Tattoo & Piercing FAQ

Hey guys! I always get asked questions about my tattoos and piercings, so I thought it would be nice to do a little post about it. That way all this information can live in one place on my blog! I don’t have many tattoos and piercings but I do love each of them dearly. So let’s get into it!

Q: What tattoos and piercings do you have?

A: I have three tattoos and three piercings! I got my ears first pierced when I was a baby. I got my nose pierced before I went to university, in the summer of 2015. I got my first tattoo in 2017 and my second in 2018. I got my second earlobes in February 2022 and my third tattoo in April 2022.

Q: Do your tattoos have any meaning?

A: People always love to ask about the meaning behind tattoos, which I always find funny. I don’t think you need any justification to get tattoos but that being said two of my tattoos do have meaning.

The three daisies on my foot have many meanings. Daisy is my birth flower and it’s also my middle name (in french – Marguerite). My paternal grandmother and my maternal great-grandmother were named Marguerite, so I have three daises for each of us.

My bee tattoo I got because I liked the look of bee tattoos!

My pinecone is for my mom. My mom’s term of endearment for me is cocotte, which is pinecone in French Canadian. She gave me a silver pinecone necklace that I love so when I was thinking of a new idea for a tattoo the pinecone stuck out to me. It also matches the nature theme I have with my other tattoos.

Q: Did they hurt?

A: I just want to start by saying that I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I find going to the dentist more painful than getting tattoos and piercing – but to be fair I have sensitive gums haha.

Piercings just feel like a strong pinch to me. They hurt for a few seconds and then it’s over. I always find it helpful to not look at the needle. I do the same thing when I get any shoots or immunizations.

I don’t find tattoos particularly painful, it’s more uncomfortable. My most painful tattoo was the one on my foot because part of it is on my ankle bone. Tattoos are more painful over bones than fat or muscle areas. Since you have to sit still while getting tattooed, I find that the area usually goes numb (or ‘falls asleep’) just from the fact that I’m not moving it. When I got the one on my right bicep my shoulder got sore just from how I was sitting. But I would describe the sensation as a cat scratch. It’s not fun but you get used to it.

For both my piercings and my tattoos I didn’t take any medication before or after to help with the pain. I didn’t feel like I needed it.

My piercings

Q: What was the healing process like?

A: My tattoos were all easy to heal. Every tattoo artist and piercer will give you different aftercare instructions. For my tattoos, I have them wrapped for a day and then left them to air dry after that. I was told to wash it with unscented soap and then just let it be. I didn’t put any lotion on. All my tattoos have healed and worn well. I’ve had the one on my foot for five-ish years now and it still looks good.

I would say the most annoying thing about healing my tattoos is that you’re not supposed to soak them in water. Which was difficult when I worked as a lifeguard, I had to work it around my schedule to have enough time to heal them before I had to be in the water again. Now it just means that I can’t have any baths while a tattoo heals.

I can’t comment on my first earlobes because I got them done as a baby. I got my nose pierced twice, as well as my second earlobes, and all of them were so difficult to heal.

Both times I got my nose pierced I had bad keloids. I had a stub before I got my current ring. The ring took quite a while to heal. The only thing I really found that was effective in helping with my keloids was tea tree oil. But honestly, it just took time. Now my nose piercing is fine.

I got my second piercings about a year ago and they also have keloids. Luckily they’re on the back of my ears so you don’t see them. But for that reason, I haven’t changed my earrings because I’m afraid of what would happen with the keloids. I don’t have any advice on how to help, I’m just once again letting time do its thing.

Q: Where did you get them done?

A: I got my nose pierced both times at my local tattoo parlour. They did a fine job. The reason why I got it pierced twice is that I had to take out my stud for work and then it accidentally grew in. I still wanted my nose pierced so once I was done with that job I got it re-pierced and switched to a ring. I’ve had the same ring in my nose since 2016.

I wouldn’t recommend where I got my second ear piercing done because they were overpriced.

I’ve gotten all three of my tattoos done by Tori Kopp. When I was looking to get my first tattoo done, I was recommended Tori by a friend. I fell in love with her work and found her prices to be more reasonable than tattoo artists in Toronto. She does work in Niargara so it’s a bit of a drive but it’s so worth it. She’s not only an amazing artist but an amazing person. I always feel so comfortable around her, it’s like hanging out with a friend for a few hours. She now has her own shop and it’s such a safe and inviting space compared to other tattoo studios.

Q: How much did you pay?

A: I honestly forget how much I paid for everything except my second piercing, which was overpriced.

Q: Do you want any more?

A: I was never huge into piercings. When I was in my late teens, it was very big to get a lot of ear piercings and I was never into it. I just wanted my nose and that was it. I am happy that I got my second earlobes. But with how difficult all of my piercings have been to heal I don’t think I’ll get any more any time soon.

As for tattoos I definitely want more. I know what I want to get next, just waiting for the right moment. While I want more tattoos I don’t see myself ever having full sleeves. I think I’ll just have a collection of little tattoos all over. Most people don’t even notice my tattoos unless I’m wearing a tank top and am barefoot. I like that my tattoos are not super obvious and I see myself keeping it that way or at least for now. Who knows how I’ll feel in the future.

If you guys have any questions about tattoos and piercings, please let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to answer them!



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