MASSIVE Summer Haul

Hey guys! So this post is a collection of this that I have gotten recently within the past few weeks. I have included everything from makeup, clothes, accessories and home decor. I have included pictures of everything that I got, and you can click on the picture to see it full sized. I unfortunately threw out all my receipts (good job Lea), so I will put the prices if I can find them! I hope my big summer haul gives you some inspiration for any summer shopping you will be doing!

The first store is Winners. I got a good mix of everything there!

First is this cute little planter, which as you can see from the price tag that I forgot to take off was $14.99. I love plants and this planter is nice than some of the brown plastic pots plants come in. Second I got this striped t-shirt dress. This made of a stretchy material and has lettuce hems. A very comfy and casual dress for everyday use. Next I got one of those Himalayan salt lamps for around $14. I’m not sure if it’s real but it’s so cute! It has a USB plug and so far works really well. Finally I got this flamingo mug that says Pretty in Pink inside. It’s funny because my boss loves flamingos so when I saw this mug I just had to get it!

Next I got two different candles, because I am obsessed with candles. The first is Coconut and Vanilla Bean from Yankee Candle. This candle just reminds me of vacation and summers. Second candle is from Anthropologie and it’s their mini Capri Blue Jar Candle. It is a citrusy scent with a hint of freshness – perfect summer scent. Then from Chapters I found this print in their sale section. It says “You’re just my type” and has a cute typewriter on it. Originally $15.00, I got this print for $4.50 and is still available online. Finally from Bed, Bath & Beyond I got this amazing cosmetic storage. I have been awhile for a good cosmetic organizer to put on top of my desk. While most people prefer acrylic ones, I actually prefer the look of this white one instead. It also has a very large drawer which is hard to fine. While it was expensive, I used a 25% off coupon to bring the price down.

Next I went to a sidewalk downtown in my city and was able to get a lot of clothes at a great discounted price. Unfortunately since all these items were on clearance I cannot link any of them. First I got a pair of super comfy sweatpants from Roots. Roots sweatpants are quite expensive, but I was able to get these for $30 off. The rest of the stuff I got was from Mendocino, a great (but expensive) Canadian store. While the stuff at Mendocino is quite expensive, it is good quality and they have really good sales. Last year I was able to get a $400 sweater for $30. So first I got a grey lace-up sweater. The laces are ribbon and the sweater material is quite soft. Next I got this flowy grey shorts. I originally grabbed the shorts to try shirts on with since I wore a dress to the store, but I found the shorts so comfortable that I decided to buy them. They also wear very differently on the body compared to on the hanger. Next I got this grey and white striped shirt. This shirt is definitely meant for the winter but it’s so simple that I can wait and just wear it next year. Finally I got this simple black tank dress. I love this dress. It’s cotton and flowy so it is very comfortable to wear but looks very stylish.


Of course I went to Sephora and pick up a few things. First I got the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream for my mother. It was apart of a gift set that I gave my mother for Christmas and she loved it so much so I decided to buy her another one since she recently first the other tube. Next I need something to clean my brushes and beauty sponges, so I decided to give the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. This is great because it is meant to clean both sponges and brushes. It is very simple to use – so far I like it! I also decided to get a lip gloss. I forget who but some Youtube recommended the Bare Minerals GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipglosses and decided to give them a try. I am in love! I got the shade Must Have and it is the perfect every day gloss. It gives some colour and shine to the lips, but best of all it does not feel too goopy. I already know this is going to be a favourite. Finally I got a sample of the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I really like the scent of this cream but it is so strong. If you are sensitive to scents this might be too much. I am still unsure if I will buy the full size because it is so strong.

Finally, a summer haul would not be complete without going to Forever 21! First I got some accessories. I found this super cute holographic, mermaid scale print makeup bag. It is everything I want in life. I might use this as a pencil case instead of a makeup bag, haven’t decided, but when I saw this bag I just knew I needed it in my life. Next I got two chokers because they were buy one get one free. I got a black one with a tiny gemstone and a denim one with embroidery on it. Finally for accessories I got these silver hoops. I already opened a pair of hoops but they were very large, this pair is the perfect size!

Then I also got some clothing. First I got this combo white shirt and lace slip dress. I could not find the exact one online but this one is similar in style and this one similar in colour. This 90s style dress is super popular and it’s nice because the shirt and dress come together. Next I got these cuffed black corduroy shorts. The fit a little big but are super comfortable. Finally I got two different off the shoulder tops because they are currently my favourite thing. Unfortunately I can’t find either of these tops online but there are many similar ones! The first I got is a black one with little cactus on them. What I really like about this one is there is a liner instead it so I don’t have to wore about wearing a bra with it. The other one is something a blue and white striped off the shoulder top. I have been looking for a shirt like this for so long. I am happy to finally find one!

And that is it for my massive summer haul! This post took me so long to make with all the pictures, writing and web searching I had to do so I hope you guys enjoy it!



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