October Boxycharm 2019

Hey guys! I feel like October went by super quick but was also super slow at the same time, anyone else? I got my Boxycharm box pretty early this month, so I have really tested these products out. So here is what I got in my box!

Photo 2019-10-12, 11 48 32 AM

First I got the Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Mist. The mister on this is so bad. It would spray big droplets all over my face. It makes my face wet, which isn’t exactly the best for makeup application. So I thought maybe it’s more of a skincare spray, and well the results were underwhelming. I would spray it all over my face and it would feel good at the moment, but then my face didn’t feel any different. Not very hydrating. Not worth the price. Price: USD $35

Next is the Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss. I like this gloss! Some plumping lip glosses can be really tingly or minty. This one tingled a little and had only a light mint smell. I also like the formula. It’s sheer but still has some good colour to it. It liked to wear it over top of lip liner. I liked this lip gloss and I will definitely be wearing it again. Price: $26 USD, CAD $36

Fun fact: I’ve been using the same pair of eyebrow tweezers for years. I don’t even know what brand they have because the name has rubbed off. So it was a little odd to be using the Chella Slanted Tip Tweezers instead of my regular ones. These Chella ones have a funky hole grip on them. It takes some practice to get used to using them. Also, these are super sharp. My tweezers have dulled over the years, but I pinched myself using the Chella ones and also drew blood. They weren’t bad tweezers. Do you have to run out and buy this specific pair of tweezers? No lol. Price: USD $20

Next up is the Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm. I was pleasantly surprised by this primer! It hydrates my skin and makes it look super dewy but it isn’t sticky. It is very glowy, so if I’m wearing a sheerer foundation I don’t even need highlight. It reminds me of my favourite Dr. Brandt primer. The only thing is that I don’t like the packaging. I wish this was in a squishy tube because I don’t like digging my fingers into a primer to use it. I feel like it came with a spatula but I lost that already haha. Anyways I would just prefer different packaging but still love this product! Price: USD $32

The final product is the Dose of Colours Baked Browns palette. I am so happy that I got this palette! I have been wanting to try the Dose of Colours 5-pan eyeshadows palettes for so long because I have heard such amazing reviews. And those amazing reviews are right! The shades are so creamy, pigmented and blend out like a dream. There is a bunch of kick-up when I dip my brush into the palette, so I always make sure to tap it off because I apply it to my face. I also love the Colours in the Baked Browns palette. They are basic shades that I can use to create so many looks by just adding a shimmery shade on top. I am really happy with this product! Price: USD $32

And that is this month’s Boxycharm! Let me know what you guys thought of this month’s box!



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