Products I just don’t like – makeup fails

Hey guys! So today’s post is one I’ve never done before – a product fails posts. I’ve done tons of empties posts, and sometimes there are duds in those posts. But today I am sharing four products that I dislike so much that I am not going to use them up. Now I consider myself to be a better good shopper. I like to look at reviews of products before purchasing them, so most of them work out. But every once in a while I get a product and I just don’t like it. So here are four products I don’t like and wouldn’t recommend.

Photo 2019-10-22, 12 51 48 PM

First is the Spascriptions Glitter Peel-off Mask. I don’t like peel-off masks in general, but this one was one of the worst I’ve tried. It’s so painful like it’s not even funny. I could get behind the pain if it helped my skin. But it just broke me out after using it. So it was a painful mask that didn’t do its job. Do yourself a favour and buy a different mask, the cute glitter isn’t worth the pain.

The next product is one I purchased without reading up on it, so I guess that is what I get for impulse purchasing. I wanted to try a cream blush (this is before I purchased my Colourpop one). I thought getting a drugstore cream blush would be a good way to test if I like creme products.  Well, the Elf Monochromatic Multi Stick sucks. The product was full of chunky glitter, so it emphasized all the texture and pores on my cheeks. The product was also extremely difficult to blend out. Whenever I tried to blend it out it would lift up my foundation underneath. Honestly, just get the one from Colourpop if you are looking for a cheap cream blush.

This next one might be a little controversial because I know a lot of people love Drunk Elephant. I got the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser for my Sephora birthday present. I’m not sure why, but there is some ingredient in this that my skin doesn’t like. After using this cleanser for a couple of days, I noticed that my skin was looking very red and irritated. It would like I had a sunburn on my face. I switched to a different cleanser and I noticed the problem go away. So while some other people might like this cleanser, it is a no go for me.

The final product is the Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil Free Moisturizer. I am very picky when it comes to sunscreens. I tried to like this one, I really did. But I have a few issues with it. First, it claims to be an oil-free moisturizer, but it feels so oily when I apply it. It is also not moisturizing whatsoever. Finally, my biggest pet peeve when it comes to sunscreens is when they leave a white cast. And this moisturizer leaves a pretty bad white cast. Now I do like that this sunscreen is clean and vegan. But for my picky skin, it’s a no.

And those are my four product fails. Let me know what you think of this post, and if I should make it into a series!