My Vanity Tour

Hey guys! It’s a new year, which is a perfect time to go through and reorganize your vanity/makeup storage. I thought I would share with you guys how I store my makeup. I keep all my makeup on top of my desk and in the first drawer. I actually want to change how I store my makeup, but I don’t have any room currently. Once I move in April I will hopefully have a chance to change it up, so maybe stay tuned for an update!

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On top of my desk I have my mirror, a palette holder, my brushes and a storage organizer box. I usually use my closet mirror that is right beside my desk to apply my makeup most mornings, but if I am doing full glam or more complicated looks I will sit down and use my mirror. I got my mirror last year for my birthday, it is similar to this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but mine is white. The palette holder I got from Amazon, I keep more of my palette is my other makeup organizer. Ideally I would like to get rid of this and put my palette is one of my desk drawers, but since it’s currently full of school supplies this will have to do. I will say it’s nice to have my palette in view and easy to grab.

My brush holder is actually a plant pot from Ikea that my friend bought me for my birthday. There were daffodils in the pot, but once they died I decided to use it for my brushes. Most of my brushes are the exact size of the pot, so I decided to add these blue stones from the dollar store to help rise them up. My brushes are now easy to grab and I can see all of them.

Next I got this white vanity organizer a few years ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond. This one is similar, but mine is bigger. I wanted to get something white because all the furniture in my room is white. I do like the look of the white better than clear acrylic, and since I keep mainly powder products in this organizer it doesn’t get too dirty. On the top left section I keep all my setting sprays. Next in the two back cubby-holes I keep all my brow products. The organizer came with a nine lipstick organizer, and then I bought this acrylic organizer from Amazon to have more. I have my most used lip products here. I really like having my favourite lip products out for me to see because I find it easy to decide what I want and to also retouch throughout the day. On the side I have a little container with my mini brushes and my eyelash curler. I also keep my makeup sponges and some of my false lashes here.

Within the drawers are mainly eyeshadows. In the first drawer I have my necessities: my eyeshadow primer, some lip balms and my tweezers along with my magnetic palette with some neutral shades. In my middle drawer I have my ‘fun’ drawer, as I like to call it. I have all my sparkly eyeshadows and glitters. This drawer also holds my single shadows. The next drawer over I have my smaller eyeshadows palettes. The bottom larger drawer I have my medium sized palettes – all my Urban Decay and Too Faced palettes.

photo 2019-01-11, 1 19 42 pm

I have the rest of my makeup in the top drawer of my desk. The acrylic organizers I’ve had since high school, but I actually don’t like them that much. I find them bulky, but they work for now. On the left front I have all my powder face products – my bronzers, highlights and blushes. In the back left I have my dark lippies, along with gel eyeliners and more blushes. In the middle front I have my foundations and in the back middle I have a combination of primers, liquid highlights, lash glue and lash tweezers. In the left front I have my mascaras and concealers, in the left middle I have my eyeliners and lip liners and then in the back left I have some more lip products. I also keep some of my other palettes in this drawer as well.

And that is how I store my makeup! If you guys want me to go more in depth in certain parts of my makeup collection let me know down below! I can give reviews and swatches of one category – like blushes or eyeshadows.



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