Room Reno – Updating my Childhood Bedroom

Hey guys! As many of you know, I have moved back to my parents house for the foreseeable future. I am doing another year of school and then I’m going to try and find a job, so who knows when I will move out (not to mention that the Toronto housing market is insane). For that reason I decided it was time to redo my old bedroom. The last time I had redone my room was when I was 14 years old. As you can see from the photos below, I really liked purple, books and One Direction. While all of those things are still true, I wanted the room to match who I am now. Also there was no room for a desk in my room, something I will definitely need when I go back to school. So it was time for a room reno!

This was a long process to redo my room. My parents and I have decided back at Christmas that we would redo my room. During my reading week in February I had done a massive room clean out, donating a large amount of the stuff that was in my room. I donated around 100 books and tons of clothes. I had also packed up all of the stuff that I wanted to keep at this point. I would like to to shout out my father (even though he doesn’t read my blog). He helped me so much with this reno. First he painted all my walls for me while I was writing exams in April. He also built the bookshelves and my closet while I was away in Europe. Finally, he widened my existing desk and put a wider top on it. Couldn’t have done any of this without him. After I came back from Europe I spent the next while going through all my stuff and putting it all away. I finally finished my room this past week.

I would just like to mention that nothing in my room is new. Everything was either already in this room or from my university house. I already linked a bunch of stuff in my University Room Tour blog post, so I could check that out.

My bed and most of the bedding is the same as before. I got this new summer duvet from Home Outfitters, which is going out of business (lol no link sorry). I was able to get it for 40% off! My hanging light fixture was in my room before, and I actually bought it at the CNE a couple years ago. Most of the stuff on my beside table I had before. My alarm clock is from Miniso and was around $9 (maybe?). I bought it a couple weeks ago, so it should still be in store. Finally, behind my diffuser is my Google Home Mini. I actually got it for free when Spotify was doing a promotion to get people to sign up for Premium.

Across my bed is the bookcase that my dad built for me. I was inspired by sunbeamsjess’ bookshelves  (here is her Youtube video if you are curious, she is also amazing would totally recommend her channel). I decided to put my tv in the middle, with books and knick-knacks surrounding it. If you are curious for a more in-depth bookshelf tour, head over to my Instagram and check out my highlight about it. I did include some close up photos of my knick-knacks. Most of them are either from my old room, special mementos or antiques from my grandmothers. I also have my perfume collection and my candle collection. If you are interested in seeing either of these collections let me know in the comments and I can do so!

Beside my bookcase I have this antique dresser. On top I have some decor bits and my ukulele that I got for $20 at an antique sale. Inside my wardrobe I have all my Polaroids on one side and a mirror on the other. Inside the wardrobe I have shirts and stuff on top, underwear in the bins and sweatshirts on the bottom.

Across from the wardrobe is my closet, which my dad was nice enough to redo. On the right is two bars for hanging clothes. I have most of my hanging pieces on top, and I keep some bags underneath the bottom hanging one. To the left are some shelves with more clothes. There is also a rode to hang longer dresses. On the bottom of the shelves I keep bags, and on the top I have some miscellaneous clothes that I don’t wear but want to keep.


Finally, beside my closet is my desk! Like I mentioned before, my dad rejigged my desk so the top and side is bigger. On top of my desk I have some makeup, some pens, desk lamps, and a candle (from Bath and Body Works of course). I have this jewellery case that I received as a gift a couple years ago. I keep mainly nice pieces or stuff that I wear infrequently in here. Most of my daily pieces are kept in a box inside my desk. The prints I have linked in my previous room post.

And that is my room completely redone! I am so happy with the results 🙂 I am also happy because my parents got a new router, so the internet connection is stronger in my room! I hope you guys are enjoying this lifestyle posts, let me know in the comments if you have any post suggestions!




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