May Favourites

A few days (okay almost a week) late, but here are some of my May Favourites! This is anything that is not beauty related that I have been loving this month.


dixie haul 3

My favourite shirt this month is this super causal and comfy shirt from a Sirens outlet. It is described as a caged v-neck shirt and I wearing this shirt when I’m running errands or going to work. I pair it with leggings and it’s very comfy but looks more polished then a sweatshirt. I’m currently wearing this shirt right now!


I have been working a lot this month, and at work we are forced to listen to the easy listening kind of stations. So my new music time has seriously be shortened. I still managed to have a few favourites.

Probably my favourite song right now is High by Sir Sly. It has a good beat and is just great to listen to while driving. I can’t help but sing along! I feel like this is definitely going to be my indie song of the summer. A classic indie band is alt-J, and I have been loving their song In Cold Blood. Now alt-J is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there music is just so weird and different and this new song is no exception.

Finally, like every other white girl out there, I have been obsessing over the song Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Beiber. I was actually a big fan of latin music before Justin Beiber came along and sang this song. It is super catchy and I will probably hate it in two weeks but for now I’m loving it.


I have only finished one book this month but I loved it! It was Mosquitoland by David Arnold. The story follows Mim as she travels on a Greyhound bus from Mississippi to see her mother in Ohio. Mim is a very interesting character and the book made me think about mental illness and disabilities is a very different way. A very cute book I highly recommend it!


My favourite show that I finally finished this month was the second season of Outlander. It is based of a book series of the same name and is about a women from the 1940s who travels back in time to the 1700s in Scotland. I am a big history fan and I just love this show (I am even happier that it is on Netflix)! I would recommend this show to anyone who loves historical drams (like The Tudors) or fantasy-ish shows like Game of Thrones.


I have absolutely been loving WordPress! I was so unsure about it but now that I have figured it out it is so easy to use. Plus I feel like I am reaching such a broader audience that I had before!

I hope everyone had a great May! Here is to a great (and hopefully warm) June!



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