Beauty Empties

Hey guys! So today I am sharing a bunch of beauty, skincare and hair empties, letting you guys know my thoughts on the products and whether I would buy them again! I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile so here it is!


First I have two empty bottles of the Garnier Miscellar Water. If you guys have been following my bog for a bit, you would know that this stuff is my favourite miscellar water. I prefer using miscellar water instead of using face wipes, it does such a gentle job of removing all my face water, and leaves it feel refreshed after. If you’re looking for a miscellar water, highly recommend this stuff.

Next I have an empty bottle of St. Ives Fresh Exfoliating Apricot Scrub. I remember reading somewhere that some celebrity really likes this scrub so I decided to try it out. I only used this scrub in the shower for some reason, just because I’m lazy like that. The combination of the scrub and shower makes my skin feel a little dry after, but it also makes my skin feel really smooth. It’s an amazing product, but I did buy it again because it is a reasonable price.

It seems like I went through a lot of dry shampoo, but the funny is that I actually finished three of these dry shampoos on the same day because they were are almost empty. First there are two Batiste ones, the Tropical and the XXL Volume. I really like both of the Batiste dry shampoos. They do a good job of getting rid of grease and stays that way all day. They do have a white cast, but it goes away easily. I also was surprised at how much I enjoyed the XXL Volume. If you are looking for a voluminous dry shampoo, this one goes a good job. The Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo I got in my Boxycharm. It was nice but I didn’t like it as much as my Batiste ones. It gave a nice scent to the hair, but I found by like 5pm by hair looked greasy again. Finally was the Dove Dry Shampoo, which was okay. I only used it when I ran out of my other dry shampoos.

My next skincare empty is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel with SPF 15. I liked this product so much that I bought a second one, but now using the second one I’m not so sure I like it anymore. My face was breaking out when I was using this product, but I haven’t for sure figured out if it was this product or something else that was breaking out my face. It might be the SPF that my face doesn’t like, because my face is really sensitive to SPF. I’m really on the fence about this product. I think I want to switch and get one of Neutrogena’s moisturizes that doesn’t have SPF in it.

Another makeup remover I finished is the Marcelle Gentle Make-up Remover for Sensitive Eyes. I prefer a more oily makeup remover to get rid of my eye makeup, I just find it’s better at removing stubborn mascara. I decided to try this Marcelle one because it has good reviews. It was good, but I found it was really oily. Like after I was done removing my eye makeup, I would have to back over with my micellar water to remove the excess oil. It was good, but I did not repurchase because I also found it to be a tad expensive compared to other drugstore remover.

You can tell I bought my All Nighter Setting Spray awhile ago because it is in the old packaging. I have repurchased the product since then, and I am actually getting close to finishing it.  This Urban Decay setting spray is by far my favourite that I own. It really does a good job of making my makeup last longer. It was gives a beautiful finish to my skin. Highly recommend!!

Finally, I finished my POREfessional Face Primer by Benefit Cosmetics. I have also repurchased this primer. What I like about this primer is that it not only feels in my pores and makes them feel smooth, it also makes my face more matte. I have very oily skin, so I really need help making my face matte. This is a staple product that I use almost every day!

Those are all my empty products! Let me know what products you guys finished and think I should try!



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