Best and Worst of Boxycharm 2017

Hey guys! Sorry (once again) for being so MIA lately. I had my two exams back to back and then I left the next day to go to my cottage for Christmas. There is no WiFi at my cottage, so I wasn’t able to really post much. But now I’m back and ready to get back to posting more regularly!

boxy favs

Today I have rounded up my favourite and least favourite Boxycharm items that I have received this year. I have included five of each, and one bonus because I know it was limited edition.


1) Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter in April’s Box (Price $35.00)

I was very excited to receive this highlight. The Ofra highlights have received a lot of praise in the beauty community, so it was awesome to get a talked-about product in our box. This highlight is creamy but super pigmented. I always reach for this one when I want an intense, blinding glow. I use it all the times and my friends are very jealous that I got in it my box.

2) PUR Mineral Glow Bronzing Powder in January’s Box ($25.00)

This bronzer is a prime example of testing multiple times. When I first tried this bronzer I found it a little too dark and slightly orange for me. But then when I tried it again in the summer once I got a tan I loved it! It is the perfect bronzer shade for when I am tan. It is easy to blend and gives a very nice bronzed look. I’ve used it so much that I broke the lid but I still use it because it’s so nice!

3) Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight in Prosecco Pop in October’s Box ($38.00 USD, $48.00 CAD)

If you couldn’t tell, I like highlights. And these Becca ones are great! I already had Champagne Pop so when I got this one in Prosecco Pop I was very happy. These highlights are smooth and beautiful on the face. The Becca highlights are some of the best on the market, but they are not cheap so it was amazing to receive on in my box.

4) The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Date Night in August’s Box ($19.00 CAD)

I was originally going to put the Ofra Liquid Lipstick on the list (that is why it is pictured) until I remembered this liquid lipstick. This is why I love Boxycharm, because I get to try products from brands I have never heard of. This liquid lipstick is great. It is pigmented, comfortable to wear and lasts really wear. I love wearing this liquid lipstick when I go out because it stays put really well even when I am drinking a lot. I have also received so many compliments when wearing this liquid lipstick. An underrated product for sure, but one that I have really enjoyed.

5) The Brow Gal Convertible Brow Powder to Pomade Duo in May’s Box ($35.00)

I didn’t think I was going to like this product, but I LOVE it. I have never used a brow powder before, and I really like this one. It is pigmented and easy to use. I find that it lasts really well in my brows. As well, I was able to do my friend’s brows with this duo, and she has blonde hair! I still continue to use this product to this day, it is definitely a favourite!


1) Project Beauty Spray.Set.Go in July’s Box ($19.00)

The spray on this is just horrible. I can’t even remember what the formula is like because I couldn’t get over how bad the spray was. I always ended up with large drops of spray all over my face. I find with setting sprays that how the spray works is just as important as the formula itself, and this one sucked.

2) Allegory Story Lip Gloss in Plato’s Cave in April’s Box ($15.00)

I could not tell you what the wear time of this gloss is because I never wore it more than five minutes. This gloss is a mocha brown shade, but I found it was not pigmented enough. For on my lips it looks like smeared chocolate. I feel like someone with a darker skin tone than me would really enjoy this lip gloss, but it was just not my thing.

3) Laqa & Co Cloud Lips in Storm in November’s Box ($17.00 USD, $21.00 USD)

Now in my November review many people told me that they loved their Cloud Lips, so it might just be this particular shade. But I did not like this lip product. The website says this lippie is supposed to be full coverage and it is not. I found it to be very streaky, which is not great for a dark lip colour. I would try to build it up and it was just a patchy mess. Another lip product that I never wore.

4) Beaute Basics Bronze Essentials in December’s Box ($39.95)

I’ve only used this product three times and I already dislike it. First, the packaging in very cheap. It’s made of plastic and doesn’t close very well, which for a $40 bronzer is not okay. Second it has an awful glitter overall that I found awful. It is almost impossible to dip my brush in without getting the glitter on my brush, so I just get glitter all over my face. It is not a good look.

5) Measurable Difference Concealer Palette in April’s Box (Price $26.00)

I understand why this palette could be good. It has 16 shades so it could be used for concealer and contour, or for freelance. But I hated the consistency of this palette. I found the concealers to feel thick on my skin and look cakey, but they also gave zero coverage. I know they suggest adding a facial oil to improve the consistency, but as someone with oily skin I don’t have facial oil so this tip was not helpful. I threw out this palette before the month was over, that’s how much I did not like this palette.


Liquid Glow by Temptu x Boxycharm in May’s Box ($29.50)

Another highlight, I know, but this is great! I loved this product during this summer, and also for no-makeup-makeup days. It gives a subtle, dewy glow to my skin. I just apply a little with my finger tips on top of my skin before I apply powder. It look nice by itself, but when I layer a powder highlight on top it looks super blinding. The liquid highlight is still available on Boxycharm’s website.

And that is my round of my Boxycharm products! Let me know what was your favourite or least favourite products that you got this year!



2 thoughts on “Best and Worst of Boxycharm 2017

  1. I totally agree with your best and worst products. OMG that bronzer palette in the December box is just awful. I’d NEVER pay $40 for that. The Brow Gal powder is the best! I thought I’d hate it and never use it, but it’s so awesome, even for someone like me who is absolutely horrible with brows. Great post! 🙂

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