May 2019 Boxycharm Review

Hey guys! I am officially back from my trip to Europe! Sorry I didn’t have any posts go up the last three weeks – I ran out of time before my trip to write and decided to just enjoy my trip instead of worrying about posting. I am an amazing time on my trip, and I will be writing a few blog posts about it so stay tuned for that!

Even though I was away most of the month, there was no way I would be missing a Boxycharm box! I haven’t had much time to try the products, but I wanted to at least give you guys my first impressions of the items in the box. This month’s theme is Make Waves.

Photo 2019-05-30, 2 18 16 PM

The first item in the box is the GlamGlow Gentlebubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser. I have used this cleanser a few times now and overall I think it’s pretty average. It’s a nice gentle cleanser, my skin didn’t feel stripped or dry after using it. It also does a good job of foaming up, just like it claims. I personally can’t stand the scent though. I know a lot of people like it, but it reminds me of alcohol. I actually checked the ingredients to see if there was alcohol in this cleanser, but GlamGlow says that it is ‘drying alcohol-free’. Either way, this green tea-apple combination is not my favourite. Overall I will probably continue to use this cleanser now that I have it, but I would recommend others over this one. Price: $28 USD, $35 CAD

Next I got an Eyelash Curler from PUR Cosmetics. Not going to lie, I’m bummed that I received this item. I already own an eyelash curler, and this tool is not really one that you need multiples of. I am sure it’s a create quality lash curler, but it’s just not something I needed. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it or give it to a friend/sell it. Price: $18 USD

The next item I got is the Oryza Opaline Top Gloss. I thought this product was a lip gloss, so imagine my reaction when I put this on my lips and it dried down completely within seconds. I have never tried something like this before! It has the shimmer impact of a glossy lip topper but the durability of a liquid lipstick. Now this is not a lippie that I would wear all the time, only for certain occasions when I want a ton of glitter on my lips. But I could imagine having a waterproof shimmer could be good for a festival or fun event. In the end, I wouldn’t say everyone should run out and buy this. I probably won’t use it very often but it does what it claims to do. Price: $14.99 USD or $17.99 (I don’t know what currency but the second price is what is on their website)

More glitter! The next item is the Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow. Wow this are fun! This creme eyeshadow is extremely pigmented. I put one swipe on my eyelid and I was able to cover it completely all the way up to my eyebrow haha. I think just a little bit of this place on the middle of the eyelid would be so beautiful. While I found that the eyeshadow didn’t crease, it was still tacky. About an hour later I was able to wipe it off using my finger. I’m not sure how long wearing this product would be. Overall I think this is a fun creme eyeshadow that I will definitely play with more. Price: $22 USD

The final product is the Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio, and I got mine in the shade medium/tan. Man these shades just scream summer to me! I can’t wait until I am a little more tan because for now these shades are just a hair to dark. My set includes a coral, a peach and a rose shade which are my favourite to wear as blushes. These blushes aren’t so pigmented that I have to be careful not to over do it. Instead they are buildable and blendable. I really like the eyeshadow palette that I own from Alamar Cosmetics, so I’m not surpised that I like this blush trio. If you like blush, this is a gorgeous trio. Price: $22 USD

And that is my May Boxycharm! While I miss exploring and all the new friends I met abroad, I am excited to be home and have the chance to sit and play with my makeup again!



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