Lights Lacquer Nail Polish Review

Hey guys! So today I am doing a review on Lights Lacquer. The brand is owned by Kathleen Lights, one of my favourite YouTubers. I’ve purchased some polish from her previous brand, KL Polish. I would buy every single one of her nail polishes if the shipping to Canada wasn’t so expensive. But when I saw the fall collection I decided I needed some of those polishes in my life and purchased some!

I purchased three from her fall collection and two from other collections. The three from the fall collection are Mia, At Last, and We’ll Always Have Paris. The other two are Amethyst and Ruby.

I must say that all the shades are gorgeous. I don’t own anything in my collection like these five. There is a nice variety in the formulas as well. Mia and At Last are creme finishes, Amethyst is a shimmer, We’ll Always Have Paris is a micro-shimmer, and Ruby is like a jelly with shimmer. I love all the shades.

They were all easy to apply. We’ll Always Have Paris was the easiest because it’s a light colour so if I were to make any mistakes it didn’t show up. Ruby was a little more difficult because it’s a jelly with glitter so it’s easy to accidentally apply too much, but I didn’t find it too difficult.

The longevity of the nail polish varies. Keep in mind that I am not gentle with my nails. I don’t wear gloves while I do the dishes and I’m pretty careless when it comes to opening things. So obviously if you are gentler with your nails they will last longer. Also, the top and case coat you use can make a difference, and both of mine are pretty old. Mia lasted about two days before it started to chip. About a week later it was pretty badly chipped and needed to be redone. At Last was pretty similar timing. I don’t have any pictures of that one though because I just painted over the chips to extend the wear time. We’ll Always Have Paris has the best wear time so far. The combination of it being a glitter and a light colour meant that it’s last five days so far with minimal chipping.

So my overall thoughts on Lights Lacquer. I think if you want some unique shades, then it’s a good place to shop. If you want something that lasts long, either go for the glitters or shop somewhere else. These are gel so they aren’t supposed to last forever without chipping. I don’t mind that they chip because I love the colours so much. I will continue to wear these and would consider shopping from there again in the future.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried Lights Lacquer or KL Polish before. As well, let me know what your favourite nail polish brand is, I would love to test it out!



KL Polish Review

Hey guys! So today I will be giving my review on the KL Polish Spring collection nail polish. For those of you who do not know, KL Polish is a nail polish brand created by beauty Youtuber Kathleen Lights. I started watching Kathleen’s videos around December. She started her nail polish brand in Fall of 2016. I decided to buy three of her Spring Collection nail polishes for my birthday.

One nail polish is priced at $8.50 USD, which is roughly $11-something CAD. At that price I decided to only buy three nail polishes because I could not afford the whole collection. Now unfortunately because I am Canadian, I had to pay $8.95 for shipping. This with tax made my total order $38.93 which is roughly $50 CAD.

The website does warn that delivers to Canada take 2-4 weeks due to customs. I order my nail polish April 12 and received it May 5, which is a little more than 3 weeks.

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I got Miss Honey, Hug & Roll and Coconut Milk. I wore all nail polishes for two weeks to test out how they wear. Miss Honey is a warm melon hue which was opaque in two coats and wore really nicely. I found Miss Honey lasted the longest before chipping. Hug & Roll is probably my favourite colour because it is so unqiue. It has light lavender undertones and I got many compliments on this shade. Coconut Milk is creamy white shade. It is not a stark white, and therefore makes it more wearable. Coconut Milk took three coats to be opaque and also chipped the quickest.

Overall I do like these nail polishes. I would recommend them to anyone who is a nail enthusiate or is a big fan of Kathleen Lights. Unfortunately, the combination of price and shipping mean that I will probably not order the Summer Collection. If the exchange rate was better or the shipping time shorter I will reconsider because the quality is quite good.

I hope you guys enjoy this nail polish review!