Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette Review

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you guys my review of one of Huda Beauty’s mini palettes! I have heard so many good things about the quality of her eyeshadows, and that the formula on her mini palettes are just as good as her bigger palettes. When I saw her gemstone collection, I knew I had to get the Amethyst  Obsessions palette. Purple is one of my favourite colours, and I was actually looking for a palette with some nice purple shades in it, so it was a win-win for me!

Photo 2018-10-12, 12 16 07 PM

I also may or may not have been super excited to be take a photo of the palette with my amethyst rock. The palette comes with nine eye shadows, all different shades of purple. There is a range of finishes, from matte to metallic to glitter. All the eye shadows are very pigmented, which is really important for colourfully shades. As someone is not very experience with colourful shades, I was very happy that these shades were blendable, because it made it easier to do my makeup. Finally, the glitters did have a little fallout while applying, but once they were on the eyes they were set.

I decided to do two looks with this palette to really show off the palette. The first look I went full glam, with wing liner and lashes (excuse the wonky liner haha). I used the pink matte shades in my crease, and the bottom right purple/pink glitter all over my lid. I LOVED this look. I couldn’t help keeping myself in the mirror the rest of the night – even though my night just consisted of going to McDonalds and watching Netflix haha. Also, my lipstick was Scorpio Moon from Colourpop.

For the second look, I wanted to do something simple, to show to you guys that you can still use a colourful palette on an everyday basis. I used the dark purple to do a shadow wing, and I put the middle glitter in my inner eye. I really liked this look as well, and thought it was a fun-yet-basic look.

Overall, I really like this palette! This palette really inspired me to play with more colour, and I can’t wait to use this palette again. I also want to now try some of the larger Huda Beauty palettes. Let me know if you guys have any of her larger palettes, and which one I should get!



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