Romwe Haul

Hey guys! So a couple weeks ago my friends and I were talking about cheap online clothing retailers, so I decided to try ordering some stuff from Romwe. Oh boy! I am sharing with you guys my full experience and that way hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

I placed my order on Feb 1st, got a tracking email on Feb 5th, and received my order on Feb 14, which I was pretty impressed with. I thought it was going to take way longer for me to get my package. Another pro about Romwe is that it has a bunch of different currencies on it’s websites. There is nothing more annoying than when they list all the prices in American and I have to manually convert the exchange rate myself. But something to note, Canadian prices obviously fluctuate with exchange rates, so prices have gone up since I have ordered. I have noted the price difference with each item.

black flute shirt final

First is the Fluted Sleeve Surplice Tee. I ordered it in a large and it cost $11.29 CAD (the price has now gone up to $11.80 CAD). It’s hard to tell in the online photo but the top is very low cut and very short. This is definitely going to be a ‘going-out’ top for me. Also the bell sleeves are huge. As you can see on the photo on the right, this top is on my queen size bed and the shirt spans the whole width. I personally do not mind the large bell sleeves, but it is something to keep in mind it you are thinking of ordering the top. Overall this top is a little small, but I have decided to keep it.

check shirt final

Next is the Checked Print Dip Hem Cuffed Blouse. I ordered it in a large and it cost $9.03 CAD (now $9.44 CAD). This top is probably my favourite thing that I ordered. The material does feel slightly cheap but not too bad – it is slightly see through but not too bad. This top is very cropped though. I thought it was going to be longer but I definitely have to wear this top with high waisted jeans.

black knit final

Oh, this top did not work out! I don’t know why I ordered it, because these tops never fit me to begin with, but I got the Rib Knit Lettuce Edge Crop Bardot Top. I ordered a large and it barely fit around my shoulder. The elastic was stretched out all the way. It is also very short, it came out just underneath my bra. I also did not like the quality of the fabric, it was a weird grey colour and felt itchy on the skin. I did not like it and decided to return it (more on returning process further down). It was $10.03 CAD when I bought it and now $10.49.

sweater final

Next I got a sweater that is currently sold out so I can’t link it, but I decided to return it so maybe it’s best that you can’t get it haha! It is the Rose Embroidered Applique Sweater and I was very disappointed in this sweater. First I thought it was going to be a sweatshirt like material, but the material is very weird and cheap feeling. Next, the sweater fits weird. I got a large but it is a weird length – it’s not short enough to be cropped but not long enough at the same time. Finally, I did not like the rose appliques. They were only partly sewn on, which I did not like. Overall this sweater just felt cheap so I did not like it. It paid $12.42 for the sweater.

pants final

Finally, the biggest disappointment was these pants. I got a pair of Vertical Striped Elastic Waist Pants for $10.41 (now $10.88). I got these pants in an x-large and they did not fit at all. Usually a pair of x-large pants should fit me, and because this pair has an elastic band in the waist I thought they would fit. But I couldn’t even pull these all the way up! They were too small in the thigh area, and if they had made it up probably would have not fit my butt.  Very disappointed at how much small these fit.

So after trying on all of these clothes and half of them not fitting right, I went back to the website to double check that I got the right sizes. That’s when I learned two things. The first is that every article of clothing has a review, similar to Amazon. THIS IS SO HELPFUL READ IT BEFORE YOU BUY ANY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING. Honestly almost all of the complaints I had about the clothes were similarly expressed in the reviews.

The second thing I wished I had know before ordering from Romwe was that their small, medium and larges do not follow traditional US or UK sizing. That basically means that while you might be a medium everywhere else, they’re medium size is probably different (or it seems more likely to be smaller). Whenever someone commented that an item was too small, Romwe told they’re customers to refer to the size and fit guide instead of using sizes. Which means that you need to know your measurements and compare them to their measurements to determine what size to order. I find this to be super misleading that the sizing is not standardized through the different articles of clothing. Also I don’t personally know my measurements, so it is really annoying that to ensure the clothing will fit that I have to measure myself and compare it to the size guidelines.

So I decided to return three of the items because they did not fit. I was really bad at replying promptly to their questions (my bad), but Romwe on the other hand was very quick in responding to my messages. I told them that I wanted to return some of my order due to them not fitting, which was no problem. I told them the specific items and I was instructed to mail them back. Unfortunately they do not pay for the shipping cost back to them, and on top of that they wanted tracking information, so I had to pay around $20 to send it back. I was offered a store credit or my money back for the returns. I choose to take my money back on my card, which I am currently waiting for.

Overall, I probably will not shop at Romwe again. I was not very impressed by the quality of the clothing and half of it did not fit. It was not only a hassle but also cost me more money to return the items. I was not very impressed, and while the clothes were significantly cheaper compared to even cheap places like Forever 21, I do not think it is worth it. If you do choose to shop there, I highly suggest reading reviews and looking at the size measurements while shopping.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Even though it was kind of a bust, I had lots of fun writing it! What are your thoughts on Romwe and other similar sites?



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