April Favourites

Hey guys! Sorry I did not do one of these posts in March, I was super busy with school at the end of March. This post will therefore include things I’ve enjoyed the past two months. Hopefully now that I’m done school I will have more time to blog! I have some exciting things planned this month!


This past month has definitely been a sweats kind of month for me, since I’ve been so busy studying for exams that I just throw on some clothes and get going. So while sweat pants and leggings are not the most glorious pieces of clothing, I will share my favourites just in case any of you are in the market for some. My favourite sweatpants are from Roots. I own the original Salt and Pepper but I would love to another pair sometime since I basically live in mine. My favourite leggings are from Lululemon, specifically the Align Pant II. I know these are pricey pieces of clothes, but I think they are worth it for two reasons. The first is the quality is better so they are much comfier. Second is that they will last longer. I’ve had my Roots sweatpants for three or four years now and they still look and feel brand new. Anyways that is probably enough talking about sweats!


My music taste as been all over the place the past two months! Starting in March my one housemates has slowly been getting me into hard rock/punk/hard core music. So if you’re interested in slowly dipping your toes into this music I would recommend bands like Moose Blood, Turnover, the Front Bottoms and Pianos Become The Teeth.

On the flip side, I have been in love with Lord Huron as well lately. I had heard their music a couple years ago, but the show 13 Reasons Why rekindled my love of them with their song “The Night We Meet”. If you like that song I also highly recommend “Ends of the Earth”. Just great mellow indie music.

Finally a song I had on repeat while studying was the song “Wish I Knew You”by the Revivalists. It is a song despite multiple listening I am still in love with. I will be looking into more of their music this month.


Unfortunately the past two months the only books I have been reading are my textbooks. But now that I am done school I am hoping to have much more time to read!

TV Shows/Movies/Youtube:

Even though I did not read much the past few months I did watch a lot of tv shows, movies and Youtube videos!

The two TV shows that I watched a probably the most popular ones this past month: Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. I like Riverdale because I find the show is not trying to be realistic, instead it is meant to entertainment and intrigue it’s audience. It is dark and mysterious, but I also enjoy the little bits of comedy sprinkled throughout. A very well made show. Now I was really excited to watch 13 Reasons Why because I had read the books a couple years ago and I think it is an important story to tell. I think the actors did a fabulous job and the show has a great soundtrack.  Now I could probably write a whole blog post about my feelings for this show but all I will say is that the first step to breaking down a stigma is to talk about it and this show definitely brought the conversation of suicide up in the public.

Finally for Youtube I have been enjoying the videos of Jenn Im/clothesencounters. I adore her style and I really enjoy the editing she does on her videos. She just gives me so many good ideas!


I am quite sad because now that Easter is over I can’t find Mini Eggs anymore. I have a serious Mini Egg addiction haha! I have one bag left from Easter and once I finish that bag they will all be gone until next year. I wish Mini Eggs were available all year.

Those were my April (and a few March) favouritesI Hope everyone had a good month. I am so excited by the warmer weather coming soon!



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