I Wore Festival Makeup for a Full Week – Tips, Tricks and Fav Products

Hey guys! I’m baaack 🙂 If you read my Life Update that I posted last month, then you would have known that I was busy with Orientation Week for my university the last week of August/first week of September. That week is finally done, so now I have some free time once again.

My faculty’s theme for the week was Coachella, so of course I took the opportunity to go crazy with my makeup. At my school, every faculty has a colour, and my faculty’s is navy blue, so I tried to incorporate a ton of blue in my makeup looks. I didn’t get a chance every day to take pictures of my makeup, but here are my two favourite:

This week I learned a lot about festival makeup, so I thought I would share some tricks that I learned along with some of the products I really enjoyed. I know festival season is basically over now, but a lot of these tips are good for any makeup look that you need to last all day long.

Festival Makeup Tips + Tricks

  1. Take care of your skin. Wearing makeup in hot weather all day long can really clog up pores, so I made sure to exfoliate every other day to keep my skin fresh and soft. Also wear sunscreen. I used to hate wearing face sunscreen until I found one I like, but it’s so important so take the time to find one you like.
  2. Plan your looks ahead of time. I had to be on campus some days at 6:30 am, so figuring out what I wanted to do with my makeup earlier save me time in the morning. I went on Pinterest and just pinned a bunch of looks that I liked that I could pull up in the morning.
  3. Keep your base simple. I wore the same primer, foundation, concealer and powder every day that week. I picked products that I knew would last all day, and it saved me time that I spent on my eye makeup (the more fun part in my opinion haha).
  4. Falsies are just not worth it. Last week was hot. It was 30 degrees and felt like 40 the whole week. I tried wearing falsies one day and they popped off within two hours. If you really want to wear falsies, bring lash glue to fix them on the go.
  5. Lip gloss and lip balm are your best friends this week. I was on campus for 8-12 hours most days. I was eating, drinking water and talking to people. I really did not want to worry about my lips looking crusty, so I stuck to lip gloss and lip balm exclusively this week. They are easy enough to re-apply without looking in the mirror.
  6. If you are putting rhinestones on your face, use lash glue to keep them in place all day. A friend told me about this, and it made such a difference. A few still fell off, but that’s to be expected when your sweating all day. I also brought a few extra ones with me just in case they did fall off. Also use clear glue instead of black glue.

Favourite Products

My favourite sunscreen is the Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector. I know it’s expensive, but I have had so many issues with sunscreens breaking me out, I thought it was time to invest in a good one. This one has not broken me out, and I have never gotten a burn while wearing this sunscreen. It also comes with a decent amount of product, so it will probably last me through next summer too.

In one of the pictures above, I wore the L’Oreal Infallible Paint Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Blue. Wow this is a pretty great coloured eyeliner! It is bright, stayed on all day, and was relatively easy to apply. It comes with a felt tip, and I prefer brush tip for eyeliner, but it was still flexible enough for me to use. I rocked the blue liquid eyeliner a few days because this one was just so good.

For a pencil eyeliner, I really enjoyed the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Deep End. These Urban Decay pencils are great for the waterline and way cheaper than the Marc Jacobs one. It did a great job of lasting all day, and I got tons of compliments on it.

In the second photo above, the shade I wore all over my lip was the shade Varadero from the Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Vol 1 palette. Ever since I received this palette in my Boxycharm, I knew I was going to use this shade during my Welcome Week. It was vibrant, pigmented, easy to blend and stayed beautiful all day. I wore this eyeshadow over 12 hours and it looked good a friggin day. I got so many compliments on my eyeshadow that day, everyone was so impressed. If you are looking for some great bright colours, look no further than this palette.

If your looking for some glitter, look no further than the Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel by FCTRY. I bought mine from Hot Topic (great place for glitter), but you can also get it on Amazon. This gel it full of glitter, and put once you rub it on your body it dries down clear and dry. It wasn’t sticky after at all. The glitter stayed on my body all day but washed off easily later. Also one little jar goes a long way – I shared it with so many people and I still have a bunch left. 10/10 recommend if your looking for some glitter for your body.

The final item was probably the one I got the most compliments on, and one initially one I never thought I would use. I got the Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter Collection in my Boxycharm and never thought I would use it much but I decided to keep it around anyways. I wore the blue highlight on the first day and was so impressed. It was bright, vibrant and clearly blue. And it stayed bright all day long. I find that regular highlights fade off my skin about mid-day, but this one managed to stay bright all day. It was so hot and sweaty, and it even rained, but this highlight was still going strong. Everyone thought the highlight was from Anastasia Beverly Hills or Fenty Beauty, and they were shocked when I told them it was an indie brand. If you are looking for a fun, colourful highlight, I definitely recommend this one.

And those are my tips, tricks and product recommendations for festival makeup. I know this is different from my regular blog posts, but let me know if you liked it! I am also going to try and get into a posting schedule, I’m thinking maybe Fridays? We’ll see next week haha!




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