Sephora Haul 2019

Hey guys! I am back with a Sephora haul! I got a gift card for Christmas and I really took my time trying to figure out what I wanted to spend it on. And of course I got extra stuff on top of spending my gift card haha! I got a mixture of makeup and skincare as well as a mixt between new launches and older favourites.

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First, I got two sheet masks. One was the GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask. The second was a Sephora Collection Eye Mask, specially the Perfecting and Brightening one. I haven’t tried either mask yet, I usually hoard masks and then save them for later. I might just post a mini review of them on my Instagram once I use them – what would you guys prefer?

I repurchased another Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. If you read my recent empties you would know how much I love this cleanser. I find it does a great job of cleaning my skin and has an amazing smell. I decided to buy the small size because it fits better where I store my skincare, and it’s also cheaper (like $30 cheaper!).

The other skincare product I got was the Laneige Water Bank Hydrating Gel. I believe I mentioned this in a previous post, but I was looking for a good medium hydration moisturizer. I currently have the Origins Matte Moisturizer and the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, but I wanted something in between very matte and very thick. I think the Laneige is the perfect in between. This gel is lighter than their sleeping mask, but just as hydrating. I have only used it for a week, so I might change my opinion but so far I love it. The gel consistency feels like I’m applying water to my face. It also works well underneath makeup. The only thing is that this jar is glass, so it’s very heavy and I’m always afraid I’m going to drop it and break it. If you have normal, combo or oily skin I think you would like this, but people with drier skin might want something thicker.

The first makeup product I got was a mini size of the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder. I always get the smaller size of powder just to try them out without having to commit to the larger size just in case I don’t like it.  Now I had heard a bunch of people rave about this powder, and many people put it in their favourite products of 2018 so I thought it was time for me to try it out. I didn’t notice the difference between this powder and other ones until I put this powder on one side of my face and a different powder on the other side of my face. This powder is soooo smooth, it’s incredible. This powder has this little particles, I wouldn’t call it glitter but it just gives the most beautiful glow to the face. This powder doesn’t make you look super matte and cakey, but instead leaves a smooth, satin finish. BUT this powder isn’t the best at keeping my skin from looking oily. I understand why so many people with dry skin love this powder. Even though I have oily skin, I like this powder because I don’t always want to look super matte. If I need my makeup to last, I think I will continue to reach for my Cover FX powder, but when I want to look glowy I will use this powder. I will definitely buy it in a bigger size once I finish the mini one.

Next up was the Fenty Gloss Bomb in the shade Fenty Glow. I almost bought this gloss when it first came out, and for some reason I decided not to. I have have almost bought this gloss so many times, and I honestly can’t believe I wanted so long. THIS GLOSS IS AMAZING. I got Fenty Glow because I prefer warmer tones and this is just the perfect shade of lip gloss for me. It’s super shiny but doesn’t make your lips feel gross and tacky. The scent is also so nice and not too overpowering. The gloss lasts a decent amount of time on the lips compared to some other glosses I own. If Fenty came out with a peach or coral shade I would definitely buy that too.

Finally a new foundation! This year I want to spend less money on eyeshadows and lip products and invest more into face products. So getting a new foundation was on the top of that list. I have a bunch of matte, full-coverage foundations. I wanted to try something a little lighter with a satin finish. The Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation just ticked off all the boxes for me. I got a sample of the foundation and liked it enough to buy a full bottle. I also choose this foundation because it had neutral undertones, which is what I prefer for myself (I got shade 1.1). This foundation has a very buildable formula, so I can make it lighter or fuller coverage depending on how I am feeling that day. The foundation lasts well throughout the day, it doesn’t slip off my face or break apart. I think the only downside it that I really feel the foundation on my face, but I don’t mind too much since it looks good on my face. I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a medium, natural looking foundation!

And that is my Sephora haul! The next product I am looking to invest in is a new bronzer, so let me know down below if you have any favourites!



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