Current Skincare Routine February 2021

Hey guys! I realized that I haven’t given you guys a skincare update since July of last year! So I thought I would share my current morning routine. I’m currently testing out some different makeup removers so I won’t be including my evening routine today. There is one new product that I’m excited to share with you guys. So let’s get into it.

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In the morning I like to start with a cleanser. I’m currently using the OleHenriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser. I’ve finished a full size and repurchased it, that’s how much I like it. This cleanser is meant to deeply clean without stripping the skin. My skin goes through cycles of breakouts and being calm and this cleanser is something I can use throughout. I also love the citrusy scent, it’s perfect to use in the morning. Highly recommend this cleanser.

The OleHenriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner has quickly become a ride-or-die. Without this toner, my skin just becomes so textured and congested. If you have oily or acne-prone skin this is the toner for you. It gets rid of any dirt or impurities that my cleanser missed. If you’re dry stay away because you might find this stripping. But it evens out my texture so I love it.

A new product to my regime is The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid. If you read my post about The Inkey List, then you would know that I didn’t notice a difference using this product. But I own it and so I want to use it up. The bottle says to apply before any other serums so that’s what I do. Once I finish it I might try another hyaluronic acid, so please leave your recommendations in the comments.

Up next I use a vitamin C serum. I still have the Biossance one that I mentioned in my previous post and I still love it. I’ve been alternating between that one and The Inkey List 15% Vitamin C and EGF. I’ve noticed that the colour is starting to change which means that it’s not going to be as effective soon so I want to use it up before it expires. That’s something I’ve noticed is that my Biossance one has a much better shelf life. If you want more details on my thoughts on these two vitamin c serums then check out my Inkey List review.

The next product I use is moisturizer. I’ve been using the Kypris Antioxidant Dew. I got this in my Boxycharm. I’m currently trying to use up some opened products before I buy another moisturizer myself. I think it’s alright. It’s quite liquidy and lightweight, which is perfect for my oily skin. I think it’s good and does the job but I wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase since it’s quite expensive.

I finish off my face with an eye cream. I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t think that eye cream is necessarily needed. I relatively young and while I’m starting to get some fine lines, it’s nothing crazy. Besides hydration, I don’t need an eye cream. Yet for some reason, my eye skin is extremely sensitive so I have to be careful. Otherwise, I get dry patches and a burning sensation. The eye cream I’m currently using is the Origins Refreshing Eye Cream. Does it help brighten my dark circles and reduce puffiness? Meh. Does it hydrate my skin? Ya and that all I really want and need.

The final product I wanted to mention isn’t one I use every day. I recently got the Peace Out Acne Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots and wanted to let you guys know what I think about them. I like them but they work best as instructed. I use them on large pimples that have a whitehead or almost aka a prime popping pimple. I will apply it before bed and overnight it will draw out all the gunk. This is perfect for me because I am a pimple popper, which causes scarring. This will help heal the pimple without causing scarring. This doesn’t work for really deep acne that hasn’t come out yet. This also won’t help speed up the healing process to get rid of a scar. So it’s only good for when a pimple is juicy and ready (sorry for that description but I mean it’s accurate). I know some people say you can use topical spot treatments but they don’t work as well as this. The only thing is that it’s quite because a 20 pack is $25. I will continue to use this and would even repurchase. But I’d love to try other brands to see if there is one that is cheaper and just as effective or even better.

And that is my current skincare routine guys! Maybe next time I’ll let you guys know what my makeup removal process is like. Let me know what some of your favourite skincare products are, I’d love to try them out!



Current Skincare Routine July 2020

Hey guys! I thought I would share an updated skincare routine since it’s been about half a year since my last one and I have changed up the products I use a bit. I’ve been using this current routine for over a month and I find that my skin is just so healthy and glowy! Also just wanted to note that I do this routine in the morning. I know most skincare pros say to do the bulk of your skincare at night but I’m lazy in the evening. I just remove my makeup and call it a night. I like doing my full routine in the morning because it helps wake me up. If you are interested in knowing what products I use to take my makeup off let me know and I can do a full post on that!

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So to start I wash my face with the OleHenriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser. I was using the oil control cleanser from this brand but I’ve noticed that my acne is *finally* started to settle a bit. Don’t get it wrong, I still get hormonal acne and certain products can cause flare-ups, but it’s definitely not as bad as it once was. So I find that I don’t need an acne control cleanser and toner. So I chose this one because it’s meant to cleanse and brighten. This is perfect because it cleanses my skin to help prevent acne but also brightens my dark spots from past breakouts! I also love the citrusy scent for using it in the morning.

The second OleHenriksen product I am using is the Balancing Force Oil Control Toner. I tried the OleHenriksen dark spot toner but I noticed my skin was getting textured and clogged so I switched to this oil control one. This just helps control my acne and skin texture. I use a few shakes on reuseable cotton round and wipe it around my face.

I’ve learned online that the product you want to penetrate the skin the most you should apply first after toner. So if I am having a nasty breakout I will use my prescription acne cream. I use DifferinXP, which has 0.3% of adapalene, a type of retinoid. Differin does sell gels over the counter that have 0.1%, so less strong than mine. I do find using a retinoid gel helps heal my acne faster and also helps it leave less of a scar.

The next step is a vitamin C serum. Generally, you want to apply your serums before moisturizers. Since my last post, I have purchased a full size of the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. This shit is expensive and I could definitely get a vitamin c serum for cheaper BUT I really do like this one. I visibly notice a difference in my skin. It just looks brighter and feels softer. It’s also lightweight so it doesn’t clog my acne-prone skin. Like it brightens my skin so much that some days I don’t apply highlight because my face is just naturally glowing. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

The final product is one that I am just trying to use up, which is the Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice. I received this in my April Boxycharm. And since I’ve received the item and it’s not bad I’m going to use it up. But I’ve mentioned this in the blog post that Elemis is hard to buy in Canada. So because of that, I wouldn’t recommend it to my Canadian readers. But for those who can easily purchase Elemis products, it’s a pretty good moisturizer! I love a good pump and I love a gel moisturizer. This one hydrates my skin, dries quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. So ya that’s my moisturizer.

I finish off my skincare routine with an eye cream. I just recently finished my Sephora Collection eye cream (stay tuned for my next empties post for a full review) and so I tried this QMS one that I got in my Boxycharm. I remember when I tried it it was winter, so I thought the dry patches on my eyes were just because of this weather. But I recently tried it again but I had such a bad reaction to it. So please let me know if you have any good eye cream recommendations. I have sensitive eyes and my biggest concern is darkness and fine lines.

And that is my skincare routine guys! Please give me some eye cream recs in the comments. And let me know if you have any questions about any of the products.



Current Skincare Routine Jan 2020

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my current skincare routine! I have been  loving my current routine and have noticed a huge difference in my skin because of these products. I will say that most of these products are a little pricey, but I see skincare as an investment in keeping my skin healthy so I don’t mind spending more money. Also something to note, this is my morning skincare routine. I’m pretty lazy at night and will just remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. I think to do an in-depth routine in the morning because it helps me wake up. 😊

jan 2020

My current cleanser is the OLEHENRIKSEN Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser. This cleanser is meant for oily to combo skin and is good for oiliness and acne. This has helped control my acne. I will say that it took a while for my skin to get used to it because it is pretty strong. I started using it just on my oily areas, and as my skin adjusted I can now use it on my whole face. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh but not stripped unlike some other cleanser meant for oily skin. This comes with a ton of product so I have been getting my money’s worth with this product.

My next step is toner. I have been using the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner for a couple of years now. I put a little bit of this on a cotton round and swipe it across my face, focusing on my cheeks and around my nose. I find that this helps with oiliness in my t-zone, and also helps keep my pores clear. I also notice that it helps with texture on my face as well.

Next up is a step that isn’t in the photo, but I use a prescription acne cream for spot treatment and acne-prone areas. I use an adapalene cream, which is a type of retinoid. I find using a retinoid  helps heals my active breakouts. I also find that it helps with post-breakout scarring. I know there are a ton of non-prescription creams on the market that contain different retinoids, so I would recommend doing some research before using one.

The next product is a sample that I received in a Sephora rewards box. I have been loving the Biossance Squalene + Vitamin C Rose Oil.  I have been applying this to my cheeks to help with my acne scarring and I have  noticed a difference! The acne scars don’t look as dark. The whole area overall just looks bright and more even. The oil does take some time to sink into my skin, so I brush my teeth while I wait for this to absorb. I know this oil is quite expensive, and I’m sure there are cheaper options as well. But since I have a sample I am using it and loving it!

My current eye cream was recommended to me by a friend. It’s the Sephora Collection Brightening Eye Cream – Hydrate & Depuff. I think this is a great hydrating eye cream for the price. It keeps my under-eyes hydrated, but I don’t find it the most brightening or depuffing cream. I think for $23 this is a basic eye cream, but it isn’t anything crazy that you need to go run out and get.

The final product I use is the Laneige Lip Glowly Balm. I have mentioned this lip balm before, but this is a great hydrating lip product. This is lightweight so great for daily use. I have found the packaging simple to use as well. It’s an expensive lip balm but I like it!

And that is my current skincare routine! Let me know what some of your current skincare favourites are in the comments!



Updated Skincare Routine

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my skincare routine and I have updated it since then. I have very oily and acne prone skin – my skin still acts like I’m fourteen. I was using Proactive for a really long time, but since I started taking birth control for my acne, I found Proactive to be to harsh for my skin. My skin has cleared up, but I still get the occasional stress zit. I will break down both my morning and night routine for you guys!

skincare routine march 2018

Morning Routine

I always cleanse, tone and moisturize in the morning. I know most people do this at night but it’s just the habit that I am in. To cleanse my face, I use the Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Cleanser (long name I know).  What I really like about this product is that even though it’s designed for oily skin and acne it’s not very harsh. Some products designed for acne can be very strong and irritating but this one is gentle. I feel refreshed after using it – which is great since I use it in the morning.

Next I use the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner. This toner is great for oily skin. My skin feels so refreshed and clean after I use this toner. I feel like it really gets all the gunk out of my pores. I wipe my face with this on a cotton circle and let it sink into my skin for a minute.

As I mentioned in my Winter Essentials post, I have been loving the Pacifica Kale Luxe Oil-Free Multi Cream. This moisturizer is vegan (and cruelty-free) so it does not have all the bad ingredients that will clog up my pores. It is also oil free, which is super important for me. I also enjoy this moisturizer because it makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed without feeling heavy. And you can find it at certain drugstores!

After that I let my moisturizer sink in and then I apply my makeup if I am wearing any that day.

Night Routine

The first step of night routine is to remove my makeup. First use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover to get rid of my eye makeup. I personally enjoy using a liquidy remover to get rid of my eye makeup because I find it’s the best at getting rid of mascara. I have been enjoying this Neutrogena one because it’s not too harsh or oily compared to some other ones. The only thing is that it does not have a special cap to stop the flow of the product. So one I took off the cap and dropped the whole and lost a third of the product because it’s just a big open hole. So don’t be a klutz like me when using this product.

If you have read any of my empties post, you know that I love the Garnier Micellar Water to remove my face makeup. I will wet a cotton round and wipe my face to remove my foundation and concealer. It does a good job of removing the makeup and leaves my face feeling refreshed after.

Next to cleanse my face at night I use two different cleansers depending on what my faces feels like. Most days I use the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. It’s a gentle cleanser use which is all I need after removing my makeup. Double cleansing is good to get rid of any leftover product. It also enjoy the cucumber smell – it reminds me of a spa. The only cleanser I like to use if my skin is feeling particularly oily that day. The Sukin Oil Balancing Pore Refining Facial Scrub has a very liquid consistency with tiny beads to help exfoliate the skin. It does an amazing job of really doing a deep clean and my skin feels so refreshed after I use it. I also personally enjoy the charcoal smell this product has.

After I cleanse my face I will apply my Pacifica moisturizer again. Finally I use a retinoid prescribed by my doctor – the particular one I am using is called Differin XP. I put the cream on top of my acne and it really helps spot treat the area. I personally have much success with this product, but just be careful when using retinoid because they can be irritating.

And that is my skincare routine! Let me know what products you guys like and any that I should maybe try 🙂