September Boxycharm 2020

Hey guys! I am happy that my Boxycharm came earlier this month so I could probably test it out for you guys! If you want to see these products in action go check out my Youtube video where I give my first impressions of the products. Also, I will be giving an update from the skincare products that I got in my August box at the end of the post. Okay, let’s get into it!

The first product I received is the Farmacy Cheer Up Brightening Vitamin C Eye Cream with Acerola Cherry (such a long name). This eye cream is mention to brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It’s supposed to deliver instance radiance as well. I’m still unsure about this eye cream. I’m pretty picky because my under eyes can be quite sensitive. I’ve had quite a few eye creams react and create bad dry patches when the product is supposed to be hydrating. This one hasn’t negatively reacted but I’m not sure if I’ve seen any benefits yet. I’ve been using an Origins eye cream that also has vitamin C and I don’t see if doing anything more or less than the other one. Maybe I’m too young to see the impact of a good eye cream yet. So I’m on the fence. I’ll give you guys an update in October if I feel any different. Price: $45 US, $58 CAD

The next product is the Hipdot Zion Eyeshadow palette. I’ve never heard of this brand but I was pleasantly surprised by how great this palette is! First, the packaging is beautiful and the colour selection inside is gorgeous. It reminds me slightly of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vol 2 palette, but this one is much more muted which makes it more wearable. All the mattes blend beautifully on the eyes and are quite striking. The only thing is I wish that there were more shimmers. I also find Sublime and Surreal to be quite similar. I would have liked a pink shimmer or a lilac to compliment the shades in the palette. But otherwise, I think this is perfect and I did have a lot of fun playing with it. The palette is also cruelty-free and vegan! The only thing is that is has a weird smell to it that I don’t like. I can’t place what it smells like but a weird combination of plastic and dirt? I asked my brother and he thinks it smells like Crocs. 🤣 Price: $30 US

The next item in my box is the Phase Zero Makeup Blusher and Bronzer Trio. Just want to say that while I do like this product, there is the only shade and that’s not acceptable. The website says that these shades are universal but that’s bullshit. I find the bronzer shade to be a tad light and I’m pretty fair! This would not work on people who even medium skin tones. I don’t understand why they can’t create more shades. They have different blush shades, so why can’t they create different bronzers shades to match everyone’s skin tone? I do like the formula of these shades and I like all three look lovely on the face, but it’s unacceptable in 2020 to come out with just one face product shade and think it’ll work for everyone. Price: $42 US, £35.00 (they are a British company).

The next product is the Laura Geller Lashboss Bold Mascara. This mascara is meant to give length and curl to the lashes. I think this mascara is okay. It’s not a volumizing mascara, but it doesn’t claim to do that. It gives decent length but I have mascaras that give me more. I think this is a good everyday mascara. Like if I only wanted to wear mascara I could grab this one. I wouldn’t use this for a bold makeup look because then my eye shadow would overwhelm my lashes. It’s not bad and I’ll continue to use it but it’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used. Price: $24 US

And the final product is the SFGlow Glam in Paradise Cannabis Sativa 3-Piece Mask Set. I’m not sure if my skin likes cannabis sativa oil. These masks are the second skincare product I’ve tried with cannabis sativa oil and my skin just doesn’t seem happy. It isn’t a strong reaction but I notice that my skin feels sensitive after using it. I also don’t find the products that hydrating. After using the lip mask my lips were bone dry an hour later. I just feel like I’ve had better results using other masks. The gold leopard print is cute though. Price: $18 US for the set

The overall price of the box is $159. I think this was a pretty good box. The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was the sheet masks – but they are single-use so I’m done with them haha! I think the palette was the high point of the box. Let me know in the comments what you guys think about this month’s box. There weren’t many well-known brands in this month’s box – is that important to you guys? I don’t need Sephora brands in my box, but I do prefer brands that I have heard of before. But just because I’ve heard of a brand doesn’t mean the product will be good and vice-versa!



*NOTE: Product Update from August* Okay so I have two skincare products that I was testing from August. The first was the GlamGlow moisturizer and the second was the MineTan.Body.Skin serum. One of these products was breaking me out and I’m not sure which one. I think it’s the GlamGlow moisturizer since I was using it more consistently than the serum. I just noticed my skin was getting congested and I was getting texture on my forehead and chin. The moisturizer has cannabis sativa oil in it, and after using the SFGlow masks I think my skin doesn’t like it. I also think it’s the moisturizer because my face would get red after I apply it even though it’s supposed to help with redness. Also reading Sephora reviews on the GlamGlow moisturizer it seems that some people have the same problem as me. As for the serum, my thoughts from my original post still stand. It makes my face feel smooth but not hydrated. I would use this maybe as a primer instead of a skincare item.

August Boxycharm 2020

Hey guys! I am back with my August Boxycharm! My box arrived on the 31st so unfortunately, I didn’t get much time to test out the products. I will continue to test the products, especially the skincare, and give an update at the end of my September post. So without further ado, my August Boxycharm!

The first product MineTan Body Skin Hydra Glow Sleep Serum. I was confused because this brand seems to be a self-tanner company so I thought this serum was going to be similar to the Isle of Paradise brand. This is supposedly just a hydrating serum. So far I haven’t notice that my face feels smooth after applying it but not exactly hydrated if that makes any sense. I’ll keep you guys updated about it. Price: $44.95 US

The next product is the RealHer Definer Brow Pencil. This brand is one that I often get in my Boxycharm but never heard otherwise lol. So up until I checked out the website I was confused is this was one shade pencil because the pencil just says the brand name and “EYE AM INSPIRING”. Turns out that’s the shade name which is Dark Brown! The pencil matches me well, but RealHer only has three shades which is quite disappointing. It’s also just three different shades of brown. Like what about blondes or redheads? Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of the formula because it’s creamy and pigmented. It applied way to strongly so it’s hard to create a realistic, hairlike stroke. Not my fav brow pencil but it’s usable. Price: $16 US

Swatches of the Trestique Matte Lip Crayons. From top to bottom: Tuscan Twin, Belize Bordeaux, Chile Red, Barcelona Bright Berry, Florence Fig and Nantucket Nude

I think one of my favourite products is the Trestique Mini Matte Lip Crayon Set. This set comes with six different lip crayons in a range of shades from nude to red to pink to wine. I think everyone could find a shade they like within this set, and if they don’t like some shades are least their mini and it’s not a full-size lipstick. The formula is also great on these. For being matte they are pretty creamy and glide on the lips nicely. They aren’t as long-lasting as a liquid lipstick but still have a decent staying power. Overall I like these! I think my favourite shade is Florence Fig.

The next product is the Butter London Teddy Boy Eyeshadow Palette. I didn’t think I would like this palette but it’s not that bad! I’m not a huge cool-toned person, but I think these shades are neutral enough that they are still wearable. I’ve used most of the shades and I prefer the browns over the blues. And I think it makes sense that the browns are a little bigger than the blues because I won’t use the blue shades as often. The mattes are much better than the shimmer shades. I find the shimmers to be pretty underwhelming. But the mattes are pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. I don’t think this will become my new go-to palette but I can see myself grabbing it on those few occasions I want to use cool tones. Price $28 US

And the final product is the GlamGlow Moisturetrip Omega Rich Face Moisturizer. This moisturizer has cannabis sativa seed oil that is supposed to calm and soothe the skin as well as reduce the appearance of redness. I didn’t know it’s supposed to reduce redness so I will keep a note of that while I test it. So far I like it because it’s a hybrid between a gel and a liquid. It makes my skin feel hydrated. I will update you guys on how I feel about it after testing it more. Price: $54 US, $75 CA

And the total is $200.95. Overall I’m pretty happy with this box. I’m unsure of the brow pencil and the serum but there are still usable products. There is nothing in the box I absolutely hate and won’t use again. Let me know what you think in the comments!



*NOTE: PRODUCT UPDATE FROM JULY* I mentioned that I would put an update on the Clear Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster. So I’ve used this almost daily since getting it in July. Honestly, I don’t notice it doing much for my skin. It absorbs very quickly into the skin, which is nice. It doesn’t make my skin look glowy, if anything it almost is a little matte after applying it. Also, I do have some acne scarring and I didn’t notice any difference while using this Vitamin C serum. Compared to my Biossance serum, the Clear Skin Club one does nothing. Now I rather a product does nothing much than cause a negative reaction. But if you are looking for a vitamin C serum that makes a visible difference in your skin, this isn’t the one for you.

July Boxycharm 2020

Hey guys! Sorry, this post is so late this time. My Boxycharm arrived the day I left for my cottage so I wasn’t able to open it until I came back. This review is more of a first impression since I didn’t get much time to test the products. I will leave a note in my August Boxycharm if my thoughts changed on any of these products once I have tested them more.

boxycharm, makeup, makeup products, skincare, beauty

The first product is The Creme Shop Next Gen Blender Set. I’m going to test this out more but after only using them twice I don’t think I will like these. They double in size when they get wet and are soft. But they soak up all my product! These sponges look dirtier than my other sponges because they absorbed so much product. I also found when I was applying my concealer it would lift off my foundation. I also tried to blend out a cream bronzer and that was a mess. So far these are a pass. Price: Okay here’s the weird thing. Boxycharm’s card says the set is $22 while The Creme Shop’s website says $12… interesting.

The next product is the StudioMakeup Endurance Cream Eyeshadow. I’ve only used this once but so far I like it. It’s basically liquid sparkles. There isn’t a base colour to it so in the future I would apply this over top of gold eyeshadow. It was easy to apply and dried quickly. This is similar to the Stila glitters that were popular a couple of years ago. Overall I think this is cute. I won’t use it every day because I don’t wear glitter every day. But it’s an easy way to apply glitter for when I do want it. Price: $25 US

Up next is the Alamar Cosmetics Birthday Suit Lip Gloss. This is a limited edition which is a shame because this is beautiful. It’s a gorgeous pink lip gloss with a subtle amount of purple glitter. It looks great by itself or applied on top of another lip product. This lip gloss is shiny and thick but isn’t goopy. It wears a decent amount of time as well. I think this is going to be my new favourite lip gloss. Price: $15 US

The skincare product this month is the Clear Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster. I’ve never heard of this brand before but excited to test this serum out. I obviously need to test this serum out to really have an opinion. I can smell the green tea in this, which is fine by me because that’s a pleasant scent. My other Vitamin C serum makes my face look dewy and glowy. This one dries down completely and almost matte. I will test this other and leave a more in-depth review in my August post. Price: $50

The final product is the Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette. I am so happy to have received this product. You guys know that I like this brand. Now you guys know that I’m not a huge fan of one palette for all skin tones. But a lot of times I won’t use all the shades. BUT I prefer a bronze palette over a bronze and highlight palette. It’s really hard to use highlighting powders that are the wrong shade for me. But with bronzers, I can just use the deeper shades as eyeshadows! I was able to use this palette to do an eyeshadow look and bronze my face. These powders are amazing. They are the perfect level of pigmentation and last long on the face. And the packaging is beautiful! Price: $30

The overall value of the box is $142 according to Boxycharm and $132 according to my research. Either way, I think this was a pretty good box! I love everything except for the sponges. And I much rather love four products and hate one than have a bunch of mehs. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!



June Boxycharm 2020 – Battle of the Boxes

Hey guys! Today I have an extra special Boxycharm post – I am reviewing both the base box and the premium box! I’ve mentioned in my last post that I was curious about the difference between the two boxes. So I decided to get both. I will review the products in both boxes and then let you know my thoughts between the regular and premium.

So first the base box. I just want to mention that I have been testing quite a few skincare products and I have noticed that my pores are a little clogged right now and I have some small breakouts on my face. I believe it’s from the BB cream, but it would be the face wash or the masks. Unfortunately, I don’t know.

Base Box

Base Box

The first product is the Foaming Face Wash by Kylie Skin. This face wash is supposed to be gentle, leave skin feeling moisturized and brighten skin’s complexion. This cleanser is okay. I do think the fact that it’s foaming is fun. I also only need half a pump to wash my face. But it’s quite gentle. My acne-prone, combo skin needs a little more for a daily cleanser. This would be a good shower cleanser when I don’t want something stripping by will still clean my face. I also wouldn’t say it’s necessarily moisturizing. Overall I think it’s a pretty mediocre cleanser. I’ll use it because I have it, but wouldn’t go out and repurchase it. Price: $24 US

Next up is the Purlisse Beauty Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30. I really like this BB cream, except for the fact that I think this is what broke me out. This is the perfect tinted moisturize. It gives enough coverage but still looks like skin. It just looked so nice and other products applied beautifully on top of it. I would wear this if I was going to be outside but still wanted to wear a foundation. I believe that this is breaking me out because I have had issues with sunscreens breaking me out in the past. I think if I were to wear it once in a while my skin would be fine but since I wore it every day for almost two weeks it was too much for my face. I would still recommend this BB cream though because it looks amazing on the skin! Price: $35

I really like this product but I don’t think it’s for everyone. I received an Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in the shade Conceited. It’s a bronze/gold highlight with golden shimmering pearls. I actually like to wear this as glitter on my eyes the most. When I do wear it as a highlight, I just apply a little bit to the top of my cheeks. Because it’s a very glittery highlight. So if you like glitter you will love this. If you perfect a dewy, glowy look I would pass this. Price: $27 US, $36 CAD

The next product is insanely priced. The QMS Medicosmetics Lip Line Corrector is £155. That’s $260 Canadian dollars!!! Like what the fuck. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. This lip line corrector is supposed to target fine lines and wrinkles as well and hydrate and plump the lips. I was skeptical but I read good reviews about it, saying it has instant results but continued usage makes a significant difference. And then I tried it myself and it worked! Almost instantly my lips looked smoother and significantly plumper. And it didn’t have any tingly feeling like plumping glosses. The only annoying this is that a full pump is way too much product and it’s hard to half pump it so I feel like I’m wasting product. Listen, this shit might work, but I would never recommend spending that much money on a cosmetics product. Like at that price point you might as well get lip injections. Price: $200 US (that’s what the card says)

The final product is my face box is the First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA. This is a hard product for me to review because I don’t have KP bumps. I used this scrub on one arm and a regular body scrub on the other and didn’t notice a difference. Both left my arms smooth. But maybe if you do have KP bumps and use this it’ll be strong enough to make a difference? I’m not sure but one of my friends used it and loves it. So overall I will be passing this product along to someone else who will get better use out of it than me. Price: $18 US, $36 CAD

Premium Box

Premium Box

The first product Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask. This mask is just … average. Like it’s basically just a super thick moisturizer that takes a little longer to sink into the skin. Like sure it makes my skin feel smooth, but I don’t wake up in the morning going wow my skin is amazing! Like it did its job but it’s nothing special. I think the Glow Recipes Watermelon Sleeping mask is better. Price: $49 US, $66 CAD

The next product is the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette. I’ve mentioned this before but I am not a fan of this brand. Just so many controversies that I don’t think they handled well and a lot of products that they have realized lately haven’t impressed me. But I tried to keep an open mind about this product. First I love this packaging. It looks nice, feels nice but isn’t too bulky. It also smells amazing. Like every time I open it smells like chocolate but the scent doesn’t carry over to my face. It also has a big mirror. What I don’t like that there is only one palette for every skin tone. Like I’m glad that they are shade inclusive, but I will never use the deep shades. I wish it only had the shades I need so it was cheaper and less packaging for me. I find the highlight shade not very pigmented so I have to use a lot. The contour isn’t bad, but what’s the point of the palette if I only use one shade? So while it’s not a bad product, it just doesn’t suit my personal tastes. Price: $44 US, $59 CAD

The lip product is the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in the shade You’re No Good. I love the formula of this lipstick. I own this lipstick in the shade Light My Fire (which is an orange-red) and I love it. It is a very liquidy liquid lipstick that dries to be more of a stain. What I like is that I can apply a little and sheer it out for a wash of colour or apply a thick layer for a bight impactful look. Because it’s also more of a stain, it doesn’t look dry or cakey on the lips and lasts so long. I’m not a huge fan of this shade. It’s a deep red fuchsia, and I just prefer an orange toned than a pink. I will still wear it but probably sheered out. Price: $26 US, $34 CAD

The next item is the Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Face Masks. It came in a six-pack which is pretty great. These face masks are very slippery and slimy, so I have to lay down otherwise it falls off. It’s kinda annoying because then I can’t do other things, but on the other side that I am forced to relax at least. I think that they do a good job of moisturizing my face, but I don’t see how using one sheet mask can do that much for anti-ageing. Overall I will use them all, but I wouldn’t recommend these over other face masks.

I love getting face brushes! These Powder and Contour Brush Set from Battington Beauty are pretty nice. The hairs feel very soft and apply powder very well. The powder brush is just a little big for my under eyes, but applies powder to the rest of my face well. The contour is a great shape for chiselling out the face. I will say that for $90 (so $45 for each brush) that the handles are pretty cheap feeling. They aren’t heavy and honestly feel like my Morphe brushes. If you want a nice brand of brushes, go with Luxie because I feel that those are worth the price. Price: $90 US

The final product is the Living Proof Restore Repair Leave-In. This leave-in treatment is supposed to help dry and damaged hair. I have heard great things about Living Proof so I was excited to test it out. It’s paraben and phthalates free, and I believe it’s also curly-girl approved but I’m not 100% sure. If you guys don’t know, I’m kinda on a curly-girl hair journey where I am trying to bring out and enhance my normal curls. So I think this Living Proof treatment is great at what it claims, but it’s not what my hair needs. It left my hair feeling smooth and soft but didn’t do anything to help my curls. So I will keep this treatment for when my hair does feel dry (like after going in the pool or sal water) but probably won’t be using it on the daily. Price: $30 US, $40 CAD.

Full face using products from both boxes

Comparing the Boxes

So my base box was $25 US with a value of $304. Now keep in my the lip corrector is $200, so that product inflates the price of the box. The premium box was $35 US with a value of $264. Once again I think those brushes are over prices. So this shows that getting the premium box doesn’t automatically mean that it’s worth more than the base box.

If what brands are included in the box, then I think the premium box is better. In the premium box, 4 out of the 6 products are available at Sephora and therefore more ‘mainstream’. Whereas in the base box only 2 out of the 5 are available at Sephora, but I would argue that Kylie Skin is still pretty mainstream. But on the flip side, I don’t necessarily subscribe to Boxycharm to get products that I know about. I like testing out new brands, especially ones that are not always easy to get in Canada. For example, one of my favourite products in both boxes in the Purlisse Foundation, a brand that I’ve only heard about from Boxycharm.

So either way, I think both boxes are pretty great. I don’t think the premium box was so much better than the base box. It was one more product, so it makes sense that it would therefore be more expensive. I have decided in the end to stick with my base box. I don’t have a ton of extra cash and would rather spend the extra $10 US on buying products that I know I will like then on a surprise. But I think in the future I would consider getting premium again as a treat.

And that is my very long Boxycharm post for June! Let me know in the comments which box you think was better!



May Boxycharm 2020

Hey guys! Time for my favourite post to write every month – my Boxycharm! This month’s box was delivered on average of when I usually get it. Glad that it wasn’t too delayed because I know the post has been crazy lately. This month’s theme is Mother Nature. I also love that on the info card is says “packaged with gloves and love”!

Photo 2020-05-29, 12 38 50 PM

The first item I received was my choice for the month. Because I selected a day late my only choice was the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. I would have preferred the Glam Glow mask but oh well! These pads are both chemical and physical exfoliant. The first time I used them my skin was super red after. My skin has slowly adjusted to them, but I can’t say if they’ve made much of a difference. I’m also using a new cleanser right now (I had to because I finished my other one) so it’s hard to tell if it’s the pads or the cleanser. Also, I hate using these pads because they’re not reuseable so I have to throw them away. If you read my April Boxycharm post you would also know my thoughts about getting Elemis products in Canada. I was able to find these on Amazon though if you are interested. I just don’t think it’s worth paying that much for a single-use product. Price: $59 US, $75 CAD

The next product is the Studio Makeup Ease to Wear Eyeshadow palette. At first, I was unsure how I felt about this palette, but after using it a few times I’ve come to realize this is a GREAT beginner eyeshadow palette. Sometimes eyeshadow palettes could be pigmented or have crazy colour stories which I love but aren’t great for the average wearer. This colour story is pretty for the average person wearing makeup just to work every day. The eyeshadows are the right amount of pigmentation to create a soft, day time look. I might not use this when I’m going out at night, but I would recommend this to any of my friends looking for something that is no fuss and easy to use. Also for all my GTA friends, you can get Studio Makeup at Rexall. Price: $35 US

I will say it’s hard to test an eyeshadow primer and palette at the same time. So I’m still on the fence about the Pretty Vulgar Uncaged Eyeshadow Primer. A little goes a long way with this product. If I apply too much my brush would stick or skip while blending shadows. I will say that it’s pretty long-lasting and my lids didn’t crease at all while using this base. So I think I like it, but it’s not replacing my Smashbox primer. Price: $22 US (Also sidenote it isn’t available at Sephora, they barely have any Pretty Vulgar products there!)

This is the second Seraphine Botanicals products that I have received from Boxycharm. I don’t care about getting repeat brands, but the products are nearly identical. This month I received the Whimsical Wisteria Conditioning Lip Polish. I have received the Daikon + Dreams Lip Exfoliator with Radish Extract in the past. There is literally no difference between these products except the scent. So that’s kinda a bummer to get this product. Also, it’s a lip polish/exfoliator. Like how many of those do I need! Pretty disappointed about this. Price: $24

The final product I received is the Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencil in the shade Peachy Keen. Good lip liner but I’m not a fan of the shade. It’s creamy and pigmented enough that I can fill my lips in no problem. But it’s not too creamy that it smudges all over the place. I love peachy shades, but this one is just so pale. It’s lighter than my natural lip colour. I prefer to wear lipsticks that are either the same shade or darker than my natural lip colour. But that’s more of a personal preference thing. This would have been great when I was doing my 1960s makeup look ahaha. Price: $16 US

And that is my box this month! The total is $156 US. Not my favourite box. Something I’ve noticed is that ever since Boxycharm has come out with their different box options, the quality of their base box has gone down. I’ve signed up to be on the waitlist for their premium box. I’m curious whether the premium will be better than their normal box. I will definitely let you know my thoughts once I am off the waitlist and receive a box!




April Boxycharm

Hey guys! Today’s post is my April Boxycharm. It took a little longer to arrive but I still had over a week to try all the products so that’s good. This month’s theme was Festival Vibes – I assume they picked it before Covid-19. Here are the products I received.

Photo 2020-05-01, 12 59 36 PM

For those you didn’t know, Boxycharm now allows for choice. I got to pick between three items this month and I chose The Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice. The was another Elemis product and one of 10 different eyeshadow palettes. Since I couldn’t choose the eyeshadow palette, I picked this Elemis moisturizer because I felt like I would get the most use out of it. This moisturizer is a gel, which I like for my skin type. It’s supposed to be a ‘super-hydrating’ and while it does a good job it’s not the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve ever used. Overall this is a good product and I will continue to use it, but I’m not saying you have to run out and purchase it yourself. Price: $48 US

The next product is the Iconic London Illuminator. I have heard many amazing things about this highlight but have never purchased it because it’s only sold on their website in Canada. This shit is BRIGHT. This is the blinding highlight that was super popular a couple of years ago. I have the original shade, which is a hair too dark for me. If I apply too much I can see a stripe on my face. I think once I get a bit of tan it will match me well. It’s also a bit fussy to use. I find that the only way it applies well is with my fingers. So I will continue to use it but it won’t be my go-to highlight. Price: $41 US, $57 CAD

Photo 2020-05-01, 1 00 07 PM

The Lavish 5-Piece Neon Eye Brush Collection is a weird set. Four of the five brushes are decent quality, on par with some of Morphe brushes. But the Fine Liner brush is crap. It reminds me of those scraggly brushes that you get with a Crayola paint kit as a kid. So it’s weird that there is different quality within the set. Also, the brand’s website is hard to find and doesn’t seem very legit. Honestly don’t buy these, stick to Luxie brushes. You can get them at Winners and they’re good quality. Price: $29.99 US

When I saw this was an option I was really hoping I wouldn’t get it and of course I did. I received the Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Face Primer. If you read my April Products of the Month post you would understand my feelings. While it’s not a bad primer, I just don’t use pore filling primers very often. I also have many other open primers in my collection. So I have decided to not open it and I will give donate it or sell it. Price: $32 US, $42 CAD

The final product is the Makeup Eraser. I have seen this before but never tried it before. It’s a cloth that you just wet and it removes your makeup. No need for makeup remover. It’s quite sustainable because not only is it eliminating cotton rounds but also the makeup remover itself. Does it work? Well, it does take off my makeup, even my mascara! But my face doesn’t feel clean after, I have to wash my face after. I like using micellar water to remove my makeup because it not only removes my makeup but cleanses my face at the same time. I have yet to wash it yet but I will update this post once I have. Overall if you like to double cleanse this might be a good product for you, but I’m lazy so I’m going to stick to my micellar water and reusable cotton rounds. Price: $22 US, $29 CAD

And that is my Boxycharm! The total price is $172.99. Pretty good value in the box, but it’s mainly the Elemis moisturizer and Iconic London Illuminator that brought up the price. Overall this was quite a mediocre box. Nothing was horrible but nothing amazing. Let me know what you think in the comments.



*UPDATE May 11* Hey guys. Wanted to post an update about a two of the products. The first is the Makeup Erasure. I have since washed it and it washed well! There are no makeup stains and it worked just as well as the first time. My thoughts still stand that while it took off the makeup it didn’t leave my skin feeling clean. I believe that this will be good when I am travelling and don’t want to bring makeup remover but will be bringing a cleanser anyways.

The second product is the Elemis moisturizer. I have used it for three weeks now and I’ve figured out my opinion. It’s a good moisturizer and would be best for oily/combo skin. It’s a gel, so it’s a enough for my skin but if you are dry wouldn’t be enough hydration. After first applying it to the skin it feels tacky, but that dissipates over time.

The only thing that is holding me back from recommending it is the availability in Canada. Now this may be different in other countries, but the only retailer I could find in Canada that sells this moisturizer is the Elemis website. Shipping is $25 for orders under $200 and who knows if they would be duties as well. I think there are other moisturizers that are more readily available than this one. Now if you live in the US or Europe it’s way easier to get Elemis products. I think it’s important to take into consideration how accessible a product is when recommending it.

I hope this update helps! 🙂

March Boxycharm 2020

Hi guys! Today I am sharing my March Boxycharm! My post on Tuesday featured one of the products in my box, but now I am giving my full review! Also, I would like to note that last month Boxycharm said that they were switching to virtual cards but I got a physical card in this month’s box? What’s going on Boxycharm? Anyways, now onto the box.

Photo 2020-03-13, 12 39 48 PM

The first item in my box is the Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Clean Cleansing Balm. Now I believe that this is just a cherry version of their original Green Clean. Since I have used their original formula and have another cleansing balm open I decided to not open this one. But I like their original formula! It does a good job of removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean. The only thing is if I accidentally get it in my eye it’s annoying. The cherry version smells like maraschino cherries. Price: $34 US (the original is $45 CAD).

Next is the Sutra Beuty Mini Ceramic Curling Iron. If you watched my video on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee), then you know that I like this mini curling iron! It does a great job of creating nice, tight curls. This would be the perfect curling iron to travel with because it’s small but does a great job. Price: $49.99 US

The lip product this month is the Becca Glow Gloss. I got the shade Carmellia and I was worried because it’s a bright pink. But these glosses are sheer, so it gives a nice hint of cool-toned pink to the lips. The formula is nice because it’s not sticky. But it has a weird scent, very herbally and almost like tea tree? Luckily it’s not very strong. The packaging bugs me though. It has a rounded bottom and a bump on the top. So I can’t stand the gloss vertically. It’s not the end of the world, but I would prefer at least one flat side. Price: $22 US

Photo 2020-03-25, 2 38 04 PM

My least favourite product is the Hank & Henry Living in Color Palette. First, the packaging is extremely bulky. I can get behind bulky packaging if it’s cute or serves a purpose, but this is just annoying. Next, I don’t like the colour story. It’s pretty boring and there isn’t any shades in the palette that I think are unique or make me want to use the palette. Finally, the quality of the eyeshadows aren’t that great. The mattes are patchy and the glitter shades need to be packed on. For example, the shade Mariana Trench is very similar to Mermaid Boy in the Colourpop Dream St palette. The quality of the Colourpop shadow is way better. The only good shade is La Canela, which I think is a different formula than the other shimmers. Overall a dud palette that is not worth the price: $27 US

The final product is the Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer. I like receiving a product like this because at least I will actually use it! Since I got it I’ve been using it every single time I’ve showered. The lavender scent is strong but not overwhelming. It lathers up well and has been lasting multiple washes. The only thing is that I find that the sponge is scratchy at first and takes a while to become soft. Overall I love using this, but I wouldn’t go out and repurchase it. Price: $16 US, $22 CAD

The final total of the box is $149 US. Honestly, this box was good except for the palette! Just goes to show that you have to test the products before you judge them! Let me know what you think of this month’s box in the comments.



Februrary Boxycharm 2020

Hey guys! Wow, the month has gone by so quickly! Is it just me or is 2020 going by in the blink of an eye? Anyways, today’s post is about my February Boxycharm! Something different this month is that they sent a virtual insert card instead of putting it in the box. While it’s great to save the paper, I do collect the cards so I’m sad to not have a physical one anymore. But saving the environment is more important than my card collection haha! So my box thing month:

Photo 2020-02-11, 2 09 05 PM

I will say that when I first got my box I was pretty underwhelmed. Most of the products are base products and nothing screams out as being fun or interesting to try. But after testing the products I’ve come to realize that this is a pretty decent box.

The first product is the Ciate London Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Powder. I have many thoughts on this powder. First, the packaging is trash. There is no sifter so when I open the cap powder gets everywhere. Besides the bad packaging, the scent of coconut is pretty strong. If you are sensitive to scents stay away. It lingers on the face when I first apply it but fades away after an hour. While this is advertised as a translucent powder, it has a white colour to it when applied to the face. It’s nice for me because I can use it as a brightening powder, but if you have a darker skin complexion is powder is also a pass. The formula is great and makes my face look smooth and soft. So overall this powder has some flaws but at least the formula is nice. Price: $22 US.

Next up is the Alamar Cosmetics Complexion Brush Trio. If you read my last post about my favourite makeup brushes, then you know I love the quality of Alamar Cosmetics brushes. These are also great quality! I love the brightening and complexion brush. I found the bronzer brush a little too stiff and dense for bronzer. But I saw Kathleen Lights use the bronzer brush for foundation the other day so I want to try it out that way! Price: $36 US

Photo 2020-02-26, 1 32 33 PM

Next is the most expensive product in the box, the QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Cream. This is a step up from my Sephora Collection Eye Cream. I have been using this eye cream for about three weeks and I have noticed a slight difference in how dark my under eyes look. I think with continued use I might see more of a difference. I also do like that this is a day and night eye cream because that way I can get more use of it. Price: $132 US

I have this theory that brands use Boxycharm to get rid of products before they discontinue it. I have received multiple products that within a year is off the market. This Kat Von D Cake Pencil Liner is my example. I know that Kat Von D is going through some re-branding, and they are probably just trying to get rid of this product to roll out their new brand. I know also know a lot of people don’t like Kat Von D, so I find it surprising that Boxycharm carriers a controversial brand. Either way, it’s a gel liner. It’s a boring item to receive in my box, and you can definitely find a cheaper and better quality liner than this one. Price: $26 CA, $19 US

The final product is the PUR Cosmetics 4-in-1 Correcting Primer Energize & Rescue. PUR is a staple brand in Boxycharm, they have their products all the time. This primer is apart of a whole range of primers. This primer is supposed to smooth and soothe the face before makeup application. It’s basically a nice moisturizing primer if you ask me. The primer does smell like aloe and coconut water. It gives a nice appearance to the skin but doesn’t do anything for the look of pores or the longevity of my makeup. Overall it’s a decent primer but nothing spectacular. Price: $17 US

The final total of the box is $226 US. I don’t think I’ve had a box worth over $200 is a while! I might not have been wow-ed by the box, but it was still pretty good at the end of the day. Let me know what you think in the comments!




January Boxycharm 2020

Hey guys! Today’s post is everyone’s favourite – my Boxycharm post! I always love receiving my box and reviewing the products for you guys. I had a lot of questions last time I posted it to my stories, so I thought I would explain Boxycharm for those who may not know what it is. Boxycharm is a subscription service that sends five full-size beauty products every month. They have a ton of different options, so I would check their website for full details. It’s $25 US, so around $30 CA. I have been subscribed for three years now and while there are some things I don’t like about the box, overall I love it! So here is what I got in this month’s box.

Photo 2020-01-31, 1 47 02 PM

The first product is the Wander Beauty Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo. I received the shades Bellini/Costa Rei. I like the blush more than the bronzer. Both have a great formula that is easy to apply and looks good on the skin. I find the bronzer looks slightly ashy on my skin. It’s not an awful match, and I will continue to use it. But I think there are better bronzers on the market. Price: $36 US, $43.20 CA

Next is the Ace Beaute Vintage Dawn Palette. I was very happy to receive another product from this brand because I enjoyed the other palette I have from them. The eye shadows are great quality. The mattes are pigmented as blend well. The blue in the palette was amazing, and a matte blue is a hard shade to formulate. I love the colour story because it’s so unique. It’s basically the rainbow but really interesting shades. It’s not an everyday palette though, which is slightly annoying because I can’t use it as much. But it makes me feel interested and watch to create makeup looking at the palette. There is a good-sized mirror too. Great palette! Price: $34.99 US. (Check out my Instagram for looks using the palette!)

The product I was super excited to receive was the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. This is the mini size. I always see the mini when checking out at Sephora and always held back, so it was great to receive a product that I have been thinking about trying in my box. Unfortunately, this mask is not what I expected. Other sleeping masks that I have tried are like heavy moisturizers. This one I recommend putting on right before bed and washing off it in the morning. It pills off your face, which is weird when you’re just chilling around your house. I find the pilling weird, so it makes me reach for other masks. But I do like the smell, reminds me of Watermelon freezies. Overall just make sure to follow the instructions exactly. Price: $22 US, $29 CA (for the mini).

This product I was very unsure of but actually kind like! The Grande Cosmetics GrandeDrama Intense Thickening Mascara has pretty cheap packaging. It’s very light and the outside feels weird on the hand. So I thought I wasn’t going to like this mascara. It’s not like it’s advertised but I still like it. It’s supposed to be thick, voluminous lashes, but I like that it gives long, wispy lashes. So overall I like the mascara, but because it doesn’t perform as advertised, it has cheap packaging and it’s over-priced I wouldn’t recommend. Price: $25 US

The final product is the TooFaced Diamond Light Highlighter. There has been a lot of drama surrounding TooFaced as of late. So I am not going to review the product. All I will say is to do your own research and determine whether or not you want to purchase the product.

The overall price of the box is $153.99. I liked this box! While I might not be in love with every product, I received products that I am interested in and enjoyed trying out. I have received boxes where most of the products were duds or I received products that I don’t use. But this box was pretty good. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!



December Boxycharm 2019

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you my December Boxycharm! I recently posted my 2019 Boxycharm favourites and my 2019 beauty favourites. Now back to Boxycharm! I got my box right before I went to Punta Cana, so I didn’t get much of a chance to test out these products. If I change my mind about any of these products I will let you guys know!

Photo 2019-12-13, 1 37 12 PM

The first product is the Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tales palette. I got Little Red Riding Hood specifically. The formula of the shadows is great. The mattes blended well and the shimmers applied easily to the eyes. But I have a few problems with this palette. First I’m not a huge fan of the colour story. I get that it’s Little Red Riding Hood, so obviously there has to be a red shade. But it’s not the most wearable, everyday palette. The packaging is super cute but also extremely bulky. I think they could have cut the palette in half and it would have still been cute. I will display this palette on my vanity, but I don’t think I would use it very often. Price: $35 US

Next up is the Brow Makeover Kit by the Brow Bar. First, I can’t use the illuminator because it’s too deep, but the brow shades match me perfectly. The powders were mediocre, nothing to rave above. Same with the brow gel. But the wand is too large to it’s hard to use. Overall it’s not bad but I would recommend other products over this one. Price: $30 US

Next is the Seraphine Botanical Lip Exfoliator. It’s a good lip exfoliator. With winter here, my lips are quite dry and this goes a good job of scrubbing away all the dead skin. It also has a nice scent. But I have to wipe my lips after, and I find that all the hydration goes away after that. So while it does a good job exfoliating, I have to use a lip balm after which is annoying. Price: $24 US

My favourite product is the Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream. It reminds me of my favourite Laneige moisturizer. It is very gel-like, but doesn’t leave my skin sticky or anything. It sinks into the skin quickly and is very hydrating. I like this moisturizer and will continue to use it! Price: $35 US, $51 CA

The final product is the Ciate Marbled Light Illuminating Blusher. I received the shade Halo. This reminds me of the Laura Gellar baked blushes. This blush is very easy to apply and blends out well. It also gives a nice slight sheen to the face. I also don’t own a blush like this shade. I will continue to use this blush. Price: $26 US

And that is my December Boxycharm! The final price was $154 US, or approximately $199 CA. I like the blush and moisturizer, but the eyebrow kit was a real dud for me. What did you guys think? Let me know!