I tried following a beauty Youtube tutorial

Hey guys! Today I decided to try and do something fun while I am stuck inside. If you read my March products of the month, then you know I am using the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St palette. Kathleen Lights always posts tutorials using her palettes, so I thought it would be fun to try and follow one! I decided to follow this video if you are curious.

So how easy was it to follow the video? Well, first it helped that I owned the palette that she used. That makes it easier than trying to use similar shades. But in the tutorial, she used a Colourpop Super-Shock Shadow that I don’t own. She applied it all over her lid before applying the dark brown Elfish. I decided to just apply Elfish by itself. In hindsight, I would have applied a plain brown eyeliner all over my lids. I felt that it would have given something for the shade to stick to.

Overall I think Kathleen did a great job explaining how to do the look. But to be fair it was a pretty simple smoky eye. It would be interesting to try and follow a more complicated look and see if it would be harder for me to do. I also think that since I had a great base knowledge about makeup it was easier for me to follow along than if someone didn’t know how to do their makeup.

It was funny because in the video Kathleen talked about how she struggled to apply her false lashes. And I had the same issue! I like Kathleen because she is honest, she shows when she is struggling. It makes her more honest and authentic.

This was super fun for me to do, especially because I wouldn’t have thought to do a makeup look like this. I want to try and follow more makeup tutorials!

Let me know if you guys have any you would like me to try! I think I want to do one by Allana Davison next. 👀

I also will be posting a video of me doing this makeup look on my Instagram as well, so make sure to follow me there (@xoxoxoleelee)!



4 thoughts on “I tried following a beauty Youtube tutorial

  1. These shades are beautiful! It’s fun following tutorials. I learned how to do a traditional smokey eye with black eyeliner from Allana Davison this year, she explains everything so well!


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