Three Unique (But Easy) Halloween Costume Ideas

We’re just a week away from Halloween! So if you haven’t already picked out your costume, I wanted to share three ideas that I think are somewhat unique but easy to do. Finding unique costumes can be difficult, but these aren’t your fairies, bunnies and angles that you see every year. I will be linking items I think you can use to do the costume as well. Let’s get into it.


I’ve seen this talked about a bit this year but never really seen it in the past. I think this is so cute and easy because if you own any red clothing then you can just wear that! If you don’t already own it, then get a red skirt and a red shirt. I think getting red tights or tights with hearts of them is cute and also keeps you warmer. Pro tip – wear nude tights with the red ones on top will keep you extra warm! Then to finish it off, get a bow and arrow, some angel wings (I would recommend going to a Halloween store but there isn’t much on Amazon Prime) and a heart headband. Finally, for makeup I would use pink and reds and draw little hearts on your face. Another tip is if you don’t own any red makeup, then use a red liquid lipstick and a paintbrush to draw hearts! The costume is cute, easily identifiable and easy to modify to your personal tastes.


I love this idea – and would probably be wearing it myself if I was going out this year. I think you can do this two ways. You can do either a long green dress. Or you can do a green or snake print top with a long skirt. Then you can either buy the snake crown or just do a DIY with plastic snakes. I would add tones of gold jewelry. Finally, for the makeup I would wear greens and golds. A pro tip is to hold up fishnets to your face and then pat eyeshadow over top to get the scales look. I’ve done this in the past for a mermaid makeup look and it worked great!

Zombie Bride

I think the makeup is what really makes or breaks this costume. Get a white dress, a veil, and some white stocking and the outfit is set. Then get some fake blood and put it all over the place. For makeup, I think either a skull or a zombie looks really good. And if you want to take it up a notch, get some coloured contacts to really look spooky.

And those are my three Halloween costume suggestions! Let me know in the comment which of the three is your favourite and if you’re going out for Halloween this year, what are you wearing?



Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Hey guys! So today I am sharing two simple Halloween makeup looks. I have a third one planned but it didn’t turn out how I wanted it too. But hey that’s life sometimes! Both of these looks I did with regular makeup, so it is easy to replicate! I also included some step-by-step pictures to help you guys out a bit.

First is a scarecow! I think this is a great last minute costume, because all that is needed is some plaid and jeans along with the makeup to create the look.

  1. So first step is to do the eyes. I used Colourpop’s Orange You Glad palette, but any orange shadow or even a blush would do the job.
  2. Next time I did my base makeup, applied bronzer and highlight, and did my brows.
  3. Then I added a bunch of faux freckles all over my face. Both eyeshadow or brow pomade can work for doing faux freckles. I used ABH Dipbrow Gel.
  4. After applying the freckles, it’s time to turn this into a scarecrow! I applied orange shadow onto the apples of my cheeks and on my nose.
  5. I outlined the orange on my nose and added some lines to make it look like a batch. I also drew a line from the corner of my mouth to my hairline.
  6. To finish the look off, I had crosshatches along the mouth line and added a lip!

The second look I did is a sugar-plum fairy. It is possible to change the colour palette and make it into a different type of fairy.

  1. First is to start with the base already one, since the shadow is being elongated. I applied a purple shadow in my crease and smoked it out a lot to create a dramatic effect. I used the Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions palette to do this.
  2. Next I applied a glittery shadow all over the lid.
  3. I applied the same purple to the lower lashline, and then a sparkly blue in the inner colour. I finished off with adding black along my lash line for my false lashes.
  4. I finished the eyes by applying false lashes. I put white in my waterline. If I had white mascara I would have used this on my lower lashes, but I just used white liquid liner and it did a similar effect.
  5. To finish off the look I went crazy on glitter. I applied it liberally to my face. I also applied faux freckles with white eyeliner. I finish the look with a super pale nude lip to not detract from the eyes, but a colourful lip would also be fun.

And those are my two Halloween makeup ideas! Let me know if you guys like this format of doing instructional posts, and if you would like to see more! Also let me know what you’re being for Halloween in the comments down below 🙂