Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer Foundation Review

Hey guys! If you have been up to date on my Youtube videos then you might have noticed I posted a Colourpop haul. I mentioned that I was going to write a few blog posts on the products. I decided to do an in-depth review of the tinted moisturizer since I know you guys enjoy my foundation reviews. I’ll post an update next Friday on the rest of the products so stay tuned for that.

Colourpop has released a few foundations, but I decided to pick up their Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer. I’ve heard many good reviews on this product. I’ve also been leaning towards lighter coverage products lately so I thought this would be fun to try. And finally, my friend was interested in this product and so I decided to be the guinea pig for her.

This tinted moisturizer is supposed to be hydrating, will give a light coverage and natural finish that will even the skin tone. Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid and coconut water to hydrate the skin. Colourpop recommends using a sponge to apply a light layer and a brush to build the coverage up to medium. They are 24 shades in total. I purchased the shade Fair 4N which is supposed to be neutral for fair skin tones. The price is $14 US.

The first thing I noticed when applying the tinted moisturizer is that while the shade matches me well the toned pulled more pink than neutral. Not a huge deal since the coverage is lighter. I’ve noticed that Colourpop doesn’t have a true neutral. I’ve found the shades to be either pink or yellow. But like I said it’s not super off so I can still wear it.

I found that the finish was quite nice and skin-like. It didn’t lean too matte or too dewy. It makes it look like you’re not wearing any makeup from a distance. The coverage was pretty light which was expected. It just created a smooth even colour on my face. I had some series breakouts and scarring the past couple of weeks while testing this tinted moisturizer out and it did nothing for covering those. So keep in mind if you want something to cover acne or pigmentation this isn’t the product for you.

I will say that I’m surprised by its lasting power. It doesn’t claim anywhere to last long but I found that it did a pretty good job of staying on my face. I think because it’s a natural finish it just grips to the skin and doesn’t slip off like a dewy foundation. It sinks into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all either. It’s a comfortable foundation to wear.

The only thing I’m a little confused about is the fact that this is a tinted moisturizer but I don’t find it moisturizing. I didn’t get any hydration. I found that it’s more similar in consistency to a foundation than a moisturizer. It’s just a light coverage foundation. So just something to keep in mind. If you’re looking for something hydrating with a little coverage then this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for a sheer foundation this is a good pick.

Overall I like this tinted moisturizer. I see myself using this more in the summer when I want something lighter and fresher on my face. If you’re looking for something with light coverage I would recommend it, especially since it’s a reasonable price. The only downside is that Colourpop doesn’t do returns so if you get the wrong shade you’re kinda stuck So I would recommend doing some research, maybe watching some Youtube videos to help you determine what shade to pick up.

And that’s it for this review. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this tinted moisturizer. I’m also curious, do you guys prefer lighter or fuller coverage foundations? I find that my opinion varies based on the season and how my skin is. But what about you?



Product of the Month Update & Project Pan 2021

Hey guys! So today I am giving an update about my product of the month series and introducing my project pan. I have been doing my product of the month series for just over a year but decided I wanted to do things a little differently this year. My product of the month series was good when I was wearing makeup every day and testing out many different products. But my makeup habits have changed and the series doesn’t make sense to me anymore. So I will share my thoughts on my December products and then introduce my project pan, which will be replacing this series.

makeup, makeup palette, bronzer, bronzer palette, ace beaute, colourpop, colourpop jelly much, beauty

The first product I picked for December was the Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette. I enjoyed using this palette. I’m usually not a huge fan of face palettes, but the shades of this one work perfectly that I can use it on my face and my eyes. The powders blend beautifully and are easy to use. I enjoy this palette and will continue using it.

The second product was the Colourpop Jelly Much Shadow in Whistlin’ Pixie. I picked this product because it’s almost dried out and I wanted to get some use out of it. This is such a beautiful shade. This is a beautiful warm brown and it has gold glitter running throughout it. It’s really pretty and I loved it every time I wore it. But it’s dried out so it doesn’t make sense for me to keep it, especially because I have similar shades in my collection.

project pan, makeup, beauty, colourpop, eyeshadow, bareminerals, powder, lipstick, lipgloss, mac, maybelline, wander beauty

Now it’s time to introduce my project pan. For those of you who don’t know what project pan is, it’s a makeup challenge where you try and finish your makeup. The term pan is when you can see the bottom of a powder product. There are many different versions of this challenge, so I’m just going to pick what makes sense for me.

I have picked five products to begin my project pan. These are from categories that I have the most makeup. I am going to try and use these products as much as possible but I won’t restrict myself from using other products if it’s for a certain occasion and/or makeup look. I’m going to give an update every three months. I might decide to switch up a product or continue, depending on my mood. We’ll see how it goes. Today I will be sharing the products I have selected and the goals I have for the next three months.

colourpop, kathleen lights, dream st palette, project pan, eyeshadow, eyeshadow palette

The first product is the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St palette. This palette has been discontinued so it’s not very fair of me to use it in normal posts since you guys can’t purchase it. But it doesn’t make sense for me to not use it. So I thought it would be perfect for a project pan. I would like to hit pan on Shooting Star and Magical and one other matte shade. I would also like to hit pan on Moony and one other shimmer as well. We’ll see how it goes!

makeup, powder, transclucent power, setting powder, bareminerals

The next product is the bareMinerals Translucent Powder Duo. I just found out while writing this post that this product has also been discontinued, which seems to be a running theme in my selections. I got this powder in 2017 so it’s old (and probably expired). I picked this because it has a translucent side and a glowy side that I can use as a highlight. I’ve made a pretty good dent on the matte side but would love to use up more of the glow side as well.

makeup, beauty, wander beauty, bronzer, blush, face palette

I thoughts about using an individual blush and bronzer, but I rarely use my face palettes so I thought it would be smart to use one of those instead. I decided to pick my Wander Beauty Trip for Two palette. I like both the bronzer and blush so I don’t think I’ll hate using this for three months. The bronzer is well used and would love to hit pan on it. The blush hasn’t been used as much so I would love to just make a sizeable dent.

I decided to pick a lipstick and lip gloss since I have a large collection of both that I don’t often use. The lipstick I picked is one of the older ones in my collection: the Maybelline Matte Lipstick in Daringly Nude. I thought it would be good to use a nude since then I can wear it more often. And for gloss, I picked the MAC Cremesheen Glass lip gloss. The shade I have is discontinued so that’s why I want to use it up. I’ve made a pretty good dent in both of these, so ideally I would love to finish or get close to finishing these in the next three months.

And that is my project pan! Let me know if you’ve ever done a project pan before, and if so please leave me some tips to help me out. I will be posting my update at the beginning of April so stay tuned for that!



December Products of the Month

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my thoughts on my November products of the month and picking my December products of the month. I can’t believe it’s already December. It somehow feels like 2020 has been the slowest but also the fastest year. Anyways, let’s get into the products.

The first product is the Milani Make It Last Setting Spray. I did finish their setting spray, which was the goal for the month. It’s not necessarily mattifying but it does help get rid of that powdery look to the face. This is a really good long-lasting setting spray. I do notice a difference in my makeup’s ability to stay put while using this setting spray. I would recommend this if you are looking for a good long-lasting setting spray. Now that I’ve finished this spray I am going to purchase a new one, the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray. I feel better about buying a new one now that I’ve finished one.

The second product I picked was the Glossier Wowder. My biggest complaint the first time I reviewed it was the fact that barely any powder comes out. And I have to agree that I had the same issue. I thought maybe because there was too much powder in it but I’ve used it all month and I still have the same issue. The packaging is a mesh that I find to be too tight to let out much powder. I struggle to get enough out and therefore find that I can’t powder as much as I want. For example, The Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder is also a mesh but it lets the product out. I think I need to cut the mesh or something but this is just aggravating me. Not a fan.

Now for my December products. The first is the Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette. Bronzed is something I wear all the time, even when wearing a mask. There is also a range of shades in here, so I can also use it on the eyes. I also haven’t used this palette in a while so I thought it would be nice to get some use out of it. And then the second product is the Colourpop Jelly Much Shadow in Whistlin’ Pixie. It’s almost dried out, so I thought I would use it a few more times before throwing it out.

And those are the products of the month. As always, let me know if you have any suggestions on products that you would like to see me test out!



Colourpop Haul Part 2

Hey guys! The long awaited part two to my Colourpop haul! Took me almost a month to get this up, and I am very sorry about that. Today’s focus is all the ‘fun’ products aka tons of glitter. Most of these products are not for everyday wear but for fun makeup, so that’s why it took me longer to review these products. The only products I haven’t really tested are the Creme Gel liners, but everything else I have a definite opinion about. So without further ado, my review:

Photo 2019-08-13, 12 54 27 PM
For other products not mentioned, check out my Colourpop Haul Part 1

First up are the most wearable/everyday products – the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows (or SSS for short). I love Colourpop’s SSS, and I highly recommend them to everyone. I got the shades Ladybird (worn in photo below), Set to Stun, and Drift. I like this formula because they all have a base colour along with a ton of glitter and shimmer. They add such a mutli-dimensional look to the eyes. They are also super easy to apply, I just use my finger and swipe it across my eye lids. Colourpop has such a wide range of shades, I am sure you can find a shade you look. I highly recommend this product.

Photo 2019-08-15, 2 22 13 PM (1)

The next product is not as easy to use as the SSS, but still pretty user friendly. I got one of their pressed glitters in the shade Get Lost. It has a base of gold glitter, with larger holographic glitter without. Colourpop is also introducing this formula in some of their palettes. I really like this glitter. It is way less messy than using loose glitter. I used a brush to apply the product, but a finger would also do. I am not sure how long lasting it would be, since I didn’t keep my makeup look on for long. But for $5 USD, I think this is a great way to get glitter if you are interested in trying it out.

Now moving onto something a little more finicky is the Colourpop Jelly Much Shadow. I got mine is the shadow Whistlin Pixie, which is a gorgeous red-brown with a gold sheen. I liked this product and I would use it again, but it does take some work. The product dries down very quickly, so it can be hard to blend out. If you have the patience it can look really nice. But I would suggest the Super Shock Shadows over this product.

Probably the hardest to use are the Loose Pigments from Colourpop, but that is to be expected. Loose pigments are difficult to use, that is why most eye shadows are pressed and not loose. The two pigmented I got were Redzone (pale champagne) and Gotta Jet (holographic glitter). I like Redzone better because it is pigment instead of just glitter. That means that Redzone has a base colour along with the glitter, whereas Gotta Jet is just pure glitter with no base colour underneath. So I tried to pack Gotta Jet along my lash line to do a liner effect, and it didn’t work because there is no base colour to it. Gotta Jet would look the best and just a loose dusting over top another shadow. Redzone, on the other hand, and be worn along since it has pigment underneath. It is a lighter shade on me, so I would mainly use it for highlighting purposes. I would get another loose pigment similar to Redzone, but probably not another glitter since I found Gotta Jet difficult to use. Overall these are not the most user-friendly products, definitely for more advanced users looking to step up their looks than for the average users.

The final product is the Glitterly Obsessed Body Glitter in the shade Ur A Firework. This is a thick, chunky glitter that is meant for the face, body and hair – not the eyes. I use this lightly on top of my highlight and it looked for fun. I would love to use this product for a music festival or for fun Halloween looks. Not an everyday product, but for $8 it was worth picking up for me.

And that is my Colourpop haul! Not exactly the most wearable products for the everyday person, but hey these are the products I bought! Let me know which was your favourite look of the four that I did using the products!



Colourpop Haul Part 1

Hey guys! So about a month now I placed a Colourpop order. I don’t order from Colourpop often, so when I do I usually do a big order. My order came in a couple weeks ago (you would have seen this if you follow my Instagram @xoxoxoleelee). I have mentioned this before, but I am currently working at a pool this summer. Which means that I don’t wear makeup most days, so it is taking me longer than usual to test out products. I have decided to split up my haul into two parts. Some of the products I already have an opinion on, but others I still haven’t tried. So today I have five products, and the rest will be up within a week or two.

Photo 2019-08-22, 12 27 04 PM

First up is the Orange You Glad palette. Colourpop has been releasing these nine pan colourful palettes what seems like every other week. This palette was the newest one when I placed my order, plus I fell in love with the colour story. While a full orange palette might not seem like the most wearable palette, what I like is that you can take one or two of these shades along with a more neutral palette to make a beautiful look. Oranges pair well with browns and golds, so you can easily create a simple glam look that isn’t too bold. Or you can do what I did and go all out (see look below). But the best part of this palette is that the quality is amazing. Even the neon matte shade called Sunkiss’d (which reminds me of Cheetos) is so bright but also soo blendable. I had no problems blending out the shadows. And the photos don’t do them justice, they are so bight and pigmented in real life. Oh also did I mention that this palette is $12USD?? I highly recommend this palette if you like the colours.

Next up is the Lippie Stix in the shade Brink. This lippie is one of their best sellers and it’s currently sold out – for a good reason. I love this lip, it is definitely my new go to. This is such a comfortable matte lipstick. I wouldn’t even call it matte, it’s much closer to a creamy satin. It lasts pretty well through the day. It didn’t really make it through lunch, but it wear away badly like some other lips. The shade is also so nice. It’s a deeper nude, but not dark by any means. Overall I love this lippie, and will be continuing to wear it a ton.

The next lippie is their Lip Tint in the shade Rise n Shine. I featured this lippie in my simple school makeup look. This formula is like a hybrid between a creamy lipstick and a lip gloss. It’s sheerer than a regular lipstick but more pigmented than more lip glosses that I have tried. It’s perfect for a nice wash of colour on the lips. I also really like this peachy shade, it’s great for summer but also to transition into fall.

Next I tried one of their new-ish launches – their Blush Stix. Listen, I have been watching Youtubers rave about cream blushes all summer, especially the NudeStix ones. Now I have never tried cream blush before, so I was a little hesitant to spend $40 CAD on a product I’m not even sure I would like. So I decided to try the Colourpop ones and if I like the idea of cream blush then I might invest in a more expensive one. Well the answer is yes, I want more cream blushes! I got the shade Splash, which is a midtone rose (aka pink). I could rub a brush against the stick and then apply it to my face. It gave me such a fresh face look. It looks so much dewy and lighter than using powder blush. It is less long lasting than powder, but I really enjoy the look. And for $8USD it’s a great product. I definitely want to get a peachy one now.

The final product is a basic but needed one. I got a single pressed power eyeshadow in the shade Hear Me Out. This matte shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I like to use it to set my eyeshadow primer. I had finish a NYX shadow in a similar shade, so I decided to get one from Colourpop to do the job. I just find setting my primer with a shadow helps blend them out better. A pressed powder could also be used, but I like putting this in my magnetic palette with my other shadows so I have all the shadows I need in one place. I would definitely recommend Colourpop’s single eyeshadows, I’ve never had an issue with any of them.

And that is the first part of my Colourpop haul! Stay tuned for part two, which should be coming within the next couple of weeks! Also if you are interested in seeing swatching of all the products that I got, check out my IGTV!



Colourpop Zodiac Palette Review + Four Makeup Looks

Hey friends! So today’s post is a little different. I got the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac palette right when it released last summer. When I got the palette I knew I wanted to do some fun looks with the palette, but I didn’t have time when I first got in. Fast forward to today, I have finally completed the four looks for the palette! First I am going to explain my looks and then I will give my full review of the palette.

Photo 2019-03-07, 1 56 47 PM

So for those of you who don’t know much about astrology, there are twelve signs that fall under four elements – fire, air, water and earth. I decided to do a look for each of the four elements, using the three shades for each element.

First I did fire. Fun fact: my sun sign is Aries and my rising sign is Sagittarius (my moon sign is Pisces lol I have a weird combination) so there is a ton of fire in my birth chart. So of course I started with fire! For this look, I put the Sagittarius in my crease and lower lash line, then I put the Aries on my lid and the Leo in my inner corner. I liked this look because it was bold and colourful, just like fire signs!

The next sign is earth, which includes Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. With all these neutral shades I decided to do a smokey eye. I used the Taurus and the Virgo in the crease, and then put the Capricorn all over the lid. This look was so easy to do and I think it turned out so great! I would totally wear this on a night out. Also the liquid lipstick I am wearing in this look is the Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Verona.

The third look is for air, which includes Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. I was originally thinking of doing a blue liner with the Aquarius, but it wasn’t working out so I put it on my lower lash line. I put the Libra in my crease and then the Gemini all over my lid. I think the final look was quite airy and elegant.

The final look is for the water signs, which includes Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. All of the other signs had matte shades that went together, but the water signs were all very different. Since I needed something in my crease, I used Sagittarius. Then I put Pisces on the inner half of my lid and then Scorpio in the outer half of my lid. I then put Cancer in my inner corner.

And now for the full review of the palette. I just going to start the review by saying that while the palette was fun to play with, I wouldn’t recommend everyone to go out and get it.

The quality of the eyeshadows are like any other Colourpop shadows, which if you haven’t tried them is pretty good. I find that the mattes are pretty pigmented and blended out really well. The Aquarius shade was the only one that I was slightly disappointed with. I expected it to be very bright and found it was very muted. The shimmers are really nice. I find that they are a really nice wash of colour, but I can wet them with setting spray and they are really foiled and pigmented.

I was able to create some really cool looks with this palette, and I also created a few wearable looks as well. I like to use the Taurus or the Libra in the crease and then a some of the shimmers on the lid. That being said, this is not the best everyday palette. I think this is a fun palette that encourages me to be creative, but for the average person this palette is a little out there. If you like astrology or Kathleen Lights, then I recommend this palette. Otherwise I would recommend some of Colourpop’s other palettes.

And that is my full review of the Colourop Zodiac palette! This post was a really fun way to do a review of an eyeshadow palette. I hope you enjoyed my looks, let me known which one was your favourite!



Colourpop Haul

Hey guys! So around three weeks ago I finally got my Colourpop order in. I had ordered a while back – when they were selling their birthday special and when they had free international shipping on orders over $35. My order took around 3 weeks to come in. The only item that broke was my super shock shadow, which thankfully due to it’s texture I was able to mold back into place.

colourpop haul

The first item I got was their Colourpop Palette. This is an empty palette that you can put their single eyeshadows in. It’s a perfect size, as it can hold up to 12 of their eyeshadows.

Next I got three of their Pressed Powder Shadows. I got (left-right in photos) Bel Air, Play by Play and Made to Last. As well, I got their birthday special Super Shock shadow in Birthday Cake (which was unfortunately limited edition).


I love the formula of these shadows. They’re super soft and pigmented. They also apply really nicely to the eyes and blend easily. There is some powder kick up when I dip my brush into them but it is unbearable. My favourite is definitely Made to Last because I do not own anything like it!

eyeshadow swatches

As well, I have never tried their Super Shock shadows before but I am in love! They are creamy and pigmented, but once applied to the eye they do not budge. I really want to get more of their eyeshadows now, in both formulas!


Next I got two different lip products. The first is the shade Aquarius in the Lippie Stix creme finish. I love the formula of their lippie stix, as you can tell from the photo this one is super creamy. This shade is slightly cool tone so I think it will look great in the fall and winter. The other lip product I got was their newer Blotted Lip in the shade Drip. I think this is the perfect summer lip product! It is sheer but buildable – the in photos I did one swipe on the bottom and multiple swipes on top. This shade is a nice warm rosy mauve, which I find is the perfect shade to add a little colour to my lips. I have been wearing this so much since I got it!


Finally the only product I was not wow with was their Creme Gel Liner in the shade Stomper. I had heard that their liners were super creamy and great for the waterline, but I found that I had to run the liner back and forth to get pigmentation. I also find that the tip is quite large so it’s hard to get a precise line. I’m not sure if it’s just this shade or not but I probably will not get another one of their liners.

Overall I was quite happy with the products I got! I love their eyeshadows and I enjoy the lip products I got. I will definitely be making another order in the future 🙂