November Boxycharm 2019

Hey guys! I swear November went by so fast. Yet at the same time, the beginning of November seems so long ago. I got my Boxycharm box at the beginning of the month and it feels like forever ago. I was super impressed that I got my box so early this year! Boxycharm has been stepping up their Canadian shipping! Anyways, this month’s box:

Photo 2019-11-10, 2 26 38 PM

This month was the first month that Boxycharm allowed for customization. So I choose the Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum. Listen, don’t buy this serum. It isn’t bad by any means, but it is not worth the $90 price tag. It is a lightweight serum, so this wasn’t the deep hydration that I was expecting from a serum that markets itself as a dewy, quenching serum. I would say this serum is nice to use before applying makeup because it left my skin feeling tacky. But overall I wouldn’t say that my skin felt super hydrated after. I will continue to use it because I own it, but it’s nothing special. Price: $90 USD

Next up is the Dose of Colours Liquid Matte Lipstick. I received the shade Nude Mood. I am very happy because for a while I was always getting weird shades that I would never wear, but this one is nice! It’s described as a pinky nude, but I think it is more warmed toned than cooled toned. I do like this liquid lipstick. It’s pretty comfortable because it doesn’t dry down completely. It can smudge if you’re not careful. It can surviving drinks but isn’t eating food proof. But what I did after eating is just apply a lip balm and redistribute the colour around my lips. Overall I like this lippie, and it’s my favourite product in the box.

The next products are the Tula Skincare Star Power Nourishing and Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask. I like that I received two masks because it allowed me to test the mask out to see if I liked it. And well I didn’t really. First I hate how much plastic there was for the one sheet mask. Don’t get me wrong, I get that sheet masks aren’t the most sustainable thing. The sheet mask is two separate pieces sandwiched between two pieces of plastic within a plastic pouch. It just feels bad that a clean beauty brand is so wasteful in its packaging. Then the other issue I had was that I didn’t notice a huge difference compared to other products I own. Like I felt that using my normal moisturizer would leave my skin as bright and hydrated as this mask. If I am going to use a mask it’s because I’m looking for something impactful, or maybe that’s just me. Either way, I don’t think these masks are worth the cost. Price: $22 USD for two, sold as a four-pack for $28 USD

Next Boxycharm  made its first-ever brush set. And well I’m not the biggest fan. First, they are very soft, but they are very dense and stiff. I feel like I have to work hard to blend anything out. Because they are so dense they are not good for powder. They only really work with creme products. I also find the shape of the handle weird and they don’t have a very good balanced feel in the hands. Overall I didn’t like using these brushes. I’ve received a ton of brushes in my box before, and these were my least favourite. Price: $35 USD for the two brushes.

The final product is the Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder eyeshadow palette. This is a mini version of the Celestial Storm that is available both on the website and at Sephora. The one I received can be purchased from the Boxycharm website, but I don’t recommend it. This colour story is just so off and weird to me. I only did one look with this palette because I had no idea what to do. The orange is very pigmented and the brown also pulls very orange. It is impossible to do a simple everyday look. The mattes were really good quality, they blended well. But the metallics were mediocre. I’ve used better. Overall the quality isn’t bad, but the colour story throws me off so much that I doubt I will use it much. Price: $35 USD (the full palette is $58 CAD)

Overall I didn’t like much in this box. I liked the liquid lipstick, but otherwise I was kind of unimpressed with everything else. Sucks because I’ve felt like the past couple months the Boxycharm boxes were really good. And maybe other people liked their boxes because they got different variations. Either way, this one was a dud for me. Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments!



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