My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my favourite makeup brushes! Brushes are a super important part of doing your makeup. Good brushes can make a huge difference in the application process. Brushes are also an investment piece. They are something that if you take good care of can last you for years. Brushes can also be used for any use you want. Something you will notice is that I use brushes for different uses then they are created. Like painting, it’s not about the shape but how you use it. Today I am sharing 33 different brushes. You don’t need every brush I am sharing, but these are just what I like!

Photo 2020-02-19, 3 19 03 PM

First are makeup sponges. Sponges are very multiple functional. They can be used for any cream product and even powders too. I mainly use my sponges to blend out foundation, concealer and set up under eyes with powder. My two favourites are the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Sponge. The Beauty Blender is classic, and the Real Techniques one is the best drugstore dupe I have found. I find it a little softer but also absorbs more product. Both are great sponges.

Photo 2020-02-19, 3 20 31 PM

Next up are my cream base brushes. My absolute favourite foundation is the Morphe Y6. This flat-top brush is dense enough to blend over a large space quickly and doesn’t leave any brush strokes. If I’m not using a sponge for concealer (which I usually do), I use my Luxie 660 Precision Foundation. The pointed tip fits perfectly under my eyes and blends my concealer while keeping the coverage. For cream bronzer, I like the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (also note: on Amazon it’s expensive, but I got it on sale at Rexall for $9). This brush does a great job of blending out a cream bronzer without moving my foundation underneath. For cream blush, I use the Stilazzi Duo Fibre Mini Blender S302. For blush, I am much more precise than bronzer, so I like using this mini brush. The final brush is for cream contour. I like a limited edition Tarte brush. The wide and rounded brush allows for a tight, angled contour.

Photo 2020-02-19, 3 21 17 PM

Next is my powder brushes. As an oily skin girl, I love powder. When I want to pack on the powder, I will use a makeup sponge. For under the eyes I like the Luxie 522 Tapered Highlighter and the brightening brush in the Alamar Cosmetics Complexion Brush Trio. Both have a slight point and fit perfectly under my eyes. The Luxie brush is round while the Alamar brush is flatter. For all other the face my favourite is the Aesthetica P12. The tapered oval shape makes it perfect for loosely applying powder over the rest of my face.

Photo 2020-02-19, 3 22 58 PM

To finish off the face are the rest of my favourite powder product brushes (aka bronzer, blush and highlight). My favourite bronzer brush right now is the MODA Limited Edition Powder brush (apart of a set). This super fluffy and soft brush is perfect for great an all-over glow to the skin. For a more defined bronzer or contour look, I like the Elf Angled Blush Brush. It’s fluffy but narrow. For blush, I have two favourites. The first is the MODA Pro BMX-130 Pointed Blush. My other favourite is from a random kit that I got from Winners. It’s similar to the Elf one but just slightly fluffier. To highlight my ultimate favourite is the Luxie 512 Small Contouring. I know that it’s technically for contour, but it’s so good for highlight too. I own two of this brush and use one for powder and the other for cream highlight. My other highlight brush is the Morphe R31. I like the shape, the only thing is that it has gotten rough and scratchy with use.

The next category is crease brushes. All of these brushes are great, they are just different sizes. If you have larger eyes, you might like the larger brushes and vice-versa. Also having a bigger brush is nice for transition shades, and smaller brushes and nice for getting in the crease. Starting from the biggest is the Luxie 250 Large Eye Blending (apart of a set). Next is the Alamar Cosmetics Fluffy Blender (apart of Ojitos Brush Trio Vol 1). An average-sized crease brush is the Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Brush. Slightly smaller is the MODA Pro BMX-430 Crease brush. The smallest crease brush that I would still use for blending is the Luxie 229 Tapered Blending. The second photo shows all the brushes up close so you can see the different sizes.

Photo 2020-02-19, 3 29 45 PM

The final category is eye brushes that are not crease/blending brushes. The Sephora Collection PRO Allover shadow 12 doesn’t exist anymore but it’s great. I use this to set my eyeshadow base with a skin colour shadow. Next is the Luxie 141 Mini Round (apart of a set). I use this to pack shadow is my crease for a cut crease or to smudge out my lower lash line. The Luxie 237 Blending is a tiny brush that I like to use to apply highlight to my inner corner and brow bone. It’s fluffy which means it won’t pack on too much product. The next two brushes aren’t even eye brushes. First I the Simply Simmons Spotter brush, which is a paintbrush, do to eyeliner and fake freckles. Next, I use the Morphe M170-4 Oval Lip Brush to cut my crease with concealer for cut crease looks. Another brush from the Alamar Ojitos Brush Trio that I like is the flat tight liner. This is perfect for tight-lining both my upper and lower lash line. Whenever I use gel eyeliner, I use another discounted Sephora Collection brush – the PRO Gel liner 26. To finish off this long blog post about brushes, my two favourite flat brushes are the Alamar flat painter brush (also from the Ojitos Brush Trio) and the Luxie 245 Small Shader Brush (apart of a set). Both are great brushes, the other difference is that the Luxie one is slightly pointed.

And those are all my favourite brushes. Make sure to check out my Instagram because I will be talking more about my favourite brushes there this weekend. Also if you have any questions about brushes let me know in the comments down below!



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