Valentine’s Day Outfits

Hey guys! Today I am sharing some inspiration for some Valentine’s Day outfits! I have three different scenarios to show you guys some different looks! All of these pieces are old so I won’t be linking anything, but if you like something let me know in the comments and I can try and find a dupe for you!

Casual Date Night

If I were going on a date (which I’m not because I’m single af) this is the outfit I would wear. The pink and black lace cami is a little sexy, but the white t-shirt and black ripped jeans make the outfit more casual. I add jeans and a leather jacket to complete the look. Perfect for a casual dinner and movie night with bae.

Galentine’s Day Outfit

If I were getting brunch or drinks with my friends, this is what I would rock. This bright red sweater is festive and cozy. The black jeans and half-up hairstyle are chill but still cute. What I like about this sweater is if I see a cute boy I can pull the shoulder down and make eyes at him 😝. Cute booties and a jacket would complete the look.

Chocolate and Couch?

For all my single ladies who will be watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved 2 and eating chocolate on the couch, this is for you. I got this pink leggings from Fabletics, and I threw on my big oversized black sweater. Finished the look with a pink scrunchie, fuzzy socks and a glass of wine and you are set!

I hope you guys liked this simple look book. This was super fun to make! I am still planning to do a workwear look book, I will probably do it over my reading week!



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