University Room Tour

Hey friends! Today I am sharing a little tour of my room that I had in university. Sadly I have moved out and this room is no more, but many of the pieces will be coming back with me to my parents’ place. If you are interested, I recorded a room tour as well, and it is up in my Instagram’s story highlights (@xoxoxoleelee). Anyways, I will try to link what I can, but a lot of this stuff is a few years old. But you can use this as inspiration, especially for how to make a small room cute!

First, I just want to mention that I did paint the walls when I moved it, but my landlord didn’t want me to paint them write. The previous paint was this ugly brown-purple. I decided to paint my walls a light grey, but the previous paint underneath gave the ways a slight purple hue, which I don’t mind.

Photo 2019-04-20, 3 29 26 PM

On the wall across from my bed I have all my prints. Most of this I also had in first year in my dorm. I got Le Chat Domestique et Son Caractere poster and the green typewriter poster during a poster sale that happened at my university. The watercolour church print I got at an antique sale. The cat and dog prints I got in a small boutique in Toronto. My three other prints I got from Indigo. The only one I could print is my animal alphabet one.

Photo 2019-04-20, 3 29 55 PM

Next beside my window I have this geometric shelf. I actually had bought the shelf, and when I came home my dad told me to return it and he would build me one himself. My dad is a pretty handy man, so he built this shelf! On top I have some battery powered candles and then a book that is cute in the shape of an L (since my name starts with an L lol). I am unsure where the L came from, since my mom got it for me, but I have seen similar ones a ton of places. I’ve seen them at Antropologie, Winners and on Etsy. On the other shelf I have my small perfume collection. If you are curious what perfumes I own let me know and I can do a review of them!

Next up beside my bed I have my beside table. It is the BRIMNES Nightstand from Ikea. Both my lamp and my alarm clock are broken haha! My lap shade doesn’t sit straight, and I have an old iHome that doesn’t connect to my iPhone and the alarm doesn’t go off anymore. I only keep it because it still tells time correctly. Next I have a little dish that is meant for jewlery but I keep hair elastics and lip balms in. Beside that I have a rose quartz skull. I got in at the CNE in the International Pavillion, but there are similar ones online like this one. Finally I have my essential oil diffuser. I got it for Christmas, but I believe it is the Aroma Om from Saje. Above my nightstand I have this print that I got from an antique fair as well. The frame I got from Winners.

Next up is my bed. My bed frame is from Ikea, it is the BRIMNES Bed frame with storage and headboard. I really like it because it has storage drawers underneath. I also like the headboard because it has a shelf and little chubby holes on the side. I don’t know where my duvet is from, because that was a Christmas present (a running theme for items in my room haha). I got my backrest/reading pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I got my sequin pillow and my stars pillow case from Urban Planet two years ago.

Above my bed I have this National Geographic World Map Decal that I got from Indigo. Really random, but I love looking at maps, so I knew I wanted one in my room. I really like the look of this one because it looks vintage-y. On top of my headboard I have a bunch of knick-knacks. I don’t know where the L is from, and beside is it a picture frame and jar that was a gift. I have a bunch of mugs from various places, many of which were birthday presents. I got from Light Box from a place in Toronto, but tons of places sell them. Then I have some plants and another sign my mom got me, along with my lamp.

Next up is my desk (and sorry for the bad lighting, it was getting dark outside). My desk was actually my grandmothers old vanity. My dad just repainted it and changed the hardware. On top of my desk I have some little knick-knacks, along with some jewlery cases and my Himalayan salt lamp. I got mine from Winners. I also keep my speaker on my desk, which is the Sony SRX XB40 portable speaker (I love it!). I also keep all my makeup on top of my desk. If you are interested in how I store my makeup, check out here. I also have a cork bulletin board with my schedule and some pictures (also yes I know my calendar was still set to February ahaha). Above my desk I have some photos hanging along with my polaroids stuck to my mirror.

My desk chair is also from Ikea, I can’t seem to find it on their website though but to be fair it is three years old. I do have a stain on the seat, from makeup of all things, so I just covered it with a blanket for the photo. The final part of my room is my closet, which is way to messy to share. But it has two huge sliding mirrors to cover it, which was super nice to have and to take ootds in.

Photo 2019-04-20, 3 33 11 PM

And that is my room tour! I loved this room so much and I am so sad to have left it! I had so much fun living in my university house, and I will miss it dearly. But stayed tuned for a new room tour once I get settled back into my parent’s place!



How I Create My Blog Posts

Hello friends! Today’s post is a little different – I am sharing with you how I create my blog posts from start to finish. I thought this would be super helpful for anyone who is thinking of starting to blog, or anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff of blogging. This post is actually for a class project, so that is why this post is not going up on Friday! Also a little life update: my school exams are starting this week, so I might not be posting regularly the next couple weeks. I always update when I am posting on my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee), so make sure you check it out to keep up to date! Anyways, here are the six steps I take to create a blog post.

1. Research

I do a ton of research for this blog. I am constantly watching Youtube videos and scrolling through my Instagram feed looking for ideas. This includes looking for different products to try or different types of post to write. If you guys are interested, I could maybe write a post or just share on Instagram stories some of my favourite influencers.

Photo 2019-04-10, 12 35 03 PM
A look into my subscription feed on Youtube.

Along with Youtube and Instagram, I also read other people’s blogs as well. I am actually planning to completely re-vamp my blog this summer, so I am constantly looking at other blogs for inspiration on what I would like to change/add to my blog.

On average, I probably spend an hour or two every single day watching/reading/scrolling through social media. Now to be fair, I do thoroughly enjoy beauty and makeup content, so a lot of this is for entertainment as well.

2. Brainstorm

While I have a pretty good memory, I can’t remember all my ideas. So I create lists! I am an avid list maker, one of the many reasons why I enjoy having a bullet journal. I wrote a post last year about my bujo, but let me know if you want an updated post about this!

So I have two lists going on related to my blog. One is makeup/beauty products that I am interested in purchasing. Products generally make it onto this list after I have heard multiple good reviews about it OR it’s brand new and I am super intrigued. Whenever I go to purchase makeup, I always consult this list.

Photo 2019-04-10, 1 29 08 PM
My list for March

The second list is my blog idea list. Every month I will create a new list, moving any ideas from previous months that I have not written about yet. Whenever I get an idea, I add it to my list. Sometimes if I don’t have any ideas, I will sit down and look at my makeup collection to think of possible ideas. Another way I brainstorm is to look back at my past posts and see if there is anything I can update. For example, I try to do empties posts about once a season. So if it’s been a few months since I have done one, I will add it to my list.

3. Plan

Planning is a huge part of blogging. I don’t want to post two hauls in a row, that would be too repetitive. So I usually plan for a few weeks to a month ahead. My Boxycharm review always goes up on the last Friday of the month, which means that I have 3-4 other Fridays to plan beauty and makeup content for. Since I am still working my way up to posting twice a week, I only post on Tuesday sporadically or if I didn’t get the chance to post on Friday.

When planning I have to keep certain things in mind. First is what is going on in my personal life. For example, when I go away on vacation I try to have posts pre-written and scheduled. If I have exams I usually just take a break since I don’t have time to pre-write. I also like to look what time of the year it is. I like doing fun looks for different holidays, and I always do a Favourite Products of the Year post at the end of the year. I take all of these aspect into account when planning my content.

Photo 2019-04-10, 1 30 04 PM
A weekly plan from Feburary.

Finally, for each week I have a plan for my Instagram posts. I like to line up a post on Friday or Saturday to promote my post for that week. I will schedule the rest of my week around that post. For example, I don’t like to post two selfies in a row. So if I have two selfies that I want to post in a week, I create another post to put in between. Since I like to post between 2-4pm, I also have to keep in mind that some days I might not be able to post during that time. For example, on Tuesdays I have class till 4:30, so I don’t often have a chance to post that day.

Having a schedule/plan is helpful to make sure that I post consistently. I used to not plan and I would post all over the place. I would definitely recommend planning to anyone who wants to post more often.

4. Create Content

Now that I have an idea of what I want to post, I have to create the content for it. If I want to review products, I will make a conscious effort to try the products. If I am writing a first impressions post I will only take a day or two to test a product. If I am doing a full haul or review, I will give myself two weeks to try out products. If I don’t have to leave the house I don’t wear makeup, so it takes me a little longer sometimes to test products.

Photo 2019-04-10, 1 33 18 PM
My desk/vanity situation feat. Netflix

I often like to include a makeup look with my reviews, especially if I am testing out eye products. I don’t wear full glam every day, so I usually have to set aside an hour or two to do a look. I usually will do this in the evening, after I am finished doing homework for the night. I have my laptop with me and will watch either Youtube or Netflix as I do my makeup. After I am done I will take about a million photos haha. I personally feel like my photos can improve, but I will still share what I do for now. I turn the lights on my makeup mirror to act like a ring light. I generally take a combination of photos using both the front-facing and back-facing camera. The back-facing camera is definitely better quality, so I use that for close ups. I prefer using the front-facing camera for photos of my full face because I can more easily look at the camera, which I think makes the photos look more natural. The trick is to just take a bunch and then go through them at another time.

Photo 2019-04-10, 1 35 28 PM
Flatlay for my upcoming April Boxycharm post

The other type of photos I use are product flat lays. A flat lay is when a product is shot from directly above. This is the way I prefer to do product posts or swatches. I do all my flat lays on a bristol board that I covered with marble contact paper. I like the look of marble and it matches my blog banner. This past summer I used the marble table at my parents place, so to keep my feed looking clean and cohesive I made the backdrop.

For all my product shots I always shoot in natural day light. I haven’t figured out how to use fancy lighting, so this is just easier. Because my room doesn’t ever get direct sunlight, I can shoot at any time of the day really. I just make sure it’s not too overcast otherwise the photos look very cool toned.

I honestly don’t have a system for arranging my flat lays. I will generally stagger my products instead of having them perfectly straight, but that’s just personal preference. Sometimes it can be hard to shoot rounded items on a flat surface, so a little tip for you: I put a little bit of tissue down to help the products not move around! Then I take a bunch of photos, moving my camera around slightly or the products slight. Also to note: I shoot all my content on my iPhone 7. I don’t own a fancy camera, but I find that the back facing camera does a pretty good job!

Finally, before I post any photos or add them to my blog I edit them. For my selfies I do use Facetune, but not that much. I find that my selfies always turn out pretty yellow/warm toned, so I will go in and whiten my photos. If I have a really bad pimple or texture I will smooth it out, but that’s it for face editing. Then I go into Instagram and will edit the photos manually. Now it depends on the photo, but I generally increase brightness, turn down warmth, increase saturation, and change the highlights and shadows. Some people like to always use the same filter, but I find that editing my photos manually has the same effect.

Now that I have all my photos and ideas, it is time to write!

5. Write

Depending on the subject of the blog, I may or may not write a plan beforehand. Generally any of my blog posts that have numbered items, like this one, I will write a plan for. For my Boxycharm posts or any other product reviews I generally just follow from the photo I am attaching with the post.

My writing style has somewhat involved over the years, but I generally pretend that I am speaking to a friend as I write. This helps keep my tone conversational, since I am used to writing academically. A little funny story – so when write for school, I generally have to get rid of all contractions (like it’s and don’t) to sound more formal. I have gotten into the habit of not writing contractions when typing on my laptop, so whenever I write blog posts I often don’t use contractions. But since I want to sound conversational, I will literally go back and add conjunctions into my blog post hahaha!

Pretending that I’m speaking to a friend also helps me know what level of jargon to use. The beauty community, like any other community, has a ton of jargon that can be quite confusing. I try to stick to using basic jargon, and explaining/breaking down anything more complicated. I have actual thought of maybe doing a post breaking down a bunch of makeup/beauty community jargon – let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in!

I generally like to write posts quickly in one sitting, since I mainly use this blog as a way to practice my writing for future jobs. But I always make sure to edit my posts after. While I do like to use a conversational tone, I want my posts to make sense. It helps that I have a few friends who read my blog, so if a mistake does slip past me they usually let me know.

6. Post and Promote

After I have editing my post and adding my photos, it is time to schedule my posts. As you guys know, the majority of my posts go up on Friday at 3pm. Since I don’t have class on Fridays, I generally will write my posts in the morning and then schedule them for the afternoon. If I do have something going on that day, I will try and write the post the night before.

I also make sure to put tags on all my posts. Something I definitely want to add to my blog update is a way for people to search my posts using these tags. But for now, these tags help my content be searchable through search engines.

After my post goes live, I generally head over to Instagram and promote it there. I will do this by posting a photo on my feed and posting a story.

Finally, over the weekend I check back to reply to any comments. I will also look at the stats of my post to help me figure out if you guys liked the post or not. Stats helped me figure out Fridays were a good time to post! It is important to check these stats just in case things change.

And that is how I create a blog post from start to finish! I find it funny that I struggle to write 2000 words for a school essay but writing a 2000 word blog post was so easy haha! Thank you if you read through the whole post. I know this is a little different compared to my regular content, but let me know if you guys want to read about more behind-the-scenes stuff!




February Boxycharm 2019

Hey guys! Happy March! So for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (which is @xoxoxoleelee, you should check it out), I posted a poll about when I should post this review. Last week I hadn’t had a chance to fully test out the products in my box yet, so it would have been a first impressions last week or wait until this week for an in-depth review. In-depth review won, which is why my Boxycharm review is going up today! This month’s theme is Afterglow, which I must say compared to the last few isn’t my favourite. I assume it’s joking around with the fact that they have the TooFaced Better than Sex mascara in the box. Anyways, here is the box!

Photo 2019-02-15, 12 35 39 PM

So the first big item in the box is the TooFaced Better than Sex Mascara. Now I know this is a classic mascara that is a fan favourite, so I was excited to try it for myself. Now I am going to just say, I’m not a huge fan of this mascara BUT it is still a good mascara. I know that might sound contradictory but here me out. I have realized after trying a few mascaras that most mascaras are either lengthening or volumizing. Rarely will you get one that is good at both. This is a very good volumizing mascara, but I have just come to realize that I prefer lengthening mascara. The only thing is that the brush is very big, so I find it very easy to get mascara on my eyelids. Be careful when applying, otherwise this is a good mascara. Price: $24 USD or $31 CAD

Next is the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer. Primers are a beauty product that take awhile for me decide how I feel about them. I believe because there are so many things that must work with a primer. It’s performance can be affected by what foundation and powder is used with it. I also find some primers are good with some foundations and bad with others. I have been testing this out and honestly I am still unsure about this primer – which I definitely think says something. I didn’t instantly fall in love with it and I didn’t instantly hate it. What I have noticed so far is that it does make my pores look smaller and my skin looks smoother. But I also find that my foundation kind of sits on top of my foundation and doesn’t properly sink into my skin. I also haven’t noticed a difference in making my skin look any less oily. If you were curious about this primer I would say try it for yourself to see how you feel, but this isn’t a primer that I think everyone should go out and get. Price: $18 USD or $23 CAD

Next is the Pretty Vulgar Bronzed B Bronzer in the shade Bronzer Mannikin. Now I didn’t realized that this bronzer is for medium-deep skin tones until I looked it up to link but it makes so much sense now. I was finding that this bronzer was just a little too dark and a little too warm for my skin currently. I think once it’s summer that I would like this bronzer more. The other thing is that this bronzer is very pigmented, so the fact that it is too dark it very obvious. I have to use a very light hand and tap off any excess. For bronzers and blushes I personally prefer formulas that are more buildable than pigmented, because I find it very easy to go overboard with these products. I don’t think this is a bad bronzer, just maybe if I had the lighter shade I would like it more. Price: $32 USD or $39 CAD

I am SO happy that I got this product!!! I know that there was a few variations, and I am very happy that I was able to get the Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream. I love the smell of coconut, so I was thinking of buying this cream. I am glad I waited since I got it in my box. I really like the original, but I think I might like this one more. First the actual formula is different, and I find this one soooo much more mositurizing. I have used it every day I shower and wow I have noticed a difference in my skin texture. The scent is strong but isn’t as lingering which I prefer. But wow the scent. Like I said I love coconut, but this isn’t your Hawiian Tropics sunscreen coconut (which I still love btw). This is a warm coconut smell, which I love for the winter. I already know I will be purchasing another jar once I finish the one I got in my box. I suggest everyone goes and smells this cream for themselves, and if you like the scent definitely buy it! Price: $20 USD or $25 CAD for 2.5 oz

The final product is the Nude Stix Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour. I got the shade Copper Foil, which is a very warm, light copper shade. I am actual very happy to receive this product instead of another eye shadow palette because I actual don’t own any eyeshadow sticks so this was fun to try. I think luminous is really the best way to describe this this stick. I was expecting an intense metallic shade, but instead it a nice creamy wash of shimmer and colour. This pencil is better suited for everyday wear instead of an intense night-out look. I do like this pencil because it was easy to use. I just apply the pencil straight to my lid, and used a matte crease shade it help blend it out. The only thing is that I find that this copper pulls very orange-gold, whereas I prefer a darker copper or just straight up gold. So this is not my favourite shade, but it’s still nice. If there is a shade you like then I would recommend trying it out! Price: $24 USD

The overall total for the box is $118 USD. I really liked this box! There were no horrible products in the box, and I think anything I am not a huge fan of is because of personal preference and not because the product was bad. But the Sol de Janeiro cream just totally made this box though, if I had received a different variation I might feel differently. What are your thoughts on these products? Let me know in the comments!



The James Charles x Morphe Palette Review

Hey guys! For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, I am currently in the middle of my final exams for university. I had my first exam at 4pm yesterday, which is when I normally post around. That is why this post is going up on Saturday! I have another exam on Monday and then my last two on Thursday, so next week’s post should go up on Friday.

Sometimes in life you see something and know immediately that you need it. That’s how I felt when I saw the James Charles palette. I like James, but I’m not a hardcore fan. But when I saw the palette and watched his full reveal, I was blown away. I was actually looking to get a colourful palette when he released it, so it was perfect timing. I ordered the palette the day it released (I bought it in class haha). I got the palette within a week, which is pretty great because this was during the postal strike. The palette cost $50 CAD, and I bought a few other items to get the few international shipping. The other times I’ve ordered from Morphe I had to pay duties, but this time I didn’t have to!

Photo 2018-11-25, 12 43 36 PM

I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted my first impression on the palette or an in-depth review, and the later won. So I took a couple weeks to play around with the palette. I was busy with end of term papers and studying for exams, so I still haven’t had the chance to use the entire palette. But I have done three different glam looks, along with playing with it for more everyday looks. I’m going to start the review saying that this palette is amazing, but it’s not for everyone.

This palette contains 39 eyeshadows, ranging in colour and finish. The top two rows are the more traditional glam shades, including transition shades, highlighting shades and a few metallic shades. In the middle are 7 larger pans, which James thinks people will use the most, along with one face highlight. The bottom two rows are all the fun colourful shades. I really like the layout of the palette. It is logical and eye-catching. It makes me inspired. My only compliant is that I could have done without the large highlight. There are already some shades to highlight the inner corner and brow bone, but I always forget about the one in the palette when I’m doing my face makeup.

Photo 2018-12-08, 11 37 54 AM

I have decided not to swatch the full palette – mainly because it’s a lot to swatch all 39 shades haha. I did just the rainbow to show you a few of the shades. As well, there has been some controversy about some of the shades not swatching well. If you are curious about seeing swatching, I suggest you watch James’ reveal video, he explains that some shades are better packed on than swiped. While it is sometimes useful to look at swatches to see how shimmers or metallics look, they don’t often trying represent how mattes preform.

Now for the actual formula of the shadows. These colourful mattes are amazing. I find the darker shades are super pigmented, and the lighter ones are pretty good as well they just need to be built up a bit. For example, when I used the shade Bee (the bright yellow) at first it was a nice light wash of yellow but I was able to build it up to intense yellow. The shades are overall pretty true to what’s in the pan. Some of the shades do get darker the more you use it, but that’s true for most mattes anyways.

Now the shimmers/metallics in this palette are mediocre. I’ve used a few of the shades thinking they were going to be bright and intense, but they were all right. For example, the shade Wig is a classic gold shade. I decided to compare the shade to the golds in the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette and the 35O (order in photo top to bottom is James, Jaclyn 35O). The other two shades are definitely creamier and more impactful, with the Jaclyn Hill one being my personal favourite. I’m not saying this shimmer shades are bad – they are still pigmented and easy to use. They are just not the best I’ve ever used, but they get the job done.

Like I mentioned above, I decided to do multiple looks with this palette to test out some different shades. I am definitely planning to do more looks with this palette, so check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) for more. The first look is definitely a little out there, but I loved it! I used the shades Punch Me, Mary and a little Code James in the crease, and then I put Bee all over the lid. My housemate said it reminded her of pink lemonade! All the colours I used for this look blended easily – like I mentioned before the mattes are definitely the best part of the palette.

The next look I decided to do a fun Christmas look for the next one. I also wanted to test out the red as well. I used Punch Me and 10% Off in the crease, then all over the lid I put Guac. While Guac was very pigmented, there was surpisingly not that much shimmer even though I used my finger to apply it. On my lower lash line I used You’re Kidding and WOW is this shade pigmented. It also such a true red. Some people were complaining that the red stains and yes this did stain my lower lash line, but it wasn’t that bad. I wore makeup the next day and it wasn’t noticeable underneath it. Finally in the inner corner I put some So Good along with some glitter. This was a pretty easy look to do! (Also excuse the massive bags under my eyes, I was so tired when I did this look. I took my makeup off and went to bed immediately after haha).

The final look I decided to do a warm smokey eye to test out the middle shades in the palette. I used all the big pans in the middle – Tune, Code James, 10% Off, No beans and Spooky. I used a combination of Halloween and Shook on the lid. In my inner corner I just used my highlight. Once again I wasn’t that impressed with Halloween and Shook – they were decent but not mind blowing. I am also not a huge fan of Tune, I would have preferred it Punch Me was bigger, but that’s my personal preference when it comes to matte crease shades.

Overall, I think this palette is great for people looking to get into colourful and creative looks, because the matte shades are the best part of the palette. If you are someone who wears prefers to stick to neutrals, I wouldn’t recommend this palette. Only half the palette are neutral, every day shades and $50 is a lot to spend on only half a palette. As well, the shimmers are not that impressive. If you are someone who likes neutral shades but wants a little colour, I would recommend the Jaclyn Hill palette. There are way more neutral shades and the shimmers are way more intense. If you are someone looking to experiment with colour, this is an amazing palette. It has all the colourful shades you could ever wish for. I am really happy that I purchased this palette, and I’m excited to continue playing with it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this really in depth review, let me know if you liked it and I should continue doing palette reviews like this!



Black Friday Sales Roundup + Haul

Hey guys! Short story time: if you didn’t know, I am Canadian, so we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. In Canada, our big sales is actually after Christmas, on Boxing Day. Only until recently have stores done Black Friday sales here in Canada. So this was my first year going out to the mall to go Black Friday Shopping. So I decided I would share the things I got today, and also any online sales that I thought you guys might be interested in.

black friday


I’ll try and keep my haul brief, and focus more on the deals than what I actually got. If you want more details on what I got, go check out my stories on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee)! I have my full haul saved under BlackFridayHaul.

First, the classic Black Friday Stop – Bath and Body Works. They had a deal where you buy three of anything, get three of anything free. I realistically should have gotten six candles to get my money’s worth, but I didn’t need six candles so I got three hand soaps instead. I actually really like the hand soaps anyways, so I don’t mind. The soaps I got were Winter, Frosted Coconut Snowball and Vanilla Bean Noel. The three candles I got were Fresh Balsam, Campsite Coffee and Snow Fall. I saved $22.50 in total, which is close to one candle basically. At Bath and Body Works they also had a deal where you spend more than $30 you can get a tote with goodies for $35. Finally, all of these deals are also available online.

Next I went to M, which is a great Canadian Boutique. Unfortunately because they are a boutique you can’t shop them online, but if you guys live in the GTA area you should definitely check them out. They have really good quality pieces, and while they are pricey they also have great sales. For example, before 10am today everything in store was 50% off, and then after that it was 30% off.

At America Eagle, they had 40% off the majority of their story. First I got a pair of black jeans with rips in the knee, but I was in serious need of a new pair. The second thing I got was a dusty rose waffle knit. Overall I was able to save $39.96 because of the sale!

At Indigo, they had basically everything on sale. All books were on sale, ranging from 10-50% off. I bought two candles, because I love the Indigo candles. The way the candle holder is painted, there are tiny holes that allow the candle light to shine through. The two I got were Snowy Pine and Balsam Fir and Paperwhite. I would definitely head in to Indigo or go online because they have so many deals.

The final I went to was Sephora. I didn’t get much since I have bought some much makeup lately. At the front and around the store they had a few items on sale, but most of the story was full price. First I got the Bite Beauty four piece lipstick set, on sale from $29 to $17.50. Then I got set of two eyelashes from the Sephora Collection for $15, which unfortunately I can’t find online. Finally, I got my VIB Rouge gift!

Sales Roundups

I wanted to share a few other great sales with you guys! Most of these are either online exclusives, or just weren’t at the mall I went to.

The first is Urban Outfitters, where everything is buy one get one 50% off. I love Urban Outfitters, I think their clothes are well made and they always have unique things. There stuff is just outside my price range, so I only buy from them when I really love an item or when there is a good sale. Also their home section is also amazing!

Topshop is also having an amazing sale! In store they had items marked from 20-60% off, while online they have everything up to 50% off. I find Topshop prices to be really fair, like you can get a t-shirt for under $20, but then they also have amazing and high quality coats and outwear, which are obviously more expensive. They also have some really trendy and unique pieces as well.

If you are looking for makeup, I have two recommendations. The first is Anastasia Beverly Hills. The deals they have on their website are amazing. They have $15 eyebrow products, 30% off eyeshadow palettes, 40% off Glow Kits and lips, and 50% off eyeshadow singles. ABH is an overall great brand, so you can’t go wrong with any of their products.

The final recommendation is Glossier. I have actually not tried any of their products yet, but I really want to because I have heard so many good things about this brand. They currently have 20% off and free shipping over $30, so I think it would be a great time to check out the brand. If I only had more money… haha I can’t complain I bought so much stuff today!

And that is my round-up of some great Black Friday sales, along with what I personally got. I hope you guys score some great deals, let me know where you are going/went Black Friday shopping!



Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations

Hey guys! It’s that time of year again – time for the Sephora Sale!! This weekend is the sale for those who are VIB Status, which is 20% off. Next weekend is the sale for everyone who is a Beauty Insider, which is 15% off. Sephora doesn’t do sales very often, so this is the time of the year to make some purchases! I have decided to round up my recommendations on what to buy from Sephora.

VIB Sales

1. Stock-up on frequently used products

If you’re like me, you probably have some ride-or-die products that you go through pretty quickly. For me, that’s my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. This are products that I use daily, so it’s nice to stock up on them.

2. A Beauty Blender or Brushes

Having good tools make applying makeup easier. If you have a good brush you can make even a mediocre product look better. Things like Beauty Blenders are expensive and maybe not the most exciting thing to purchase, so it’s nice to buy them when there is a discount available. I use my Beauty Blender daily to blend my concealer and apply powder, and while there are some drugstore dupes they’re not as great as the original. There are so many different brushes available at Sephora, but some of my favourite are the actual Sephora Collection ones. They have both sets and individual brushes, and some really cute ones too!

3. Skincare

Skincare can be expensive man! But it’s important to take care of your skin, because it makes makeup apply easier. There are so many amazing skincare brands at Sephora, and obviously every has different skin types, so what I like might be different than you. Some of my favourite brands are Origins, First Aid Beauty and Peter Thomas Roth.

4. Palettes

Palettes are probably some of the most expensive makeup items, so getting them during a sale is a great way to save money. Last VIB sale I bought Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette and the Tarte PRO Glow Highlight and Contour Palette. I really like both of them! Urban Decay and Too Faced also make some great eyeshadow palettes. Maybe I do a palette collection post sometime, let me know if you guys want me to do that!

5. Fun Purchases

I know that is a broad category, but I mean something that you would not purchase/use on a regular basis. Some examples include a new lipstick, some glitter or even false lashes! My lipstick recommendation are the Bite Beauty ones! They currently have some nice gift sets, so perfect time to try them out. For glitter, you can never go wrong with the Stila glitter eyeshadow – I own two and love them both. I also just bought the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, I will let you guys know how I like them. Finally, for lashes there are so many different ones, so it really depends on what you like/are looking for. I’ve tried the Sephora Collection ones and they are pretty good!

Those are my recommendations for the VIB sale! I also recommend to just try whatever product you have had on your wish list for awhile! The best time to try something is when you can get it on sale!

I personally only got a few products, so I will probably not being writing a full blog post of what I got. But check out my Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee) because I will definitively be showing what I got on there!



September Boxycharm 2018

Hey friends! Back with my favourite thing to review – my Boxycharm! This month’s theme is Wild Flower, and all the photo promotions they did all their Instagram is gorgeous!

Photo 2018-09-18, 4 52 15 PM

The first product is the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow palette. This is a cool toned smokey palette, so not something I wear on the every day. I’m not sure how much use I will get out of this palette, but something nice to have on hand. Also trying to review this palette forced me out of my comfort zone and try something new. I really liked the quality of the mattes, but didn’t like the shimmers as much. The mattes were pigmented and blended really well. The shimmers are the other hand were quite mediocre. They were nice, but I had to wet them to really get my desired look. I definitely have nicer shimmers in my collection. Overall, I liked the palette, and if Pretty Vulgar came out with an all matte palette I would buy it. Price: $35 USD, $43 CAD

Next is the Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten in the shade Tropical Hues. I didn’t think I was going to like this blush because it has shimmers in it, but it actually gives a healthy glow to the skin. It’s the perfect level of pigmentation when I don’t have to worry about accidentally putting on too much blush. This blush is a beautiful shade and I will definitely continue to use it. Price: $28 USD

The Butter London Stroke of Wow Roll on Liner reminds me of the MAC Rollerwheel liner, which I had heard numerous negative reviews on. I was very nervous about using this liner, and in the end I didn’t like it. I had to close my eye and pull on the skin to be able to get a nice straight line, which I don’t have to do with other eyeliners. I tried to do a wing and it was nearly impossible. I have hooded eyelids, so it’s hard enough already to do a nice wing. This eyeliner just ended up skipped all over the place, and I ended up giving up before I even made a nice wing. Finally, I found the liner to have a shiny finish, and I personally prefer a matte finish. Overall I did not like this liner, and I would not recommend because it is very difficult to use. Price: $19 USD, $26 CAD

The Hank and Henry liquid lipsticks are actually not available yet, so it’s cool to try a product before it releases. I received the shade Petal Pusher, which is a beautiful berry tone. Overall it was a nice liquid lipstick, but not my favourite. It looked nice all day, didn’t transfer and lasted through lunch. Unfortunately but I time I got home I just couldn’t wait to take it off because my lips felt dried out. Overall, I would wear it again because it’s a nice shade, but I wouldn’t go out and buy more. Price: $17 USD

The final product was the Alamar Cosmetics Ojitos Brush Set. I really like this brush set because it includes everything I need to complete a eye look. It includes a fluffy blender, a flat brush for apply shimmery shades, and flat tight liner for doing liner or smoking out the lower lash line. The brush hair is soft and applying shadow well. The only thing is I wish the handles were slightly bigger. Overall a great brush set, and I am always happy to receive more brushes in my box. Price: $18

The overall price of the box was $117 USD. Besides the eyeliner, I quite liked this box! What did you guys think? Did we get the same box? Let me know down below!

Also, if you want to see my makeup looks I did with this box, check out my Instagram at @xoxoxoleelee!