Laura Lee Palette Review

Hey guys! So today’s post will be a review of the Laura Lee’s first eyeshadow palette, Cat’s Pajamas. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you might that Laura Lee is probably one of my favourite beauty Youtubers. So when she came out with her own makeup brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles, I knew I was going to buy her first product. The palette retails for $40 USD. The palette is currently out of stock, but it’s restock date it being announced Friday.

Laura Lee palette 1

The eyeshadow comes with 10 eyeshadow, which equals out to $4 per eyeshadow. I know some people had issue with the price, but I think that it’s worth it. The quality of the palette itself is nice. It comes with a mirror inside and also the packaging is so pretty! I love the sparkly outside, I can just sit and look at it forever. I think the price is reasonable, and comparable to prices that you would see for palettes in Sephora.

I think was also makes this palette so worth it is the quality of these shadows. They are amazing and everything I want in a shadow. They a creamy and pigmented. There is a little extra shadow when you dip your brush into the pan, but nothing crazy. The shimmery eyeshadows have a little fallout, but they are so pigmented that you don’t need to use any setting spray to make the shadow look good. Honestly it is such good quality, and I would say they are similar in texture and performance to the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette.

laura lee palette 2

Finally I really like the colour selection. The top row has some warm browns, a gold and brown shade. The brown shade has purple and mauve shades. These are my personal favourite shades to wear on my eyes. Something I really like about this palette is that there is a matte cream shade. I hate when this kind of shade isn’t in a palette because I need a shade like this to set my eyeshadow primer. I think there palette is very well rounded; I have created both every day eye looks as well as bold glam looks. I think the only thing I would like is many instead of two similar purple shades a cool toned brown shade. This palette is definitely warmed toned, but I think one cool tone shade would be nice to use with the purple shades.

Overall I think this palette is amazing. I am very happy that I got it because I have used it so much, and I think this would be an excellent palette to travel with. I would highly recommend this palette to you guys. I am really excited to see what else Laura Lee comes out!



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