NEW Natasha Denona Bronze Palette – 2 looks 1 palette

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my thoughts on my newest palette purchase – the Natasha Denona Bronze palette. I’ve only used the palette a few times so this won’t be a super in-depth review. But I’ve used it a few times and have developed some ~thoughts and feelings~ about the palette that I thought I would share! 🙂

First I just wanted to say that I have been thinking about getting a Natasha Denona palette for a while. I’ve heard that the formula of her eyeshadows are some of the best and that they are worth the high price tag. I hadn’t bought one yet because they are expensive and wanted to pick one that I felt would be worth my money. Well, when I saw the Bronze palette I knew that that was the one for me.

I realize that the colour palette isn’t exactly revolutionary. It’s full of bronzes, golds and coppers. But that is what makes this perfect for me! Those are my favourite shades to wear, so I know I will get good use out of this palette. I also think that the balance between mattes and shimmers is pretty good. There are six mattes in a range of tones to be able to create depth in the crease and then a bunch of fun shimmers and metallics to use on top. One of my favourite shades is surprisingly Deep Dive. It looks like a black but it’s actually deep brown-purple and one of the most unique shades I’ve ever seen. Just shows that even in a neutral palette there are interesting shades.

I haven’t used all the shades yet but every shade that I have used has been great. In the two looks I did I was dealing with some dry patches in my crease (bad reaction for an eye cream). The shades still blended amazingly over dry patches. Like you can’t even tell unless you look up close that I had dry patches. I think that shows how great the mattes are. The shimmers are all great. They are pigmented and the duo-chromes are also really good.

I was able to great two very different looks. But I just like the fact that I can throw a couple of mattes in my lid and then pop a shimmer shade and I would have a great look no problem. There is not trying to figure out what shades will go together because every shade will go with the other shades. That’s something I love that you don’t see in a lot of palettes.

Now is it worth the price? To put this into perspective, this palette is $87 CAD for 15 shadows. In comparison one of my favourite palettes ever is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette, which is $55 for 14 shades. So the Natasha Denona palette is significantly more expensive. I am unsure if it’s worth the price tag, I would have to do some testing to see if I notice a significant difference between the two.

So what are my overall thoughts? I am happy that I purchased this palette. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while and I think I will use it a lot. It might even become my new holy grail palette (too early to say though). But I would hold off recommending it to everyone for now. I think you would have to consider how much you wear makeup. A good thing to consider when making purchases is the cost per use. So if you are planning to use this palette daily then it will be worth it. But if you don’t wear makeup a lot OR have a large collection then this palette might not be necessary.

And those are my thoughts on the Natasha Denona Bronze palette! Let me know your thoughts on the palette or if you have any questions about it in the comments!



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