March Boxycharm 2020

Hi guys! Today I am sharing my March Boxycharm! My post on Tuesday featured one of the products in my box, but now I am giving my full review! Also, I would like to note that last month Boxycharm said that they were switching to virtual cards but I got a physical card in this month’s box? What’s going on Boxycharm? Anyways, now onto the box.

Photo 2020-03-13, 12 39 48 PM

The first item in my box is the Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Clean Cleansing Balm. Now I believe that this is just a cherry version of their original Green Clean. Since I have used their original formula and have another cleansing balm open I decided to not open this one. But I like their original formula! It does a good job of removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean. The only thing is if I accidentally get it in my eye it’s annoying. The cherry version smells like maraschino cherries. Price: $34 US (the original is $45 CAD).

Next is the Sutra Beuty Mini Ceramic Curling Iron. If you watched my video on Instagram (@xoxoxoleelee), then you know that I like this mini curling iron! It does a great job of creating nice, tight curls. This would be the perfect curling iron to travel with because it’s small but does a great job. Price: $49.99 US

The lip product this month is the Becca Glow Gloss. I got the shade Carmellia and I was worried because it’s a bright pink. But these glosses are sheer, so it gives a nice hint of cool-toned pink to the lips. The formula is nice because it’s not sticky. But it has a weird scent, very herbally and almost like tea tree? Luckily it’s not very strong. The packaging bugs me though. It has a rounded bottom and a bump on the top. So I can’t stand the gloss vertically. It’s not the end of the world, but I would prefer at least one flat side. Price: $22 US

Photo 2020-03-25, 2 38 04 PM

My least favourite product is the Hank & Henry Living in Color Palette. First, the packaging is extremely bulky. I can get behind bulky packaging if it’s cute or serves a purpose, but this is just annoying. Next, I don’t like the colour story. It’s pretty boring and there isn’t any shades in the palette that I think are unique or make me want to use the palette. Finally, the quality of the eyeshadows aren’t that great. The mattes are patchy and the glitter shades need to be packed on. For example, the shade Mariana Trench is very similar to Mermaid Boy in the Colourpop Dream St palette. The quality of the Colourpop shadow is way better. The only good shade is La Canela, which I think is a different formula than the other shimmers. Overall a dud palette that is not worth the price: $27 US

The final product is the Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer. I like receiving a product like this because at least I will actually use it! Since I got it I’ve been using it every single time I’ve showered. The lavender scent is strong but not overwhelming. It lathers up well and has been lasting multiple washes. The only thing is that I find that the sponge is scratchy at first and takes a while to become soft. Overall I love using this, but I wouldn’t go out and repurchase it. Price: $16 US, $22 CAD

The final total of the box is $149 US. Honestly, this box was good except for the palette! Just goes to show that you have to test the products before you judge them! Let me know what you think of this month’s box in the comments.



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