Holiday Outfits Inspo 2021

Hey guys! If you’re like me, I love pursuing Pinterest for some fashion inspo. With the holidays coming up, I thought I would share some ideas for some holiday outfits so you don’t have to look through Pinterest. I’ll include some links to some options as well! Let’s get into it.

Red Sweater

There is nothing more festive than a bright, red sweater. It’s a simple piece so it’s easy to style it. A red blouse with some pants can be a very sophisticated look, perfect for office holiday parties. A red sweater with some details and a pair of pants are great for a dinner party. For a more casual affair, wearing a red knit sweater and jeans is great!

Silk Skirts

I think silk skirts are a great piece for holiday parties. They’re very popular right now so I think most people have one in their closet already. I think it’s all about how you style it. By wearing a nice sweater or turtleneck with the skirt it takes it up a notch. I also think wearing a cream skirt and a cream sweater is a very elegant look. It plays with the whole idea of winter whites. With a simple updo, I think it would make a great outfit.

Sequin Pants

If you’re looking for something super blingy or something for New Year, consider sequin pants. Sequins are always popular during the holidays but getting sequin pants allows you to dress up or dress down the outfit. A sequin dress is always going to be formal. But pairing a pair of sequin pants with a sweater or a t-shirt can help dress it down. Or you can go all out with a blazer or fun top. Consider silver, gold, or black because they’re also easy to pair with other pieces.


If you have a very formal holiday party I recommend a jumpsuit. I think jumpsuits are super comfy, so you can eat all the food you want and not have to be constricted by a tight dress. They also stand out compared to people wearing dresses. You can get something in the festive colours of red or green, you can get something sparkly or a LBJ (little black jumpsuit).

And those are my holiday outfits ideas! My family likes to wear our pjs so I probably won’t wear any of these outfits but it’s fun to look haha! Let me know if you have any other ideas for holiday outfits in the comments.



Winter Outfits of the Week

Hey guys! So today I am going to be sharing my outfits of the week! This was the week of Jan 20-26. I will say right away sorry for the quality of the photos. During the week I have to leave my house at 7 am to get to class, so I didn’t have time to take the cutest photos. In the future, I will not take the photos in-the-moment but at a later time in better lighting lol. But this is a learning process, so I hope you still enjoy it!

I will try to link everything if I can. If it’s an old piece I will try and find a dupe (sidenote: I have discovered this is very hard to do, so the dupes are not that great but I tried haha).

Photo 2020-01-20, 2 28 24 PM

Monday: It was freezing on Monday, -14 to be specific. Whenever it’s super cold outside I always rock leggings and a sweater. Leggings are much warmer than jeans, and my favourite is the Lululemon Align Pant. The sweater I wore is originally from Forever 21 (RIP). I like it because it’s thick but has this cute side zipper detail. The cut of this American Eagle sweater is the most similar I’ve found. And to finish the outfit I am wearing my current favourite black boot, my Doc Martens.

Photo 2020-01-23, 11 53 37 AM

I also wanted to mention my coat and scarf. I wear this on top of my outfit every day. I got from winter jacket on sale at Hudson’s Bay during Black Friday. It’s super warm and has been keeping me cozy in the cold. My scarf is from Zara and the white and grey matches the hats and gloves I own.

Photo 2020-01-21, 9 18 32 AM

Tuesday: It was another cold day. My sweater is old from Forever 21 (again). I like this one because it has a raw hem at the bottom. This one from H&M is similar in shape. My favourite jeans are from American Eagle. They just fit me so well. I like their Curvy Highest Waist jeans because they hug my curves and cinch in at the waist. It’s hard to see in the photo, but I finished the look with my other favourite boots. I got them from Call It Spring, I can’t find the exact ones but these are similar.

Photo 2020-01-22, 7 24 26 AM

Wednesday: I had a meeting downtown on Wednesday, so I wanted something casual business. I wore this animal print blouse from H&M. It’s nice and flowy – but not very warm so I wore my scarf as a blanket more of the day. I like this blouse because it’s professional looking but the animal print is also stylish and trendy. I paired it with my black American Eagle Curvy Highest Waist jeans and my Docs again.

Photo 2020-01-23, 11 52 27 AM

Thursday: Another turtleneck! It was pretty cold last week. This one was also from Forever 21. This dupe is similar in colour, and this dupe is similar in shape. I wore ripped black jeans to change it up a bit and make the look more casual. My favourite is another pair of American Eagle jeans. I added my Docs once again. As I said, those boots are my favourite.

Photo 2020-01-24, 11 58 46 AM

Friday: On Friday I had another meeting downtown. So I wore the same black jeans and Doc Martens. I wore this cropped blue and white button-down cropped blouse (what a long description). I like that it looks formal but the crop and short sleeves make it more casual. This one from H&M is the closest dupe I’ve found.

Photo 2020-01-25, 12 14 25 PM

Saturday: Saturday was a not-leave-the-house kind of day – the best kinds of day after a long week. I wore my favourite sweatpants from Walmart. They are George sweatpants and they are so comfortable. On top I wore a baggy, worn-in shirt. The one in the photo is my program shirt from university, but I’m not going to link a dupe since I’m sure you all have a baggy black shirt haha. I wore my memory foam slippers that my mom got me for Christmas. Not sure where she got them from, but these slippers from Amazon a close dupe.

Photo 2020-01-26, 7 09 31 AM

Sunday: I had work in the morning, so I wore my leggings again since that was apart of my work uniform. My tie-dye hoodie is from a ski resort, but this one from Nordstrom is similar, and this one from Urban Outfitters is cheaper. And then I wore my Nike running shoes, these are similar. 

And that was my outfits last week. I hope you guys enjoyed this because it was a lot of work to do 😛