Broke University Student Tries HelloFresh

Hey guys! So one of my goals of 2019 was to try and blog twice a week. The plan is for Friday to still be beauty/makeup/skincare posts, while Tuesday is going to be a whatever-I-want day. Sometimes it might still be beauty related, other days it might be book reviews or other content. There will be a post every Friday, but Tuesdays might not happen every week just as I figure things out.

Today’s post is something a little different. I have seen so many Youtubers do sponsored posts with HelloFresh, and I was really interested in trying it out. But being a broke university student, I was resistant. But when Allana Davison (an amazing Canadian Youtuber who you should totally check out) had a 50% off coupon code I knew it was finally time to check it out.

Just want to preface this whole review by saying that while I am a broke university student, I do consider myself a foodie. My housemates all agree that I am definitely the best cook in the house. I put an effort into planning my meals for the week, making sure to eat healthy, well-balanced meals with a ton of variety. So I was excited to try HelloFresh, so satisfy my food curiosity. (Also please excuse my ugly kitchen, I like in a student house okay).

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What is HelloFresh?

For those of you who do not know, HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service. They offer a variety of meals, from regular to veggie to family friendly. They offer 3-4 meals for 2 or 4 people.

Now the first issue I had with HelloFresh is that they currently do not have a one person option. This meant that I would have leftovers with every meal. Now I personally do sometimes make meals for multiple people, like when I am making pasta, because it’s easier. But other meals, like a burger for example, are just nicer if it was for one meal.

I decided to do three meals for two people, which would give me six meals in total.


For a broke student, pricing really makes the difference. The coupon code made the cost $39 CAD. This made it so each recipe would be about $13, or each serving $6.50. Now that isn’t bad for getting a nice, restaurant quality meal but I could definitely make cook cheaper than this. Overall $40 on HelloFresh isn’t bad, but it’s when it’s full price when it becomes ridiculously expensive.

The full price is $79 CAD. This breaks down to $26.33 for one recipe, and $13 per recipe. Now those prices are probably what you would pay if you are going out to restaurants or ordering in food. But $80 is probably what I spend a week for my full grocery bill. HelloFresh only provided me with six meals, so I still needed another dinner plus my food for breakfast and lunch. With HelloFresh, you are definitely paying extra to have everything thought out and shipped to your house.

The Meals

The meals are delivered straight to your house in a nice refrigerated box. I decided to have mine come on Sunday, but you can pick any day of the week you want. Each recipe was in one bag, with the meat separate. Having the meals come in one bag is nice and convenient, but if your like me and share the fridge with a room/housemate it’s a little much. It definitely took up a ton of unnecessary room in the fridge. All of the packaging that was used to shipped the box was recyclable, but there was a decent amount of plastic within the meals.

Photo 2019-02-03, 1 48 20 PM

Dinner One – Pan-Fried Gnocchi

The first dinner was a pan-fried gnocchi with roasted squash and ricotta. This meal was super easy to make. All the squash was pre-cut, so the only thing I had to chop was the garlic – which I find hilarious because I normally use pre-minced garlic. This meal only took me two more minutes than the time given by HelloFresh, and that was only because my burner wasn’t working properly at first.

This dish reminded me of something I would eat in a restaurant. It was not a flavour combination I would normally cook on the regular, so it was nice to try something new. But having it the second day it was not as good. The gnocchi became gummy and the flavours were just too much. Could have used just one serving.

Dinner Two – Retro Burger

This burger is not your ordinary burger – it’s a fancy burger. It had came with caramelized onions and roasted sweet potato fries. I decided to try the burger because I was curious how hard/easy it would be to turn this in two separate meals. I made half the fries and made the beef patties, but I only cooked one patty and saved the other one for another night. I finished making the burger two minutes shorter than the suggested time.

This burger was similar to the pasta in the sense that it was really nice the first time but a little too much the second time. It was super easy for me to make the fries and the burger a different night.

Dinner Three – Creamy Tarragon Chicken

This chicken came with roasted red potatoes and brussels sprouts on the side. This meal was definitely my least favourite. I already had roasted vegetables the past two meals, so I was tired of it by this meal. As well, my sauce didn’t thicken up and it honestly didn’t have that much flavour. I didn’t even put the sauce on the chicken the second time it ate it. It took me only a minute longer than the suggested time.

Renewing the Subscription

I personally thought that you had to go online to renew your weekly subscription, but it is actually an auto-renew subscription service. So you can imagine my surprise when the following Sunday a HelloFresh box showed up to my house. And of course it was full price. I was just given three random meals. I immediately deactivated my account so it would not ship again.

Overall Thoughts

I understand why people like using HelloFresh but it is not for me. It is super easy because it just comes straight to your house. You can go online and choose what you want to receive, or you can just be surprised. The ingredients in the box are perfectly portioned, so there is no waste. All the meals were great the first time, so if I was cooking for two people this would be great.

I will not be getting HelloFresh for a few reasons. First, there is no single person options and I didn’t like the meals enough to want to eat leftovers. Second it’s hella expensive. I am currently trying to save money, and the convenience for me isn’t worth it. I actually enjoy planning out my meals and going grocery shopping, so the convenience is not meant for me.

But just because I don’t want to use HelloFresh again doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you are someone who currently is spending tons of money going out or ordering in, this is cheaper than that. I think this is also useful for someone who is learning to cook because the recipes were all easy to make. They are also all very quick to make as well, they were all estimated to take between 30-35 minutes and their estimates were pretty accurate.¬†Honestly, I think it is important it evaluate your lifestyle and then decide whether or not HelloFresh is worth it.

And that is my HelloFresh review! I hope you guys liked it, I know this is a little different. Let me know if there is anything you would like to me try or do food wise – I love cooking!

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