Lights Lacquer Nail Polish Review

Hey guys! So today I am doing a review on Lights Lacquer. The brand is owned by Kathleen Lights, one of my favourite YouTubers. I’ve purchased some polish from her previous brand, KL Polish. I would buy every single one of her nail polishes if the shipping to Canada wasn’t so expensive. But when I saw the fall collection I decided I needed some of those polishes in my life and purchased some!

I purchased three from her fall collection and two from other collections. The three from the fall collection are Mia, At Last, and We’ll Always Have Paris. The other two are Amethyst and Ruby.

I must say that all the shades are gorgeous. I don’t own anything in my collection like these five. There is a nice variety in the formulas as well. Mia and At Last are creme finishes, Amethyst is a shimmer, We’ll Always Have Paris is a micro-shimmer, and Ruby is like a jelly with shimmer. I love all the shades.

They were all easy to apply. We’ll Always Have Paris was the easiest because it’s a light colour so if I were to make any mistakes it didn’t show up. Ruby was a little more difficult because it’s a jelly with glitter so it’s easy to accidentally apply too much, but I didn’t find it too difficult.

The longevity of the nail polish varies. Keep in mind that I am not gentle with my nails. I don’t wear gloves while I do the dishes and I’m pretty careless when it comes to opening things. So obviously if you are gentler with your nails they will last longer. Also, the top and case coat you use can make a difference, and both of mine are pretty old. Mia lasted about two days before it started to chip. About a week later it was pretty badly chipped and needed to be redone. At Last was pretty similar timing. I don’t have any pictures of that one though because I just painted over the chips to extend the wear time. We’ll Always Have Paris has the best wear time so far. The combination of it being a glitter and a light colour meant that it’s last five days so far with minimal chipping.

So my overall thoughts on Lights Lacquer. I think if you want some unique shades, then it’s a good place to shop. If you want something that lasts long, either go for the glitters or shop somewhere else. These are gel so they aren’t supposed to last forever without chipping. I don’t mind that they chip because I love the colours so much. I will continue to wear these and would consider shopping from there again in the future.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried Lights Lacquer or KL Polish before. As well, let me know what your favourite nail polish brand is, I would love to test it out!



February Boxycharm

Hey guys! I know I am quite late on this post, but to be fair I got my box really late this month. Anyways, I have never missed a month since I got my Boxycharm subscription, and I am not letting a late box ruin that streak! So here is my review (only a week late haha). This month’s theme was Galaxy Glow, so there are some pretty fun items that I might not necessarily wear every day, but are still pretty fun to have.

feb 1

First is the CoverFX Shimmer Veil in the shade Amethyst. This is a creme product that has multiple uses and it crease-proof. It can be used on the eyes or the face. The purple shade might not be the most approachable shade, but I really enjoyed it the day I wore it. It also did not crease and lasted at day which is great for a creme shadow. Overall, not a product I would wear all the time, but does exactly what it claims! Price: $28.00

Next is a pretty cool product! The Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter Palette is not your average highlight palette. It has all the colours of the rainbow! I was very impressed by the quality of this palette. The colours were very vibrant and showed up very well on my skin. The powders are quite pigmented. Now I personally don’t work a green highlight every day, but this palette is very fun and I will definitely use it for some more fun makeup looks. Price: $38.00

The lip product for this month that I received was the PUR X-Faux Lip Plumping Lip Exfoliator. This product is not bad, but I personally don’t like the packaging. This does a good job of hydrating and exfoliating my lips, but I’m not sure how much plumping it does. I also wish this was in a flat-twist-up-lip-balm like tube instead of a point. I found the point to be weird and it actually broke off for me. Personally wished I had gotten the other lip exfoliator they were giving in the box last month, but oh well! Price: $17.00

Next is the Smokey Eye Pencil by Vintage Cosmetics. I don’t often use black eyeliner pencils, I usually use liquid ones instead. This one wasn’t bad – it was very creamy and intense and glided on the lid pretty well. I want to try and do a smokey eye with this eye pencil since it’s what the pencil is advertised to be used for. Price: $21.00

By far my favourite product this month is the Crown Pro Trio Brush Set. I always love getting makeup brushes in my box, because Boxycharm always gives good quality ones that I would normally not buy myself. These Crown brushes are no exception. They are soft and apply powder products like a dream. The largest powder brush has now become my favourite brush to apply bronzer with. I have no tried using these brushes with cream products, but apparently they are designed to work well with those too. These brushes are also very pretty, which is always nice! Price: $29.99

And that was my belated February Boxycharm review! Here’s to hoping that my March box comes sooner this month!