I tried the Peloton App for a Month: Review

Hey guys! So today I am here to give you my review of the Peloton app. While I was testing out 12-3-30, my friend mentioned that she was using the Peloton app and was loving it. She told me that they have an offer that I could try the app for free for a month and kept on telling me to try it out myself. So here we are – I have tested the app out for a month and I am here to give you my thoughts.

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First, let me explain the Peloton app to those of you who don’t know what it is. Many of you have probably heard of the Peloton Bike. This is a stationary bike that comes with a huge touch screen attached to the bike. Users of the bike can join both live or pre-recorded spin classes produced by Peloton. Peloton also has a treadmill that has a similar touch screen as the bike. Peloton Digital (the name of the app) allows users to connect to these bike and treadmill classes without having to purchase the equipment. The app also offers a variety of other classes such as yoga, strength, HIIT and more. The app is $16.99 a month, whereas getting the bike will run you up thousands of dollars.

I was quite intrigued to try the app. I’ve watched a few Peloton Bike reviews and a lot of people say that the bike is good but the classes are the best part and recommended just getting the app. I asked you guys on Instagram if any of you have tried the app. I’ve had a few people reach out to me and recommend classes as well as my friend who first gave me the recommendation. With that in mind, I decided to use the app three times a week and try a variety of classes.

Week 1

I’m pretty lucky that I live at home right now. My dad prefers working out at home and created an at-home gym since moving into our house 25 years ago. Over the years he’s purchased various exercise machines, so I had access to basically everything, including a stationary bike. So for my first workout, I did a 20-minute Beginner Ride with Jess King. (Note I’ll be putting the names for the classes and instructors for people who are interested in finding classes). I found the workout to be good – I feel like I worked a sweat but I wasn’t exhausted. I liked how Jess gave pointers throughout and I enjoyed the music. Something I noticed very quickly is that if you have the Peloton Bike it will display speed, cadence and resistance. My bike had a resistance nob but no display. So whenever I was told to put my bike to a certain resistance, I just had to guess. Jess usually gave a range of ‘points’ to increase by, say 1 to 5 points. I would just turn the nob 1 to 5 increments so I think it worked. Overall I enjoyed my first ride and it made me want to do more.

Next, I decided to try a HIIT workout. I believe this was for my followers control my day video. I did a 2- minute Pop HIIT Cardio with Olivia Amato. I liked Olivia, I thought she was good at explaining everything and I enjoyed the music. I found a few moves to be too difficult and had to modify them. Especially at the end was a circuit with burpees and squat jumps, two things that can hurt my knees. But I found overall the class was well-paced where I got breaks and didn’t feel exhausted but it wasn’t too easy.

The final workout for week 1 was a 30-minute Slow Flow with Ross Rayburn. I am quite picky when it comes to yoga. I’ve done enough of it that I know what I do and don’t like. And I wasn’t a huge fan of this class. I picked a slow flow because it had been a bit since I’ve done yoga but I’m not a beginner so I didn’t want a beginner class. I felt like Ross talked the whole class. Which was sometimes nice because I learned some new things. But there were many instants when I found him chatting when I just didn’t want it. Chatting is nice when you’re doing something high intensity or difficult to distract you, but for yoga I want some quiet or peaceful guidance. Also, I know it’s a slow flow but it was just too slow. Either way, I was unimpressed. My yoga studio offers online classes and I rather do yoga with them.

Week 2

I decided I wanted to do one ride each week since Peloton is most known for its cycling. I decided to do a 20-minute Beginner Ride with Hannah Frankson. I was looking for a 30-minute beginner, but they were all advanced beginners and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet. The 20-minute ride is a good length because I was able to work hard but didn’t feel exhausted after. I decided that I could probably do an advanced beginner after that.

I wanted to try a traditional strength class, so a did the 20-minute Year of Yes Full Body Strength class with Robin Arzon. Unlike the HIIT class that focused on body weight, this class did include using weights. I liked this class. I like Robin as an instructor, she was friendly and gave great pointers. Since it was a beginner class I knew how to do all the movements so I was comfortable and was able to focus on working out than if I was doing the moves correctly. Robin also taught me how to do a modified plank which blew my mind. I hate doing planks and this is something I will use again in the future.

For my final workout day in week 2, I did a 10-minute Intro to Barre with Hannah Corbin. A friend has recommended the barre classes so I decided to try it out. I did the intro because I’ve never done barre before and wanted to learn how to do the moves. I liked it because it was low impact but high energy which is probably my favourite combination for exercise. After the 10 minutes, I felt like doing more since the class was easy and mainly focused on the legs. So I decided to do a 10-minute Arms & Shoulders Strength class with Jess Sims. Wow, that class was good. It was a hard and fast workout. My arms felt like noodles by the end. I did modify a bit because I suck at push-ups but overall it was good.

Week 3

I decided to do a 30-minute ride but made the mistake of not picking an advanced beginner. Instead, I did a 30-minute Classic Rock Ride with Kendall Toole. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really good ride. But I had never stood up on the bike before and there was a lot of that in this 30-minute ride so I was a little unprepared for that. But I loved the music selection since I love some classic rock. I was also impressed with myself because there was an endurance section into a sprint which I didn’t think I would be able to finish but I did it! I liked Kendall and would do her class again. This was the first ride that my butt and legs were sore the next day.

For my next workout, I decided to do a 20-minute Barre with Hannah Corbin. I liked the class but it was the hardest class I’ve done so far on the Peloton app. My legs were shaking and I had to take quite a few breaks. Barre is no joke. I loved the energy and the music, but there is no arm portion so if you like a full-body experience this isn’t it. Also, my calves were killing me the next day. And it wasn’t shin splints where hurt in the bone, but my calve muscles. Not going to lie the soreness has kind of scared me from doing another barre class but I should do it again because I liked it while doing the class. It’ll be good for me to build my leg strength.

Since the barre class was mainly legs, I decided to do a 20 minute Upper Body Strength class with Selena Samuela has my third class that week. It was a good class. I was able to do everything with no problem, just modified the push-ups. By the end of the class, my arms felt tired but I wasn’t exhausted. I liked Selena, she had great energy and gave continual guidance throughout the class.

Week 4

For this week’s ride, I did a 30-minute Advanced Beginner Ride with Leanne Hainsby. I wasn’t a huge fan of Leanne, I found she was always explaining everything over and over again. I do think there is a balance between giving good instruction and talking too much. I like the pacing of the class and felt comfortable. I was able to do the standing portions of the ride.

I hadn’t done a treadmill class so I thought it would be fun to try one since Peloton is advertising their treadmill like crazy right now. So I did a 20-minute Pop Walk with Robin Arzon. It was a pretty easy class. The class has both hills and power walking portions. I felt like I could have done something longer or done a walk-run class. I liked Robin though and I think she gave some really good tips throughout the class. While Robin did give suggestions for the incline (which luckily matched my treadmill) there was none for speed so I just had to figure that out myself. I’m also curious what the running classes would be like because they do have outdoor audio options.

The final class I did was a 30-minute Pilates with Aditi Shah since I was recommended to do the pilates classes. I was feeling tired that morning and this class was the perfect fit. The first 20 minutes were basically like stretching, it was the last 10 minutes that got intense. I felt like the music was a little fast for the class though, the only time that I’ve had an issue with the music the whole time. At the end of the class, I felt like I had moved my body, but it wasn’t tiring like a cardio workout. I’m curious if their other pilates classes are also slow-paced or just this one.

Pros of the Peloton App

I wanted to break down some of the pros and cons of the app just in case you don’t care to read my thoughts on each of the classes and just want to know whether or not to try the app.

So the first pro is that there is a huge variety to the app. There are over 10 categories of fitness classes, and within those categories there are hundreds of classes. For example, there are 218 beginner rides, and they add new ones every day. So you’ll never run out of content.

Next, I really like the instructors. Some of the strength classes I could do by myself. I’m not a newbie to fitness and I know how to create a workout. But the instructors provide guidance such as proper positioning and modifications. They can also be inspiring to continue to push through the workout. Sure there were a few I didn’t like, but that’s the same as a studio. There will be instructors you do and don’t like

I always listen to music while working out. And I find that I usually perform better when I listen to music I like. It’s something I noticed while following Yotuber workouts is that often they have to use copyright-free music and I just don’t enjoy the workouts as much. But Peloton workouts are music-based which I loved. I can see what the playlist is beforehand and it often influencers which classes I pick. Classes are often synced up to the songs which I also enjoy. There is also a huge variety of musical genres so I’m sure you can find classes you like.

Cons of the Peloton App

The app isn’t free. I will say that pre-pandemic I paid for a gym membership and this is cheaper. Once taxes were added, my Peloton Digital membership was $19.20. So I paid about $1.60 per workout. But compared to using Youtube videos or other apps there is a cost. I think it’s worth it and I like to invest in my health, but it can be a barrier for some.

If you don’t own the Peloton bike or treadmill it can be a little harder to follow along with those classes. My bike doesn’t display speed, resistance or cadence so I was just guessing them. I was confused at first but I’ve figured out a system now that I’ve done a few cycling classes. But that’s just something I wanted to note because they talk about cadence and resistance a lot during the classes.

My overall thoughts

I enjoyed using the Peloton app. Out of the 12 classes that I did there were only a few I didn’t like. And there are so many other classes out there that I haven’t tried yet either. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy the cycling classes. I’ve done cycling when I was in high school but never did much of it since. I think it helps that my dad’s stationary bike has a good saddle so my butt doesn’t hurt. I also really enjoyed the strength classes. I’ve always like using weights but this way I get some instruction while doing it.

I have decided to continue using the app. I like the classes and I want to keep on trying out new ones. I’m not comfortable going back to gyms and my yoga studio and it’s still too cold to run outside. So I think at least for the next few months I’ll continue using it. I think if you consistently work out and are looking for something to do at home then the Peloton app is a worthy investment. If you only sporadically work out, then I think it’s not worth the cost.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried out Peloton, and if so what some of your favourite instructors and/or classes are!



I Tried 12-3-30 For A Month: Here Are My Thoughts

Hey guys! If you didn’t know, I enjoy trying out new workouts because I get bored pretty easily. With my beloved yoga studio being closed and the weather being too cold outside to run I needed something new. So when I heard about the 12-3-30 workout I knew I had to try it out for myself. For those who don’t know what the workout is about, it was created by an influencer named Lauren Giraldo who apparently lost 30 lbs while doing this workout. It involves raising a treadmill to the 12th incline and walking at 3 miles/hour for minutes. The simplicity of it was what drew me into this workout. So I decided to try it for a month and see what I thought about it.

Before Thoughts

Before starting it I expected that I probably wouldn’t lose weight even though Giraldo claims she did. I’ve been working out and going on walks pretty consistently for a few months now. I also had no plans to change my diet. So because I was keeping my activity and food intake the same, I knew that this workout wasn’t going to magically make me skinnier.

I also predicted that this was going to be difficult at first but I would eventually adjust and be about to do the workout fully. I read an interview with Giraldo that said she would take breaks every ten minutes at first, so that was my plan of action.

And finally, I was excited at the prospect of being able to watch TV or Youtube while working out. Many influencers including Giraldo say the workout is low impact enough that you can watch something. I’ve fallen behind on my subscriptions and was excited at the idea of also being able to distract myself with entertainment.

Week 1

I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to do 3 miles/hour and I was correct. I did around 2 to 2.2 miles/hour at the 12th incline. I also did take breaks at the ten and twenty-minute mark. This was also because my water bottle doesn’t fit on my treadmill. So I had to get off to drink my water anyway.

I found that it was higher intensity than I thought. I was sweating and my heart rate was higher than doing strength training such as lifting weights. But it was lower intensity than say running. I was able to watch my Youtube videos as I expected and it was a really good distraction. Instead of focusing on how tired I was I just focused on the video.

I was afraid that my shins were going to hurt since I’m prone to shin splints. They were fine but actually I started to have knee issues the second time I did the workout. So I decided to lower the incline to help alleviate the pain in my knee. I also got blisters which is weird because there are old shoes – like I ran all summer and had no issues. I think it was because my shoes were loose and the incline made my feet lift out. So I made sure to tie my laces tight from then on.

Week 2

Something I’ve been trying to do is listen to my body. So if I’m tired or in pain, I won’t go as hard. So I started lowering the incline so my feet and knees wouldn’t hurt as much. I was doing either 6th or 8th incline and going around 2 miles/hour.

Otherwise, I noted that I was enjoying placing my iPad that I used to watch videos in front of the timer. This way I just focused on walking instead of the timer.

Week 3

By the third week, I was able to build up my endurance and only take a break halfway through at the 15-minute mark. I do enjoy taking a quick water break because I find that I usually get a second wind after and can push myself more.

I tried experimenting with the incline and speed. I found that I was able to go at the 12th incline and do 2 miles/hour OR 6th incline at 3 miles/hour. I wasn’t able to do the recommended 12th incline at 3 miles/hour because otherwise my knees would start to hurt.

Week 4

I’ve figured out at this point that I prefer doing the 6th incline at 3 miles/hour. Especially because my energy levels have been lower so it’s just easier for me to do. I’m unsure if it’s because I don’t like this workout or just the weather but I’ve been lacking the energy to wake up and work out lately. So going at a lower incline helps me ease my way into it more.

I also want to note that I don’t immediately go at 3 miles/hour. I start at 1.5 and work my way up as I warm up and get into it. It’s safer to warm up than go all out.

Final Thoughts

So I guess I didn’t really do the 12-3-30 challenge but the 6-3-30 challenge. And honestly, I don’t mind that. Everyone’s bodies are different. Being a mid-size person, I weigh more and therefore exert more pressure on my joints. So to prevent injury I go on a lower incline to alleviate some of the pressure.

Besides the fact that I didn’t technically do 12-3-30, did I still enjoy the format? Kind of. liked watching Youtube while I worked out. But by the fourth week, I was dreading having to get up to do it. It’s higher intensity than I anticipated and sometimes I wanted to do something lower intensity.

Will I continue doing it myself? Maybe if I’m in the mood. I’m someone who likes a variety with my workouts. So some days I might like to do this. But other days if I want to do yoga or strength training or pilates I’ll do that.

Would I recommend this workout? I think you should try it once and determine it for yourself. Not everyone has a treadmill at home and I’m pretty lucky that my dad set up an at-home gym in the basement many years ago. So if you don’t have a treadmill don’t worry, you’re not missing out on the best workout ever. Honestly just going on a walk in a hilly area could probably produce similar results.

So those are my thoughts on 12-3-30 guys! Let me know if you’ve tried it or would consider trying it. I’m planning on reviewing the Peloton app next because my friend has been raving about it. So if you have the app please let me know in the comments what some of your favourite classes or instructors are.



A Non-Runner tries the Couch to 5K App: Review

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my review of the Couch to 5K app. There are a few different apps on the market, the specific one I used was the Couch to 5K Runner app (it’s yellow). The concept of each app is the same where they help the user go from not being able to run to running 5 km.

History with Running

Now let me give a little backstory about my relationship with running before getting into the app and the review. I was never a runner. My favourite sports when I was younger was hockey and swimming, two sports that don’t involve running. Whenever I went ‘running’ in the past it was walking with a bit of jogging. The most I’ve ever jogged I would estimate at 2 minutes.

The main reason why I never got into running wasn’t necessarily my cardiovascular abilities but the fact that I am prone to shin splints. If you don’t know what shin splints are consider yourself lucky because they are painful. They are pain that can be along the front or rear of your shin bone. I’ve been getting them for years. I usually get them when running or walking for long periods, but I’ve even got them from standing on the pool deck in flip flops for a long time.

Whenever I have tried to get into running in the past, I would do it for a week or two and then the pain would get so bad that I would stop. But with the pandemic going on I wanted to pick up running again. The nice thing is that I can do it outside and not have to deal with other people (and all the virus concerns that entails). I’ve heard many people talk about the Couch to 5K format so decided to give it a shot.

App Overview

The app is an interval training program that progressively increases the time that you run throughout the weeks. It’s pretty simple. Every run has a five-minute warm-up and cool down. Then within the main ‘run’ is a set of intervals between running and walking. The first run is 25 minutes long but only has 6 minutes of running in total. The intervals fluctuate to help increase the runner’s stamina over the week.

The app is pretty easy to use. I just swipe to pick the run and then hit “LET’S GO” to start the run. I can play my music and the app will give prompts over my music. It will let me know when it’s time to run and time to walk. It also gives little motivational prompts throughout the run as well. While running, the app tells the runner how far along they are, how much time is left and time until the next interval. The app will tell the runner when they are halfway through the run.

At the end of the run the app gave me a summary of the run included time, distance and calories burnt. It will also show a map of the route taken, distinguishing which parts were running and walking. All this data can be accessed in the History time to be referred back to.

The program is structured to be three runs a week for eight weeks. By the end of the eight weeks, you should theoretically be able to run 5km.

The app has a few free runs, but to access the full program the runner must pay. I got the premium 3-month subscription, which is $10.49 for three months (or around $3.49 per month).

My Progress

I thought I would share my progress and process using this app. My first run was on June 1 and I ran 1.7 km. My last run was October 8 (so yesterday) and I ran 4.5 km. So I took double the amount of time and was just under the 5km goal. But I am honestly SO proud of myself.

The first couple of weeks I was consistent in running around 3 times a week but I was repeating runs. I didn’t think it was smart to move onto the next set of intervals if I couldn’t finish one. So I repeated W1/D2 (week 1, day 2 – this is how they name the runs and how I will reference them), W1/D3 and W2/D3 twice. I was in pain. I went from not running to running. I found that I could have easily kept on running cardio wise but my shins were killing me so much that I had to stop. I ended up talking to my dad’s friend who is a physical therapist and he gave me a list of stretches to do before and after my runs. I also got myself a roller stick and that helps SO much.

Around week 3 my shins were starting to adjust and I was able to progress. Until I got to W4/D1. I did this run five times before I felt comfortable enough to move forward. This was the point where my cardio was the issue. It was a jump from 10 minutes of running to 14 minutes. It probably didn’t help that I also took a two-week break in the middle of this when I went to my cottage. That’s probably why it took me so many times haha.

Once I passed that W4/D1 hurtle though I had no further issues. I was able to progress throughout the rest of the program without having to repeat any runs. I also did start going back to yoga in late August, so I wasn’t running three times a week anymore. That’s probably why it took me two months to finish what should have been one month. But I wasn’t mad about my progress. I was running more then I have ever before in my life!

In my last three runs, the time and distance lined up pretty well. I was able to run 3.5km in 35 minutes, 4.0 km in 40 minutes and 4.5km in 45 minutes. So by that logic, I could probably run 5.0 km in 50 minutes. I’m not upset by the fact that I didn’t run 5km using this app because it helped me build the stamina to be able to do so. And either way, 4.5 km is still pretty good!

Would I recommend this app?

Yes, I would 100% recommend this app to anyone who isn’t a runner but wants to get into running.

If you are new to running and have no idea where to start, this is simply laid out for you. It’s easy to see what future runs will look like and it’s easy to track past progress. The app also recently got an update that will ask for your feedback after a run and will recommend whether or not to move onto the next run.

And the app worked! I liked the interval training system because it helped me move from a non-runner to a runner. I would have loved if this app was free, but I think the money I spent was worth it. I also rationalized it that I wasn’t paying for a gym membership (because there were closed and then I had my account frozen). And I think it’s important to invest in ourselves and our health.

If you are someone who is just looking for a way to track their runs then I wouldn’t recommend this app. I think there are probably better (and cheaper) running tracking apps out there.

Which leads me into:

What I’m doing next

So now what? That’s the beauty of this app that now that I’m done this program I can do whatever I want. I know the app company has a 10k program but I think that’s a little too advance for me. I think I’m going to actually run 5km and then work on bringing my time down. I would love to run a 5k next year. A few of my friends have recommended Strava, so I will be checking that out. Let me know if you would like a review of that app as well!

So guys, I just want to end this year by saying that you can do anything if you work on and believe in yourself. I never thought I could be be a runner, but then I decided to download then app and said to myself “I am going to be a runner”. You can do it guys!



Is Fabletics Worth It? A Honest Review

Hey guys! So if you are like me, you have probably seen some influencers talk about Fabletics online. Fabletics is an athletic clothing line created by Kate Hudson. They are known for their two leggings for $24.99 deal. But with all sponsored content, I wonder if people are giving their honest reviews, or are just being paid to hype up the products. So I decided to try Fabletics myself, and I am going to give you a full break down of my experience.

Photo 2019-09-11, 9 38 41 AM

First I just want to explain my expectations when it comes to athletic wear. My favourite leggings are the Lululemon Align Pants, which are $98 CAD – so not cheap. I like these leggings because they are high rise, super soft and feel like a second skin. They are meant for yoga, but can be worn for any workout really. The only thing is that they are expensive, so if I can find a cheaper dupe I am hear for me. For sports bra I am not super picky. I don’t need a ton of support, but I still need some. So with this criteria in mind, I selected three items from Fabletics.

Now what is interesting about Fabletics is that there is a retail price and a VIP price. The VIP price is $10-20 cheaper than retail price. The two leggings for $24.99 is also only available to VIP members. And finally there are some items that are only available to VIPs. So what strings are attached to this membership? You have to either order clothes or ‘skip’ the program for the month (by the 5th of the month). If you don’t skip or buy anything, they will charge your account $49.95. Now it is possible to cancel this subscription whenever, so it is possible to order once and then cancel the subscription. I will talk more about this when I give my final review.

So the three items I got were the Mila Pocket Capri in burgundy, the Mid-Rise PureLuxe Legging in Rosebloom, and the Devore Seamless Sports Bra II in burgundy. I got the capri leggings and the sports bra to be worn as a matching set to yoga. With the VIP deals I was able to save $75 USD, which is basically the price of one pair of Lululemon leggings.

Now for my actual thoughts of the products. I bought the Mila capris for yoga and the PureLuxe leggings to work out in, and after trying them would use them for the opposite reasons for why I purchased them. The Mila capris are much stiffer and less flexible, so it was harder to flow while doing yoga. But they were great for working out. They didn’t become see through when doing swats, and I really liked having a pocket to be able to hold my phone.

The PureLuxe leggings are a great dupe for the Lululemon Align Pants. I would say that I still like the Lulu ones more for two reasons. The Lulelemon ones are just a tough softer and have a higher waistline. I like the higher waistline for yoga because then it’s not rolling down on me. But these Fabletics ones are still pretty great. I also decided to get them in the rose colour to test how see-through they were. Sometimes light colours can become see-through, or they can overemphasize all your fat/cellulite. These ones were pretty thick that I didn’t notice it too much. But I think the darker colours would be no issue.

My least favourite item is probably the Devore sports bra. I have a few issues with this sports bra. First it’s actually pretty low cut, so I was afraid I was popping out when I wore it to yoga. The straps also cut very far in, so I was getting major side-boob when I was wearing this sports bra. I think it would be fine worn under a shirt, but it’s kind of disappointing because I bought a cute sports bra to be shown, not to be worn under a shirt.

So would I recommend Fabletics? Will I be ordering from them again? To answer the second yes, I did decide to skip buying anything in September because I had just received my first order at the end of August. I decided to not cancel my subscription because overall I thought that the quality was pretty decent, and I wouldn’t mind ordering from them again. I would only recommend ordering from Fabletics if you think you’re going to be ordering lots of athletic wear and/or you are good at remembering to skip months if you don’t want anything.

And that is my review of Fabletics! While the PureLuxe leggings are pretty nice, I am still on the look out for a pair that I would love more than the Lululemon Align pants. Let me know in the comments any brands you would recommend/want me to try!



I Did Kayla Itsines’ 12 Week Bikini Body Guide

Hey guys! So one of my New Year’s resolution was to get in shape this year. It hit me when I was down to Mexico this past Christmas. I was climbing a Mayan monument with my brother and was literally out of breath after 20 steps. I was fed up with feeling unhealthy and out of shape, and wanted to make a change. I have been working out on and off for years, but always had trouble sticking with it. I remember someone once mentioning to me the Bikini Body Guide (or BBG for short). After taking look at what the guide entailed, I decided to try it for myself.

Photo 2019-04-23, 11 17 54 AM

What is BBG?

BBG is a 12 week program created by Kayla Itsines. You can purchase the ebook or buy the Sweat with Kayla app (I found the pdf online……..). The first 8 weeks has 2-3 resistance training sessions (gym workouts) and 2-4 light cardio sessions. The last four weeks also includes HITT training.

The workouts are grouped together, so weeks 1 and 3 are the same thing. Every four weeks the workouts get more intense, but are similar to the past weeks. For example, week 1 is 15 push-ups, week 5 is 15 decline push ups and week 9 is 20 drop down push ups.

Each workout consists of two circuits with four moves each that you do twice. In total there are eight moves that you do twice each. The full workout is supposed to take around 30 minutes. There are three workouts for each week, focused on either legs, arms or abs.

What did I think of the BBG workouts?

I like to preface with saying that I was very out of shape when I started this guide. I 100% should have started with some basic exercising before starting this. I was exhausted by the end of the workout. After doing weeks 1-4 I decided to do them for another week in order to build up my strength more before moving forward. So it took be 14 weeks to complete the 12 week guide.

I really like the layout of the workouts. Since I’m not super in shape, it would take me around 10 minutes to complete a circuit. I could complete the workout in around 40 minutes.

I like that the workouts don’t need a ton of equipment so I could do some of them at home. But the moves I hated the most were the ones I had to do most often. There is a ton of push ups and burpees in this guide. By week 6 the burpees were starting to hurt my knees, so I reduced the amount that I was doing.

Overall I liked the leg workouts the most. I was able to master the majority of the moves and I felt satisfied after completing the workouts. I equally disliked the arms and abs workouts. Half of the arm exercises are some form of a push up, so as someone who isn’t good at doing push ups I was not pleased. Abs depended on the week because some weeks were harder than others.

For the cardio portion I did it twice a week. I tried a few times to do three times a week but that was too much for me. I would do yoga for one of my cardio sessions. For the other session I would either go swimming or go on a walk. Since I was going this in the dead of winter it was way too cold for me to run outside. I also never did the HITT workouts. I was going to do them, but I was so busy with school that I didn’t have time to add another work out.

Overall I am pretty proud of myself for doing all 12 weeks of the guide. There were a few weeks here and there that I would miss one cardio or workout, but for the most part I did it all. I think this is the longest I have ever consistently worked out in my life.

What changes did I notice in my body?

One of the biggest changes I noticed was the amount of energy I had. After not working out for months, I was shocked at how energized I was. I liked to work out before class, and the days that I did work out I was much more awake in class than the days I hadn’t. Since it was also winter, I noticed that working out really helped improve my mood. Winter can be depressing (like actually seasonal depression is a thing), and I noticed that overall I was in a better mood compared to past winters.

Another HUGE difference was my immune system. I have a relatively week immune system. Last winter I was sick the majority of the time, so I was so surprised that I didn’t get sick ONCE this winter. I had a few days where I might feel a little bit of a sore throat or a little congested, but it was gone the next day. I had no colds and no illnesses, which is absolutely shocking for me.

Physically I did get stronger. For example at the beginning I couldn’t do one sit up and by the end I was able to do ten. Visually I did not notice a difference. I did take before and after photos, but I don’t see a difference. To be fair, its only been 3 months, and it takes awhile to actually see changes. Finally, I did manage to lose 10 pounds over the three months. Unfortunately, I stopped working out during exams and then while I was away in Europe, so I have since gained those 10 pounds back (oops haha).

Would I do BBG again? Would I recommend BBG?

I have decided to group these questions together because I won’t be following BBG again BUT I would recommend.

First I have decided not to do BBG again because I hated half of the moves. But what I will be doing is taking the format and placing in my own moves. So for those who are curious, I am planning on working out at the gym three times a week and then doing cardio twice a week for the next three months. I will definitely update you guys about that in August!

While I am not doing BBG again, I think the structure is really great. I think BBG would be good for anyone who is in a rut or needing a routine that will keep them motivated to go to the gym. I think it is a good place to get started.

Overall I think BBG gave me the push I needed to get in shape. It helped me both physically and mentally, and now I can’t wait to do my own thing! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, I’d be more than happy to answer them 🙂