April Boxycharm

Hey guys! Today’s post is my April Boxycharm. It took a little longer to arrive but I still had over a week to try all the products so that’s good. This month’s theme was Festival Vibes – I assume they picked it before Covid-19. Here are the products I received.

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For those you didn’t know, Boxycharm now allows for choice. I got to pick between three items this month and I chose The Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Hydration Juice. The was another Elemis product and one of 10 different eyeshadow palettes. Since I couldn’t choose the eyeshadow palette, I picked this Elemis moisturizer because I felt like I would get the most use out of it. This moisturizer is a gel, which I like for my skin type. It’s supposed to be a ‘super-hydrating’ and while it does a good job it’s not the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve ever used. Overall this is a good product and I will continue to use it, but I’m not saying you have to run out and purchase it yourself. Price: $48 US

The next product is the Iconic London Illuminator. I have heard many amazing things about this highlight but have never purchased it because it’s only sold on their website in Canada. This shit is BRIGHT. This is the blinding highlight that was super popular a couple of years ago. I have the original shade, which is a hair too dark for me. If I apply too much I can see a stripe on my face. I think once I get a bit of tan it will match me well. It’s also a bit fussy to use. I find that the only way it applies well is with my fingers. So I will continue to use it but it won’t be my go-to highlight. Price: $41 US, $57 CAD

Photo 2020-05-01, 1 00 07 PM

The Lavish 5-Piece Neon Eye Brush Collection is a weird set. Four of the five brushes are decent quality, on par with some of Morphe brushes. But the Fine Liner brush is crap. It reminds me of those scraggly brushes that you get with a Crayola paint kit as a kid. So it’s weird that there is different quality within the set. Also, the brand’s website is hard to find and doesn’t seem very legit. Honestly don’t buy these, stick to Luxie brushes. You can get them at Winners and they’re good quality. Price: $29.99 US

When I saw this was an option I was really hoping I wouldn’t get it and of course I did. I received the Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Face Primer. If you read my April Products of the Month post you would understand my feelings. While it’s not a bad primer, I just don’t use pore filling primers very often. I also have many other open primers in my collection. So I have decided to not open it and I will give donate it or sell it. Price: $32 US, $42 CAD

The final product is the Makeup Eraser. I have seen this before but never tried it before. It’s a cloth that you just wet and it removes your makeup. No need for makeup remover. It’s quite sustainable because not only is it eliminating cotton rounds but also the makeup remover itself. Does it work? Well, it does take off my makeup, even my mascara! But my face doesn’t feel clean after, I have to wash my face after. I like using micellar water to remove my makeup because it not only removes my makeup but cleanses my face at the same time. I have yet to wash it yet but I will update this post once I have. Overall if you like to double cleanse this might be a good product for you, but I’m lazy so I’m going to stick to my micellar water and reusable cotton rounds. Price: $22 US, $29 CAD

And that is my Boxycharm! The total price is $172.99. Pretty good value in the box, but it’s mainly the Elemis moisturizer and Iconic London Illuminator that brought up the price. Overall this was quite a mediocre box. Nothing was horrible but nothing amazing. Let me know what you think in the comments.



*UPDATE May 11* Hey guys. Wanted to post an update about a two of the products. The first is the Makeup Erasure. I have since washed it and it washed well! There are no makeup stains and it worked just as well as the first time. My thoughts still stand that while it took off the makeup it didn’t leave my skin feeling clean. I believe that this will be good when I am travelling and don’t want to bring makeup remover but will be bringing a cleanser anyways.

The second product is the Elemis moisturizer. I have used it for three weeks now and I’ve figured out my opinion. It’s a good moisturizer and would be best for oily/combo skin. It’s a gel, so it’s a enough for my skin but if you are dry wouldn’t be enough hydration. After first applying it to the skin it feels tacky, but that dissipates over time.

The only thing that is holding me back from recommending it is the availability in Canada. Now this may be different in other countries, but the only retailer I could find in Canada that sells this moisturizer is the Elemis website. Shipping is $25 for orders under $200 and who knows if they would be duties as well. I think there are other moisturizers that are more readily available than this one. Now if you live in the US or Europe it’s way easier to get Elemis products. I think it’s important to take into consideration how accessible a product is when recommending it.

I hope this update helps! 🙂

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