Q+A/Life Update

Hey guys! So I haven’t really shared much about myself on this blog, and I’ve been super MIA lately, so I thought it would be helpful to do a Q+A/Life Update. That way you guys could get to know me more plus understand why I go long periods without posting.

Question: Who are you???

My name is Lea and I am 21 years old. I am from Oakville, ON, Canada, and I study at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. This fall I will be going into my final year of my degree, and I am studying Communications. I am planning on probably doing some more schooling after that. For those of you who don’t know, Communications is about how human communicate; I mainly focus on mass media and social media.

Question: Why did you start this blog and your Instagram?

I started my blog and Instagram after attending a professional panel in my second year Public Relations course. The professionals said having a blog is a great way to practice and improve my writing skills. Having a blog is also great to put on my portfolio for when I am applying to grad school and future jobs. I have always been passionate about makeup and beauty, so it only felt natural to write about it.

Question: So why are you so busy?

During the school year, if I’m not posting very often it’s probably because I’m stressed out with school work. Currently, I am working because it is summer. I work as a Deck Supervisor for my local pool (aka I am the supervisor to the lifeguards). I work long shifts and many hours, so I am often tired when I get home. On top of that, I am volunteering with my school’s faculty to help plan our Orientation Week. It involves a lot of work, so I often come home and I have to work on that or drive out to Hamilton for meetings. So working basically full-time, volunteering part-time and trying to also have a social life means that I don’t often have time to blog.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will hopefully have completed either my Masters in Communications or be a Public Relations Practitioner. I would love to be working for a fashion or beauty company in their communications department. I would also like to have more time to focus on my blog, and hopefully have my own Youtube channel! And a nice apartment in Toronto (probably the hardest thing to accomplish lol) with my own cat and dog!

Question: Name 5 fun facts about yourself!

  • I have two cats and a dog, all adopted!
  • I LOVE food. I originally was going to make this a food blog, but the kitchen in my student house wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough to make it work. But I watch loads of Food Network.
  • Speaking of student housing, I live with four engineering students! While our academic focuses are completely different, we get along and have so much fun together!
  • I am 5’8″ and the tallest person in my family. My brother is jealous haha!
  • I have never left North America! I have done a decent amount of travelling, like I’ve been to New York City twice and I’ve skied all over the place, but yet to go anywhere farther. I have a long list of places that I would love to travel to someday.

Final Question: Why is your blog name LeeLee if your name is Lea?

My friends wanted to give me a nickname, but Lea is already kind of short. The running joke is that my name is actually Lee, because every supply teacher I had in elementary and high school would call me Lee instead of Lea. Somehow the name turned into LeeLee and it stuck!

And that is it for my little Q+A/Life Update. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know down below if you have any other questions about me 🙂




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