November Boxycharm

Hey guys! I’m just gonna start off this post with saying that this is probably one of the best Boxycharm I’ve received in awhile. It’s not perfect, and I will give a fair review of all the products, but it was pretty good. I also loved the goal theme they had going on. Every product was black and gold, it gave me real New Year’s Eve vibes.

Photo 2018-11-20, 2 40 05 PM

The first product is the Instaglam False Eyelashes by the brand Lashaholic Lashes. First I love the sparkly gold box that these came in. The lashes themselves are beautiful. They are long but wispy, which means that I can see the eye look behind them. The band on these are very thick, so they are not the most natural looking. I also had some difficulties putting them on, but I honestly find that I struggle putting lashes on the first time and then after that they are easy for me to apply. Overall, I really liked these lashes, but they’re not my absolute favourite because I did struggle to apply them. Price: $14.99 USD

Photo 2018-11-20, 2 40 36 PM

Next is the Luxie Luminous Eye Set. As you guys know, I always love getting brushes, and these are no exception. I really like that Boxycharm sent this set because these brushes are minis, so they are smaller than typical brushes. I have received larger brushes, so it’s nice to get some variety. These brushes are great for small eyes or doing detail work. The gold packagaing is also beautiful. Very happy with these brushes. Price: it says $21 on the card, but the website says $30 USD

The next product is the Coverfx Glitter Drops in the shade Nova. This product is beautiful, but definitely not an everyday kind of highlight. This is basically liquid glitter. I drop a little bit on the back of my hand and then use my finger to apply it to my face. It dries down and leaves little flecks of glitter where I apply it. I think this would also be beautiful all over the body. While I don’t wear glitter every day, I will definitely reach for this product when I want glitter. Price: $44 USD, $54 CAD

The Jonteblu Glittering Star Eyeliner is probably the only product that I don’t really like. Jonteblu is a repeat brand for Boxycharm, and to be honest I’ve never been a huge fan of any of the products I received from them. This eyeliner is not the worst, just the glitters back it a little crumbly. I put it in my waterline and it didn’t stay very long. Not the worst eyeliner, but at least the packaging is pretty. Price: $5 USD

The final product is for sure my favourite: the Ace Beaute Grandoise Palette. The eyeshadows in this palette are amazing. They are pigmented and creamy. They apply well using both my fingers and brushes. Overall the quality of the eyeshadow in this palette are amazing. I do have a few personal preferences towards the palette. The shade Patchouli is a little too dark for me to set my eyeshadow primer but I could use it for other purposes. The shade Primerose, which I used all of the lid for one of my looks, is a little yellow for my taste since I prefer lighter gold shades. I also wish I had a darker shade, because the shade Poppy is a little lighter on the eyes, and I wanted a shade to deepen some of my looks. But the shades Clove and Rose are so beautiful and unique, and Jasmine is a beautiful highlight. I really liked the pink look I did with this palette. For the second look, I tried to do a cut crease, but had so many issues with my hooded eyes haha! Overall, I really liked this palette and I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase it. Price: $24.99

The total value of this month’s price was $109.98. Like I mentioned before, I really liked this box even. I try to give you guys a critical review of all the products, to let you know whether the products are worth purchasing separately. I hope that is helpful! If you guys got Boxycharm, what was your favourite product this month?



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