Life Update – Done University!

Hey friends! Here is the Life Update that I promised. So much stuff is happening in my life and it is definitely affecting my blog, so I wanted to let ya’ll know about it!

So I was pretty MIA most of April. I had my final university exams! I am now officially done university, which is pretty crazy. I think I mentioned this before, but I was going to university to study Communications. I have finished my degree, but have decided to do another year. I will be attending a different school, so I had to move back to my parents place.

I have spent the past week moving back home which is a has been a ton of work. I have a mini room tour up in my Instagram highlights, and I am planning on doing a full blog post for next week. Now I am completely redoing my room back home, since the last time that was done was when I was 15 haha! But it’s been a slooow process. I will definitely be posting updates about that as well.

The really big thing is that I am going on a big trip to Europe! I am pre-writing this post, the day it goes up I will be leaving! I will be gone for two and a half weeks, but I am trying to pre-write a ton of posts. I might be posting less on Instagram though, since there will be a seven hour time difference, and I am unsure how much WiFi I will have. I am already planning on writing some posts about my trip when I come back.

After I come back this summer I will just be working, so hopefully everything will go back to normal. I actually want to send this summer revamping the look and function of my blog, so stay tuned for some updates!

And that is what is up with my life right now! Going through a ton of changes, and just thought I would like ya’ll know 🙂



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