May Boxycharm 2023

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing my second Ipsy-owned Boxycharm box. For those who don’t know about the merger, I recommend you check out my last Boxycharm post because I go into more detail there. Let’s get into the May box!

May Boxycharm box

First, I got a product that I didn’t pick! I had picked out the YC COLLECTION Wake & Shine Lip Balm and instead, I got the Ace Beaute Smoky Roses Eyeshadow Palette. Now I’m not too mad because the eyeshadow palette is pretty and worth more money. But it is annoying that I received a product that I didn’t pick. Part of the reason why I didn’t pick this eyeshadow palette is that I own many palettes already and don’t often use them. That being said, I think the colour story of this palette is gorgeous and I love the quality of Ace Beaute shadows. While I haven’t had the chance to play with this palette, I am excited to have it. Price: $39 US

Ace Beauty Smokey Roses Eyeshadow Palette

The second item I picked was the SLMISSGLAM Cotton Candy Trio (note: I can’t find the brush set on their website, only on the Ipsy website). I always love getting brushes because, in my opinion, you can never have too many brushes. I think the brush hairs are very soft. The handles are pretty lightweight and I prefer something a little heavier. But overall I think these are nice brushes. Price: $38 US

The final product I picked was the one I was the most excited about, the SKYLAR Vanilla Sky Eau de Parfum Rollerball. I love perfume and it was so cool to pick one! While normally I would be careful about picking a perfume I’ve never tried before, I’ve smelled this specific perfume at Sephora before and knew I would like it. I own two different SKYLAR scents already! I find that the scents are very powerful when you first apply them but don’t last the longest. The notes are cappuccino, pure vanilla, and caramelized cedar. I find the scent to be almost creamy and while it’s sweet it’s not sickly. I like this scent and I’m excited to wear it! Price: $29 US, $39 CAD

The first of two pre-selected items was the Violet Voss Whispering Rosé Blush Palette. I like this blush palette! Two blushes are matte and two have a bit more shimmer to them. The orange shade is unlike anything I have in my collection but is perfect for summer. I’ve worn the blushes a few times and found the formula to be quite long-lasting – which is impressive because blush often fades quickly for me. Overall I like this blush palette and I’m excited to continue using this. $43 US

Violet Voss Whispering Rose Blush Palette

And the final product was the PUR Big Look Extreme Mascara with Argan Oil. I’m on the fence about this mascara. I find the formula to be very wet, so I have to be careful or else I get mascara everywhere. I’m also not a big fan of the brush, I find there is a lot of product on it so I have to wipe it off before I go in. That being said I don’t think it looks bad on the eyes. It gives some nice separation and volume. Sometimes a mascara formula can change as it dries so I’ll wait and see how I feel in a month before I make any final decisions on this mascara. Price: $22

The total value of my box was $136 US. Overall I liked my box, enough though I got a product I hadn’t picked. There weren’t any products that were an immediate no. I see myself using many of these products after this month. Probably one of the best boxes I’ve received lately. Let me know what you think in the comments.



Sephora Sale Haul + Review

Hey guys! I know I’m quite late posting getting my Sephora sale haul and review up. If you follow me on Youtube then you know it’s been a hectic month for me! I got my Sephora order right before I went to Vancouver and then a few weeks later I started a new job. I’m starting to get into a new routine so I finally have the chance to write this post. While the sale has long been over, it’s always a good time to talk about makeup 😉

Let’s start with some repurchases since I made a few. The first thing I got was a Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge. I’ve tried a bunch of sponges and this is still one of my favourites. I like to have a couple of sponges on hand so when one gets dirty I have another clean one available. It’s expensive so I like getting a new sponge during the sale.

The next repurchase is the MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+. This is one of my favourite setting sprays and I always like to have a bottle in my collection. It helps the makeup melt into the skin and gives a soft look. Whenever I’m not happy with how my makeup is looking I spray this on my face and it always makes it look better. Such a classic makeup staple and since I was running low it was time to stock up.

The final repurchase was not in my original haul but purchased after. I’ve been having some issues with my skin lately so I decided to switch my cleanser to one of my favourites – the OLEHENRIKSEN Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser (for some reason I can’t find just the cleanser on the website but I bought it in-store and it’s still available on the Ole website so idk). This cleanser is meant for acne and oily-prone skin, with lactic and glycolic acid to help deep clean the skin. My skin responds well to this cleanser so I’m happy to have it again.

I decided to purchase a different shade of the MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick. I was looking for a dupe for a discontinued lipstick that I have and the shade Yash matched perfectly. I love the formula of the MAC lipsticks and I know that Yash is one of their classic shades. The shade is described as deep neutral. It’s the perfect shade to wear with a bold eye look because it’s very neutral. I think this will be a great addition to my lipstick collection.

While doing my most recent makeup declutter, I discovered I needed some new brown eyeliners. I picked up the Sephora Collection Hot Line Brush Tip Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Brown and Sephora Collection 12-Hour Contour Pencil Eyeliner in Cappuccino. I was able to save 30% on these eyeliners since they’re Sephora Collection! I tested out the liquid liner a few times and it’s good. It’s easier to use and remove and lasted well. I like the brown shade for more everyday wear as it’s less harsh than black. I haven’t tested out the pencil yet as I like pencils for more intense looks and I just haven’t done any yet! If I have any strong opinions (good or bad) I’ll be sure to share them with you guys.

I picked up two Rare Beauty products during the sale. The first is the Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick. I got the shade Happy Sol, which is described as having cool undertones but I find it to be quite warm. That’s my only real complaint. I find that the bronzer applies and blends so easily onto the skin. It also lasts a long time as well. It’s a pretty good bronzer! The other product I got is the Positive Light Under Eye Brightener. I put this product to the test because I have been super tired the past few weeks. This colour corrector adds that little pop of brightness I need under my eyes. It’s quite thin so it doesn’t make my under eyes look cakey when I apply my concealer on top. On very light makeup days I apply just this to my under eyes for just a little something. If you’re looking for a lightweight colour corrector this is a great product.

The final makeup product I got is the Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick in the shade Pale Petal. I like this blush! The stick formula makes it easy to apply to the face. It takes a little more effort to blend but that’s okay because the longevity of this blush is crazy! I find that blush is usually the first product to fade from my face but this one lasts until the end of the day. The shade is so pretty and adds such a youthful flush to the face. My only complaint is that I don’t like the dense brush that the blush comes with. I find it harder to blend my blush using that brush than my normal brush. I often accidentally open the brush side while trying to open the product side because there isn’t much space between the caps. I honestly would be fine if this product didn’t come with a brush to be able to lower the price.

The other skincare product I purchased was a mini of the Clinique Take The Day Off Charcoal Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover. I needed a mini cleansing balm for my trip to Vancouver and this was the smallest one I could find in the store. Now I’ve never tried the original Take The Day Off so I’m not sure if the charcoal one is different but I wasn’t that impressed with it. The dark colour meant that it stained any white towel I used. I had to use a lot of product to remove my makeup and sometimes had mascara residue. I’ll continue to use it since I like having the mini size for travelling but it’s not my favourite.

A product that I absolutely love is the OUAI North Bondi Eau De Parfum. I’ve had this perfume on my list for a while so I’m very happy to finally have it in my collection. It smells exactly like the texturizing spray I have so it’s nice to match the scents. The main notes are Italian Lemon, Jasmine, and Bergamot. It’s fresh and floral with a little bit of musk to balance it all out. The longevity is also pretty great which I always appreciate. The perfect scent for spring and summer!

The final product I got is the Sol De Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Body Cream in the mini size. I find with the Sol De Janeiro body creams you either love or hate their scents. You have to go in-store and try it for yourself. I personally love this scent, as you can tell from the perfume I just bought I like the scent of jasmine haha. I also enjoy the formula of the Sol De Janeiro body creams. I find the creams to be rich but blend easily into the skin and the scent will linger throughout the day. I’m slowly building up my collection to have all the scents – I’m missing one more before I own all of them haha. The original scent is still by far my favourite.

And that’s everything I got during the Sephora sale! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products before. And if you have any recommendations for me (especially perfume) let me know in the comments!



April Boxycharm 2023

Hey guys! Today we’re discussing all things Boxycharm. If you read my March post, you might remember me mentioning that I was getting a little tired of my box but was going to give it one more chance. April’s box is the first one since Boxycharm’s merger with Ipsy so this was a big test to see if I wanted to keep my subscription. I’ll break things down more in today’s post so let’s get into it.

Boxycharm and Ipsy were the two biggest beauty subscription box brands on the market. Ipsy’s ‘Glam Bag’ includes five deluxe samples and a makeup bag each month for $13. Boxycharm is five full-size products for $28. I picked Boxycharm because historically they always had the best value (in my opinion). I pay whatever the currency conversion rate is at the time when they bill my card and I’ve never had to pay any duties or taxes to get the box in Canada.

Boxycharm implemented “Choice” where you get to pick one item a few years ago. Now with the Ipsy merger, I get to pick up to three products. This is exciting because I found I wasn’t always loving some of the products I was receiving in my box. The choice has some limits. There are three ‘categories’ with multiple product options within each category. So I still got one product that I didn’t want because I didn’t like any of the other options. There are limited quantities for each option so they can sell out. The other two items are selected by Boxycharm based on feedback from surveys.

The selection process is done on the second of the month. The boxes now ship the second week of the month and they can arrive sometime between the third and fourth. I find this a little annoying because I used to get my Boxycharm always around the 10-15th of the month and now it arrives around the 20th. This probably isn’t a big deal for most consumers but for me, it gives me little turn-around time before the end of the month to get my reviews up. This month I got my box right before my trip to Vancouver, and since I was flying carry-on I couldn’t review anything until I got home.

Now let’s get into this month’s box. One thing is that Boxycharm always gave a card with information on the products in the box. This month I didn’t receive any card so I had to go online to find information on the products.

The first product pre-selected for me was the Byroe Pear Serum Oil. I’ve never heard of this brand before. This face oil has moringa seed oil and red algae to help brighten the skin. The packaging is pretty but the dispenser for the product is just a hole at the top. I would prefer a dropper so I could be more precise in how much product I’m using. I was surprised that this oil dries down almost matte. I expected an oily finish considering it’s an oil lol. I need to test out the oil more to see if its claims are correct. Price: $65 US

The second product pre-selected for me was the Tula So Smooth Resurfacing & Brightening Fruit Enzyme Mask. I’ve tried quite a few Tula products through my Boxycharm subscription. This gel mask has fruit enzymes along with AHA, BHA and PHA to brighten, exfoliate and polish the skin. I put this mask to the test, using it after I hadn’t exfoliated my face in a week. While I still have some bumps from clogged pores, overall my skin feels smoother after using the mask. It helps get rid of any roughness. And with continued use, all the active ingredients should help with my clogged pores. Overall I think this is a pretty good chemical exfoliant and I will continue to use it. Price: $36 US, $47 CAD

The first item I selected was the Formula Z Cosmetics Unisexy Setting Spray. This setting spray is meant to be cooling, refreshing and hydrating. I picked this setting spray because I use setting sprays every time I do my makeup so I know I’ll get good use out of it. The nozzle is strong but provides an even mist on the face. The spray isn’t sticky or tacky. It helps take away the powdery look on the face. I like that it doesn’t make my skin look too dewy since I have oily skin. Overall I think I’ll get some good use out of this spray. Price: $26 US

The second item I picked was the Belle en Argent Fine Print Liquid Liner in black. If you watched my declutter video then you might remember me saying I needed a new black eyeliner so this was perfect! This product alone makes the box worth it since I needed a new black liquid liner. This eyeliner is supposed to have a super fine tip and smudge-proof formula. I tested this eyeliner out by going to a concert. It applied smoothly and lasted all night. Eyeliner is one of those products where I just want it to work and this does the job. Price: according to Boxycharm it’s $20 but the brand’s website says $15

And the final product I picked was the YC Bold + Matte Eyeshadow Primer. This product was the less of two evils if you will. I forgot to pick my items until late in the evening so the other options were sold out or sparkly lipstick that I know I wouldn’t like. I don’t need another eyeshadow primer. I don’t wear eyeshadow much anymore and the primer I have works perfectly fine. I thought this product would be better to pass along to my friends than sparkly lipstick. While I was hoping to avoid donating products with the new ‘choice’ it could be partially my fault for waiting too late and missing some options because they were sold out. Price: $23 US

The overall total of the box is $165 (or $170 according to Boxycharm lol). I picked items based on what I wanted and not value, so I don’t mind if the value isn’t very high. Hopefully, I’m happier with this box than the boxes I’ve had the past few months. I still would prefer to get five items that I love but as I mentioned I picked my choices pretty late in the day so my options were more limited. I’m willing to give Boxycharm/Ipsy another month or two before making any decisions.

Let me know what you think about the new Boxycharm in the comments. Do you think it’s worth the price? Should I continue getting the box? We’ll see what next month’s box is like!



My 2023 Sephora Spring Sale Recommendations

Hey guys! We are just around the corner from the 2023 Sephora Spring Sale. The sale starts today for Rouge members and will end for everyone on April 24. Members can receive anywhere from 10% to 30% off products, which is huge as Sephora doesn’t often do sales. I always do my BIG round-up post in the fall and I still stand by every product I recommended in my last Sephora sale recommendations post. Today I am going to share five products that I would recommend but haven’t mentioned much yet on my blog. So let’s get into it!

I know everyone and their mother is into Rare Beauty currently and are eyeing to get their new lip oils during the sale. But if the shade you’re looking for sells out, then consider checking out their Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm. This is one of my favourite lip products at the moment. It’s way more nourishing compared to traditional lip glosses. The gloss is buildable so I can play with how much pigmentation I want. The shades are the same as their liquid eyeshadow and cream blush so you could have a cute matching moment as well. I highly recommend checking these out.

My ride-or-die concealer at the moment is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Self-Setting Medium Coverage Concealer. Between my growing fine lines and ever-lingering darkness under my eyes, it’s been hard to find a good concealer. This concealer is lightweight, has a natural finish and doesn’t crease as much compared to some of my other concealers. It’s a true medium coverage, so some days when I’m tired I’ll have some darkness peeking through. But otherwise, this is a stellar concealer! Make Up For Ever has every undertone under the sun so I think you’ll be able to find your shade match.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’d know that I generally prefer lengthening mascaras. But I am loving the Ilia Fullest Volumizing Mascara! It gives volume without looking clumpy, something I find can happen with volumizing mascaras. This also still delivers a decent amount of length. It also helps my lashes keep their curl, something I struggle with. I get no smudging or flaking. I know everyone is currently obsessing over Ilia’s lengthening mascara, but their volumizing mascara is worth checking out!

I got the Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH Peptide Lash Enhancing Serum in my Sephora Advent Calendar. I was skeptical so I didn’t take any before photos but I swear this product helps grow my lashes. I would often get sparse spots where I’ve had a few lashes fall out. After using this product consistently I find that my lashes are a lot more even and thicker throughout. They’re not much longer but to be fair I’ve always had decently long lashes naturally. If you want some help with your eyelashes definitely check this product out! But pro tip: just buy the mini. I’ve been using the mini one daily now for over four months and it’s still going strong. Save some money with the smaller one.

And my final recommendation is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. As we move into spring and summer a lot of people like to switch to a lighter moisturizer and this one fits the bill perfectly! It’s super lightweight. I use two pumps and it’s enough for my whole face. It sinks quickly into my skin and adds the perfect amount of hydration my oily skin needs. Just be careful when ordering online because Clinique has the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ in the same packaging but it’s way thicker (and personally too much for my oily skin). I had originally bought the lotion and had to exchange it for the gel haha.

And those are my five recommendations for the Sephora sale! Stay tuned because I will be posting my wishlist to my Youtube channel soon. I will also be posting a full haul and review of all the products once my order arrives. Let me know what you’re picking up during the sale in the comments!



March Boxycharm 2023

Hey guys! Today I’m here to share with you my March Boxycharm. I didn’t post my February box because I got it while I was away on vacation and felt like it was too late to post once I got home. I will say that I was pretty unimpressed by my February box, so I was hoping that March’s box would be better. Let’s get into it.

I first want to mention that Boxycharm always gives a card with the product information. My card this month was the wrong one. There were three items on the card that was different than what I got. I’m not too mad about it because one of the items was an eyeshadow palette and I didn’t need a new one haha.

The first item I received was the Il Makiage Icon Mascara. Il Makiage is a pretty trendy brand right now and I always enjoy testing out new mascaras so I was happy to receive this product. The mascara is meant to lift, separate, curl and thicken each lash. I will agree that it meets all those claims. This mascara is great for those who want more volume. I prefer a more lengthening mascara but this delivers what it claims. I will continue to use this mascara! Price: $27 US

The next product I received was the Aceology Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Repairing Biodegradable Masks. I love getting sheet masks in my box because I like using them but never feel like buying them haha. This mask is meant to moisturize and plump the skin. It has a recommended 30-minute sit time so I wore this mask while I had a nice bath. My skin felt super soft and plump after, didn’t need to apply a moisturizer! I would never personally pay the full price for these masks because I think $60 is a bit much for a one-time-use product. But I will enjoy the masks now that I have them! Price: $30 US

The next three products were not on my information card. I got the Give Them Lala Beauty Must-Have Bronzer in the shade Barbados, which they describe as having a golden undertone. I appreciate that the brand has four shades considering they seem to be a smaller business. It’s warmer compared to some of my other bronzers, which is nice when I have a tan. The formula is good but nothing special. I will continue to use it but I think there are comparable bronzers out there that are more accessible. Price: $26 US

The second skincare item I got is the Dew of the Gods Feels Microderm Face Scrub. The product is currently sold out, which I feel is a sign of a good product. The scrub uses silica crystals to physically exfoliate the skin and has oat & squalane to soothe the skin. I’ve only used this twice but both times my skin felt soft afterwards. I’m excited to continue using this scrub and see longer-term results. Price: $30 US ($40 CAD)

Please note I dug my finger nail into the bronzer, it did not come like this

And the final product I received is the Reina Rebelde Mordida Lip Stain in Paleta. I decided not to test out this product because the shade didn’t really speak to me. The formula is supposed to be a moisturizing lip stain. I rather not test the product when I don’t think I would like it so I can give the product to someone else. Price: $16 US

The total value of the box is $139 US. I think this box was pretty good, with only one product I didn’t want. I was debating cancelling my subscription after my February box and March being my last box since I had already paid for it. I’m starting to find that I don’t enjoy what I’m receiving in my box and I rather spend my money on products that I want than the surprise associated with a subscription box. Then I saw that Boxycharm was merging with IPSY so I decided to give it a chance. For my April box I was able to pick three products so I’m hoping that will help. We’ll see how April goes whether or not I keep my subscription!




Hey guys! Today’s post is a little different than what I normally do. Since quitting my job I’ve been working more often in coffee shops around town. So I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on some coffee shops around Oakville! Today I am sharing my thoughts on the five coffee shops that can be found in downtown Oakville.

I want to share my criteria for what I think makes a good coffee shop. This might be a bit ironic, but I’m not a huge coffee fan – I know I’m going to coffee shops and don’t drink coffee! But I like to get out of the house sometimes and I enjoy the ambiance in a nice coffee shop. So instead of rating their coffee, I’ll be rating their chai lattes, my drink of choice! The three big things I look for in a good coffee shop are good food and drinks, reliable wifi and a nice atmosphere. Let’s get into it!

Second Cup


  • Affordable
  • Lots of seating options


  • Corporate feeling
  • Bland chai latte

Let’s start with the two chain coffee shops downtown. There has been a Second Cup downtown Oakville for as long as I can remember. Since it’s a chain the prices are quite affordable. On the flip side, the atmosphere is trying to be cute and cozy but also has a big dose of corporate feeling to it. That being said, there are lots of seating options. The wifi was free and no password was needed. The wifi was fast and reliable. My chai latte was alright. It was pretty nice but also on the bland side. It’s affordable but not my favourite option available.

Aroma Espresso Bar


  • Lots of seating
  • Free chocolate with a drink!


  • Need to use Facebook account to connect to wifi
  • Mediocre latte

The second chain downtown is Aroma Espresso Bar. I’ve been quite a few times before so I knew what the place is like. The lower level is pretty sparse but the upstairs has many tables. I love sitting by the window and getting the overhead view of the street. While the chai is alright (very cinnamon heavy) all the drinks come with a piece of chocolate which I love! The wifi is free but you have to connect through a Facebook account which was annoying. I think this cafe is better for socializing than working.

Tribeca Coffee Co


  • The best latte (and donuts!)
  • Amazing atmosphere
  • Small business


  • Busy and limited seating
  • Hour wifi limit

Near the top of my list of favourites is Tribeca Coffee Co. It has probably my favourite chai latte of all the coffee shops in this post. It’s the perfect sweetness level, very creamy and the perfect spice blend. They also sell fresh-made donuts in store so the whole shop smells lovely. While there is a good mix of seating (high top, table, chairs) it’s always pretty busy and it can be hard to find a good table. The biggest con is the wifi. The wifi network isn’t open. Once you purchase something you get a voucher for an hour. Now I haven’t tried asking for another voucher so I don’t know how strict the one-hour policy is. I generally like to work for two hours at a time so it’s a little annoying to be limited. I will usually do work that doesn’t require wifi, such as editing videos, during the second hour I’m there.

Pilot Coffee Roasters


  • Lots of seating
  • Small(er) business


  • Free wasn’t very reliable
  • The atmosphere felt a little old

One of the newer coffee shops downtown is Pilot Coffee Roasters. I know they have a few other locations so I was excited to try this shop but I have to say I was a little disappointed. They were the only coffee shop on the list that didn’t offer coffee mugs. I don’t mind paper cups but it’s nice if you’re sitting down to have a mug. The latte itself wasn’t bad but very cardamon heavy. The shop has a very industrial feeling which some people enjoy but isn’t my favourite. There was free wifi but it wasn’t very good. It was super slow and disconnected a few times on me. Overall I think this is a great place to great grab a coffee to-go but not to sit down.

Figaro Coffee House


  • Outlets and great wifi
  • Lots of seating


  • More modern than cozy

The final coffee shop in downtown Oakville is Figaro Coffee House. The latte was quite nice. While the spice blend was a little more subtle the mug was huge. They had lots of seating options, with two levels of space. I was able to get a cozy corner banquet. And they had lots of outlets, not something every coffee shop offered. There was some lovely jazz music playing – I normally listen to my own music but this time just listened to the music playing in the shop. They had free wifi available as well. I don’t have any major complaints. The only thing is that’s more ‘modern’ than ‘cozy’. But overall a great option.

And those are the coffee shops I checked out in downtown Oakville! Let me know if you’ve been to any of these coffee shops before and what you thought about them! And please let me know if I should be a part two – I’ve been going to more coffee shops and I’d be happy to share my thoughts about them with you guys.




Hey guys! I’m baaack! My family and I went on vacation at the end of February/early March. It was so nice to have some time to relax and hang out with my family. We stayed at the Melia Caribe Beach Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This was our third time going to a beach resort (we’ve gone to Mexico before) and our second time in Punta Cana. Today I will be sharing my review of the resort and comparing it to the other places we stayed at. If you want to see more of the fun (and hear about our flight cancellation horror stories), then check out the vlog on my Youtube channel. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

We had decided to pick the Melia Caribe Beach Resort for a few reasons. First, it was close to the airport, only about a 15-minute drive. Second, it was close to an affordable golf course. This was a big deal for my dad and brother who ended up golfing three times during our trip. Third, it had a great beach that was within walking distance. Finally, there was *supposed* to be a two-bed option for my brother and I. I’ll get more into that in a second. We booked our stay through a travel agent and did a Westjet package that included our flight. I won’t be sharing pricing because I didn’t pay for anything – thanks Mom and Dad!

The past few times we’ve gone on family vacations, my brother and I have shared a room and my parents have their own. It allows us to sleep according to our sleep schedules. My brother and I prefer having two beds (double or queen) which is usually pretty standard and easy to get at hotels. Now when booking our package my parents had decided to upgrade to an exclusive package called The Level. This provides you with a special pool, restaurant, etc. While it does not advertise it online, according to our travel agent they did offer a two double bed option for The Level. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the resort they didn’t have any double bed options available – which granted we arrived a day late so they might have given them out already and it wasn’t guaranteed. So my brother and I ended up in The Level Suite Beach Side and had to share a king bed. My parents stayed in The Level Grand Suite.

My brother and I enjoyed our room. It was the perfect size. While I prefer not sharing a bed with my brother it was comfortable. Our room included a beach view which was pretty. It did face one of their main paths so it was noisy during the day with golf carts, bikes and people going by. But it wasn’t noisy at night. Our room was right near many of the amenities, it was a 2-minute walk to the gym, spa and pool. It was a 3-minute walk to the beach and a 5-minute walk to the breakfast buffet.

Our parents’ room was near The Level pool and restaurant as well as the lobby. They enjoyed their room because it had a separate living space. This was great for them because my dad would do work in the morning and was able to not disturb my mom. While it was close to The Level amenities and the main lobby, it took them 10 minutes to walk to the beach.

This resort is easily the biggest one we’ve stayed at. As I mentioned, it can take 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other. They do have two trollies that will take you across the resort but you do have to wait for them. We found that if you catch the trolly it’s faster than walking but if you don’t then it’s faster to walk. The trolly will stop at any point to pick you up. The staff also drive golf carts around the resort and will offer to pick you up if they have space.

The resort itself was very nice. The beach is beautiful, it’s one of the classic endless white sand beaches that you think of when you picture the Caribbean. They had plenty of grass huts to provide shade. They also had beds which were super comfy. There did offer beds at the front of the beach but you had to pay for them. It was quite busy when we went to the resort – we learned that it was Quebec’s ‘spring break’ so there were many Quebecoise people at the resort. We did have to go early to the beach to secure a good spot. They also had an inflatable course in the ocean. It cost extra but they were pretty relaxed about how long you could stay on the course. It was much harder than my brother and I anticipate it to be and got many bruises. But it was a unique amenity that not many resorts have.

The pools were quite nice as well. We didn’t often sit by them because my mom prefers the beach. The pool was nice in the late afternoon when it got windier by the beach. They also had a full waterpark that is free to use. They had three different areas for different ages/swimming abilities. The ‘big kid’ area had seven different slides! We had a blast and we knew that if we were little kids we could have easily spent a day in the waterpark.

Food is very important to my family. We made sure to check reviews about food before picking a hotel. None of the food was bad, but some meals were better than others. The breakfast buffet was pretty mediocre. They had fresh eggs but everything else was in food-warming trays. For lunch, we liked alternating between the buffet and the exclusive Level restaurant that was right on the beach. For dinner, we enjoyed the sit-down restaurants the most. We liked their Mediterranean, Spanish and Mexican restaurants the most. Sometimes the food was a little bland and we found it hard to find salt and pepper shakers, so in the future we’ll pack our own packets to bring down. My favourite part of the resort was its dessert offering. I ate ice cream almost every day haha.

The drinks were also great. They could make you any drink imaginable. They used named-brand liquors but had higher shelf brands available in The Level areas. My dad wasn’t a huge fan of their house red wine but they do have bottles of other brands available for an additional cost. Our only complaint is that they served everything in paper cups. In the past, we’ve always had plastic cups. So we ended up buying reusable cups to put our drinks in. We’ll bring our own reusable cups in the future.

The staff were all very nice. Their English skills varied but we noticed it was weaker than the other time we had come to Punta Cana. My dad suspects that during COVID many of the English-speaking employees left the industry. I also think that it’s because we’re staying at Melia resort, which is owned by Spaniards so they might not focus on English speaking as much (We had previously stayed at AMResort brand hotels which are American and might focus more on English speaking skills). It wasn’t a huge issue because the staff were all friendly and always provided excellent service. Also many spoke French, which my mom, brother and I speak so we could speak in French if their English wasn’t as strong.

This is a family resort so many of the activities are focused on kids or families. We did attend their magic show on the first night but found it a little too childish for our tastes. The rest of the time in the evenings we would just hang out in the lobby and play cards. Their lobby has many tables and seating areas. The decor was beautiful and it felt very relaxing. My brother and I went to one of their evening parties but just found the vibe to be off because there was no designated ‘late night’ area. There was a big casino but we aren’t gamblers.

Overall we enjoyed our vacation and I would recommend the resort to families. I think all the amenities which nice. It was clean and the staff was very friendly. The food was good – not the best I’ve ever had but pretty good for a resort. It was on the larger side and I think we would prefer something smaller but if you like the big resort vibe then the Melia Caribe Beach Resort is a great option.

Now my family has decided that we won’t be going back to a family resort in the future – probably not until either my brother or I have kids. The Level area was originally adults-only but they changed to family access at the beginning of this year. We found that there were crying kids almost everywhere we went and that’s just not something we enjoy. My brother and I are adults (23 and 25 respectively) so we don’t need to be at the family-friendly resorts. We have been to an adults-only before and found it to be much quieter. Yes sometimes you’d get louder partygoers but they usually stayed around the bars. It’s easy to find a quiet corner away from the bars. At a family-friendly resort, it’s almost impossible to escape the kids. There wasn’t a lot of nightlife as well which my brother and I missed. We don’t want to go crazy every night but we at least want the option to party at the resort at night.

In the past, we stayed at Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa. It’s farther away from the airport but it’s a great adults-only resort. It’s a smaller resort so it feels more intimate and the staff was great. The breakfast buffet was amazing and the nightlife was incredible. My mom didn’t like the beach as much but overall my family liked the resort.

When I mention I’ve been to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, people always ask which I prefer. I would have to say it depends. I think the people and beaches are way better in the Dominican. But I think if you’re big into excursions then Mexico is much better. Mexico offers a variety of excursions whereas in the Dominican there are just boat rides and more physical activities (like hiking, ATVs, and snorkelling). The Yucatan and Quintana Roo provinces in Mexico have so much history and cultural activities that you don’t see as much in the Dominican. So I would say it’s really a personal preference when deciding which you want to go to.

I hope this post helps give you guys some more information on the Melia resort and visiting the Dominican Republic. If you have any questions about my vacation please let me know in the comments and I’d be more than happy to answer them!




Hey guys! Today I have a fun little dupe for you! Like many beauty lovers on the Internet, I am a huge fan of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. Last year, ELF released its own version of the product, the Halo Glow Liquid Filter. It took me forever to get my hands on it. It wasn’t available in Canada for quite a while. Once it was released, the ELF dupe was always sold out. But I have it and now I’m happy to share my thoughts on the products. Let’s get into it!

The Charlotte Tilbury filter is a ‘complexion booster’ meant to blur, smooth, and illuminate the face for a ‘real-life filter effect’. Charlotte Tilbury says you can wear it four different ways: alone all over the face, under foundation, mixed with foundation and on top of foundation like a highlighter. The filter comes with 1 oz (or 30 ml) and retails for $62 CAD. For quite a while there were only a few shades but they now offer 12 different shades.

The ELF dupe is described as a multi-purpose, liquid glow booster to give your complexion a ‘soft-focus social filter effect IRL’. ELF recommends the same four ways as Charlotte Tilbury to apply the product. It comes with 1.06 oz (or 31.5 ml) and retails for $18 CAD. ELF has eight different shades available.

I want to note that the two shades I got are not exactly the same. For Charlotte Tilbury, I have shade 3 Fair which they describe as a warm peach for light to medium skin tones. With ELF, I have shade 2 Fair/Light. There isn’t a shade description available but I would say it leans more yellow. I can see a slight difference when I wear them but when I asked my brother his opinion, didn’t notice a difference between the two shades.

Now onto comparing how the two perform on my face. This is such a good dupe. I like to wear this product both under foundation and on top like a highlight. I tested both methods and I noticed no difference in the performance between the two filters. As I mentioned, I asked my brother he if noticed a difference at all and he couldn’t tell I was wearing two different products.

My only issue with the ELF dupe is quite a minor one. Both come with a duo foot applicator which I find very convenient to apply the product. I find the ELF applicator is bigger so it dispenses a little too much product for my liking. But I don’t wear this all over my face like other people do so this is more of a personal preference.

I would say this is a very very good dupe. I would recommend the ELF product because it’s cheaper and performs the same. I will say that both come with a lot of product. I’ve had the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter for years and have a lot left. Charlotte Tilbury does sell a mini version in a limited number of shades for $22. So if you think that 1 oz is too much product, the Charlotte Tilbury mini could be a good option that is only four dollars more than the ELF product. But otherwise, I would recommend the ELF product.

Let me know if you guys have tried either of these products and what your thoughts were! If you have any other dupes that you would like me to test let me know in the comments!




Hey guys! Today I am going to share with you my three favourite lip products that I like to wear every day. They are all a step above a lip balm. It took some time after masking ended for me to find lip products that I love. I stand by all three of these and if you follow me you’ll probably recognize a few of these. Let’s get into it!

For me, a perfect everyday lip product meets three requirements. First, it’s comfortable on the lips. Sometimes I’ll wear a drying liquid lipstick or a super sticky lip gloss if matches the look or outfit perfectly. But for everyday wear, it needs to be comfortable. Second, it must fade nicely (or last all day). There is nothing worst than putting on a lip product in the morning and seeing yourself in the mirror at midday looking crazy. My final requirement is easy to reapply. Sometimes I’m too lazy to go to the bathroom and just use my phone to reapply. I also don’t bring a lip pencil with me so it can’t require a lip pencil to look good. All of the lip products I’m going to mention meet these three things.

My first favourite shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s the Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil. I’ve mentioned these a ton on my Youtube channel but I love this lip oil! Unlike other lip oils, it’s quite thin so it’s very comfortable on the lips while still being hydrating. It adds a little shine and colour to the lips but is still pretty natural. Since it’s an oil it almost gets absorbed into the lips throughout the day. Since it’s sheer it’s easy to apply without getting everywhere. I’ve gotten quite a few of my friends hooked on these, they’re so good!

My next favourite lip product is the Clinique Almost Lipstick in the shade Black Honey. Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a lot of money for a tinted lip balm, but my cost-per-wear with this lipstick is so good because I love it! The shade changes to match your natural lip tone so it’s super flattering. It’s a sheer but buildable formula which means I apply as much as my mood desire. Since it’s similar to a balm it fades well. Now a good affordable dupe for this is the Covergirl Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Balm in Bliss Your Berry. I prefer the Clinique lipstick for the packaging. It’s slick and smaller so it’s easier to have a precise application. This is a great everyday way to add colour to the lips!

And my final favourite is the Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm. It’s similar to the Merit lip oil but like a lip gloss. It has a slightly thicker consistency and is shinier. It’s comfortable on the lips and not too sticky, unlike a traditional lip gloss. The pointed duo foot applicator makes it very easy to apply to the lips. The formula is a little more pigmented compared to the Merit lip oil but it’s still nice for everyday wear. There are some fun bright shades in the range though if you’re into that.

And those are my current favourite lip products. Let me know in the comments what some of your favourite lip products are right now, I’d love to try them out!



Tattoo & Piercing FAQ

Hey guys! I always get asked questions about my tattoos and piercings, so I thought it would be nice to do a little post about it. That way all this information can live in one place on my blog! I don’t have many tattoos and piercings but I do love each of them dearly. So let’s get into it!

Q: What tattoos and piercings do you have?

A: I have three tattoos and three piercings! I got my ears first pierced when I was a baby. I got my nose pierced before I went to university, in the summer of 2015. I got my first tattoo in 2017 and my second in 2018. I got my second earlobes in February 2022 and my third tattoo in April 2022.

Q: Do your tattoos have any meaning?

A: People always love to ask about the meaning behind tattoos, which I always find funny. I don’t think you need any justification to get tattoos but that being said two of my tattoos do have meaning.

The three daisies on my foot have many meanings. Daisy is my birth flower and it’s also my middle name (in french – Marguerite). My paternal grandmother and my maternal great-grandmother were named Marguerite, so I have three daises for each of us.

My bee tattoo I got because I liked the look of bee tattoos!

My pinecone is for my mom. My mom’s term of endearment for me is cocotte, which is pinecone in French Canadian. She gave me a silver pinecone necklace that I love so when I was thinking of a new idea for a tattoo the pinecone stuck out to me. It also matches the nature theme I have with my other tattoos.

Q: Did they hurt?

A: I just want to start by saying that I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I find going to the dentist more painful than getting tattoos and piercing – but to be fair I have sensitive gums haha.

Piercings just feel like a strong pinch to me. They hurt for a few seconds and then it’s over. I always find it helpful to not look at the needle. I do the same thing when I get any shoots or immunizations.

I don’t find tattoos particularly painful, it’s more uncomfortable. My most painful tattoo was the one on my foot because part of it is on my ankle bone. Tattoos are more painful over bones than fat or muscle areas. Since you have to sit still while getting tattooed, I find that the area usually goes numb (or ‘falls asleep’) just from the fact that I’m not moving it. When I got the one on my right bicep my shoulder got sore just from how I was sitting. But I would describe the sensation as a cat scratch. It’s not fun but you get used to it.

For both my piercings and my tattoos I didn’t take any medication before or after to help with the pain. I didn’t feel like I needed it.

My piercings

Q: What was the healing process like?

A: My tattoos were all easy to heal. Every tattoo artist and piercer will give you different aftercare instructions. For my tattoos, I have them wrapped for a day and then left them to air dry after that. I was told to wash it with unscented soap and then just let it be. I didn’t put any lotion on. All my tattoos have healed and worn well. I’ve had the one on my foot for five-ish years now and it still looks good.

I would say the most annoying thing about healing my tattoos is that you’re not supposed to soak them in water. Which was difficult when I worked as a lifeguard, I had to work it around my schedule to have enough time to heal them before I had to be in the water again. Now it just means that I can’t have any baths while a tattoo heals.

I can’t comment on my first earlobes because I got them done as a baby. I got my nose pierced twice, as well as my second earlobes, and all of them were so difficult to heal.

Both times I got my nose pierced I had bad keloids. I had a stub before I got my current ring. The ring took quite a while to heal. The only thing I really found that was effective in helping with my keloids was tea tree oil. But honestly, it just took time. Now my nose piercing is fine.

I got my second piercings about a year ago and they also have keloids. Luckily they’re on the back of my ears so you don’t see them. But for that reason, I haven’t changed my earrings because I’m afraid of what would happen with the keloids. I don’t have any advice on how to help, I’m just once again letting time do its thing.

Q: Where did you get them done?

A: I got my nose pierced both times at my local tattoo parlour. They did a fine job. The reason why I got it pierced twice is that I had to take out my stud for work and then it accidentally grew in. I still wanted my nose pierced so once I was done with that job I got it re-pierced and switched to a ring. I’ve had the same ring in my nose since 2016.

I wouldn’t recommend where I got my second ear piercing done because they were overpriced.

I’ve gotten all three of my tattoos done by Tori Kopp. When I was looking to get my first tattoo done, I was recommended Tori by a friend. I fell in love with her work and found her prices to be more reasonable than tattoo artists in Toronto. She does work in Niargara so it’s a bit of a drive but it’s so worth it. She’s not only an amazing artist but an amazing person. I always feel so comfortable around her, it’s like hanging out with a friend for a few hours. She now has her own shop and it’s such a safe and inviting space compared to other tattoo studios.

Q: How much did you pay?

A: I honestly forget how much I paid for everything except my second piercing, which was overpriced.

Q: Do you want any more?

A: I was never huge into piercings. When I was in my late teens, it was very big to get a lot of ear piercings and I was never into it. I just wanted my nose and that was it. I am happy that I got my second earlobes. But with how difficult all of my piercings have been to heal I don’t think I’ll get any more any time soon.

As for tattoos I definitely want more. I know what I want to get next, just waiting for the right moment. While I want more tattoos I don’t see myself ever having full sleeves. I think I’ll just have a collection of little tattoos all over. Most people don’t even notice my tattoos unless I’m wearing a tank top and am barefoot. I like that my tattoos are not super obvious and I see myself keeping it that way or at least for now. Who knows how I’ll feel in the future.

If you guys have any questions about tattoos and piercings, please let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to answer them!