like is that it’s only covered half of my face. I get that the mask is meant to target the eye area, but if I wanted to do that I would just apply under eye masks. I still want to hydrate the bottom half of my face. I ended up using the extra serum from the packet on my chin and cheeks, but overall I rather use a full sheet mask.

A product I’ve already tried before is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. The one I received was in their Grapefruit flavour, which I much prefer over the original one. I really do like their Lip Sleeping Mask, but now that I have tried their Lip Glowy Balm I prefer that product over this one. This lip mask is super hydrating and leaves my lips feeling so soft. The only thing I don’t like is how unhygienic the product is. I have long nails, so I find it hard to put my finger in and not get it under my nails. I believe that the full size mask comes with an applicator, but the mini doesn’t. Their Lip Glowy Balm, on the other hand, is a squeezy tube which I find more hygienic.

The final item is the Elf Rose Gold Sunset Palette. This was perfect timing, because I had been thinking about trying a palette from Elf! This palette comes with 10 shades, with a mix of matte and shimmer. I think for $12 this palette is pretty amazing. I definitely prefer the mattes over the shimmers. The matte are super pigmented and blendable. The shimmers are okay by themselves, but I find that adding a little setting spray really makes them shine. I wish there was maybe one more matte brown shade, but overall I think there is a nice mix of shades in the palette. I was able to make a nice warm-tone smokey eye, check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) to see the look!

And those were the products that I tested out! Thank you to Influenster for sending me these products. If you want to check out my Influenster account, it’s the same username as my Instagram!