Product Empties July 2019

Hey guys! I am back with another product empties post. I know you guys always like these posts! I have also been making a conscious effort to go through my products. I have a bunch of half used product that I want to finish up. I am pretty impressed with the amount I have, since it’s been only four months! Anyways, here are my empties!

july 2019

First up I finished three cleanser. First is another Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (what a surprise). This is just my favourite cleanser. I always have an empty one every. single. product. empties. post. It’s so good. Just try it yourself.

Next is the Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acne Treatment Cleanser. I think this is a pretty good cleanser. It does a good job of leaving my face feeling clean and fresh. I also enjoy the citrus scent. I decided to not repurchase this cleanser for a few years. While my skin is still pretty acne prone, it is not as oily was it once was. So I felt like it was maybe time to switch it up. I was also finding it harder to find this cleanser in store as well. In the end I would recommend this cleanser, but I am using something else.

The other cleanser was a sample of the Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. I also liked this cleanser. Once again I felt like it did a good job of cleaning my face. It has a bright peach scent that I also enjoyed. Also I only needed a small amount of this cleanser to wash my face. Overall, I thought it was a good cleanser, but since anti-aging is not really my big skin concern I will not be repurchasing.

Next up I have five moisturizers. My skin was actually dry this past winter/spring. I just want to start by saying I have a very acne-prone back/chest. To help with this I use moisturizers meant for the face on this area. The first I used for this area was the Jouviance Hydractiv Antiox Pollution-Fighting Moisturizer. You can purchase this product at Shoppers, but it ain’t cheap. Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan, which is why I used is on my back instead of my face. It has a weird texture and took awhile to sink into the skin. I had this moisturizer for like ever, it took so long for me to finish. Overall I wouldn’t recommend, especially for the high price that it is.

Now if you have acne prone skin you HAVE to get The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Lotion. This moisturizer has done wonders clearing up the acne on my back/chest. It is important to keep areas that are breaking out moisturized, because over these areas are overproducing oil in order to compensate with dryness. This moisturizer gives enough hydration to help my skin, but the tea tree in this moisturizer helps treat active breakouts. I have already repurchased this moisturizer. I use it on my back/shoulder/chest after every shower.

My current favourite face moisturizer is the Laneige Water Bank Hydrating Gel. I originally purchased this moisturizer because I wanted something a little lighter and better suited for every day use than their overnight sleeping mask. I instantly fell in love. As I mentioned, but skin have slowly shift from being oily to being more combo/normal. It less oilier than before, if anything sometimes it can be a little dry. This moisturizer is more hydrating than my mattifying moisturizers, but it isn’t as thick as some other ones that I have tried. It is also very lightweight. But most importantly it doesn’t break me out. I really like this moisturizer, I already repurchased another one.

A moisturizer that I didn’t like as much was the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer. I know a ton of people really like this moisturizer, but I don’t like it as much as the Laneige one. This was actually the only moisturizer I brought with me to Europe, and while I was there I was missing my Laneige one. I just find this one thicker and I can feel it on my face after. Maybe if you have drier skin you would like this more, but this one is a pass for me.

The final moisturizer is the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream. This literally feels like rubbing water on your face. I don’t know how it works, but this cream quickly blends into the the face and feels as light as water. I just wish it was more hydrating. After I applied it I kind of wanted to apply another layer. I would recommend this for really oily people.

A product that I didn’t finish but I am throwing out is the Purlisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum. If there is one step in my skin care routine that I am horrible at remembering to do consistently, it’s apply eye cream. It’s just something I always forget to apply. During the seasonal change between winter to spring, but undereyes were a little dry. I tried using this Purlisse eye cream, which I got in my Boxycharm three year ago. Well I think it’s expired not, because it actually made my under eyes drier. I vaguely remember trying it when I first got it and liking it, but I think it’s just expired not, and that’s why it’s causing me to have a bad reaction.

One last product in the category of moisturizers is the Satsuma Body Butter by the Body Shop. It’s funny because I love of satsuma in soap form, but wasn’t a huge fan in the body butter form. But besides the scent, I loveeee the formula of the Body Shop body butters. They are thick and creamy, and leave the skin feeling so soft and smooth. I repurchased the body butter in a different scent.

Now for hair-case. I received the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask in a Boxycharm box. I feel like one of the few people who isn’t in love with Briogeo. I like that their product are clean, but I feel like the barely do anything for my hair. I feel like I get similar results from using a drugstore deep-conditioner mask. I don’t know, like I finish the bottle and didn’t notice a huge difference.

The other hair product is something that Herbal Essences doesn’t even sell anymore. I bought this oil elixir because I was finding the ends of my hair to be really dry. I would use a little bit of the oil on the ends of my hair and it made such a difference. I only needed a little pump so it lasted me forever. Sad that they don’t sell this oil anymore because it was really good!

Finally there are three makeup products. First is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I mentioned in my Current Faves post how much I was loving this concealer. It is the perfect medium coverage where it covers the dark circles but doesn’t look to full-coverage/cakey. Clearly I love this concealer since I finished it.

Next is two bronzers, which is super impressive. The first is my Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. It took me forever to finish this bronzer. I hit pan like a year ago, and I finally gave up on the bronzer last week. The reason why this is the best bronzer ever is because it buildable and leaves a beautiful glow to the skin. If you haven’t tried this bronzer yet, go out and get it now.

The final product is the PUR Mineral Glow bronzer. I actually shattered this bronzer. But it’s funny because a year ago I had actually broke the compact and got my dad to glue back together. And then a month ago it actually shattered and was gone for good. I am very sad about this bronzer because I liked it a lot. I liked to use it in the summer along with my Butter Bronzer. I would use this to really deepen up the skin. Plus it had a slight shimmer to it, so it would make me look like a bronze goddess. I believe that I can get PUR at Shoppers Drugmart now, so I might look around and get another one if I can find it.

And that is my long and rambly product empties post. Fifteen products might have been a little much for one post haha. Anyways, let me know down below what product you always finish and repurchase!



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