Morphe Palette and Brushes Review

Hey guys! So about a month ago I ordered some makeup and brushes from Morphe and I wanted to let you guys know about my experience with ordering from them as well as a review of the products.

For those of you who don’t know about Morphe, it is an affordable makeup brand that is only available online (except for a few flagship stores). They are well known for their 35 pans eyeshadow palettes and for having great quality makeup brushes.

I decided to purchase some makeup with a friend so we could split the cost of shipping. I decided to purchase the 35O palette, along with the M441 and R39 brushes. The shipment came in very quickly – around a week and a half. This was very surprising since Colourpop took 3 weeks to deliver a package to me and the two both ship from LA. On the down side I did have to pay a duty fee of $25 CND for my package, but I split this cost with my friend.

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Now first up to review is the 35O palette, the main reason why I decided to buy from Morphe. I had heard of many good reviews of this palette and decided it was a reasonable cost to try. I must say that the quality of these eyeshadows are overall great! They are a few shadows that are amazing (especially their foiled/metallic ones); but a few of their mattes, mainly the lighter in shade ones, are a little patchy. There is a nice mix of warm tone and cool tone colours within the palette. The only thing I found was there was not a lot of lighter shades. Most of the shades are very dark, which is great for a glam look for going out at night, but they weren’t many neutrals for every day wear. So my overall opinion of this palette is that while the quality is amazing and the shade range is great, it probably not going to be my everyday go-to palette. I will still use it, that’s for sure!


Besides the palette I got two different crease blending brushes, the M441 and R39. The quality of these brushes are great! Also excuse the dirty brushes in the picture – I was loved them so much that I used them right before I took the pictures! They are both made of natural hair and are both very soft. The M441 is slightly bigger than the R39, but both do a great job of blending out shades in my crease. They are both on the fluffier side. Next time I think I will get a slightly smaller brush size just because of the size of my eyelids. Overall I am highly impressed by these brushes – especially since they were only $5.99 USD! I will definitively buy more brushes from Morphe in the future.

Overall I was quite happy with my purchase from Morphe, even though the shipping and duty was a pain to pay. I am considering buying the Jaclyn Hill palette in the future, but I still am undecided. Should I buy it? Let me know!



One thought on “Morphe Palette and Brushes Review

  1. The Jaclyn Hill palette is more creamy/pigmented as she got them to press them differently until she thought they were perfect! So expect more from the Jaclyn Hill palette, meaning – GO GET ONE!! I love my Morphe palettes, hopefully I can get my hands on the Jaclyn Hill palette off beauty bay when they stock it!xx

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