Winter Beauty Empties

Hey guys! So I am now done school and back home for the summer. So here are my beauty empties I collected over the past couple months.


First is the St Ives Green Tea Cleanser. I used this in the shower to wash my face and body when I was not doing a scrub. It smelled really good. I’m unsure if it really bad a difference for my skin but it smells really good. Would I repurchase this product? I actually was going to repurchase it but I couldn’t find it in my drugstore so I decided to try a different cleanser instead.

Next is the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. Now I know not everyone is not a fan of oily makeup remover, but I find they are the best at removing mascara and eyeliner. I have been using the Sephora brand one for awhile and I find that is does a good job. It leaves behind a little oily residue but it does away as soon as I wash my face. Would I repurchase this product? Yes, I have repurchased this product many times because I find it’s a relatively cheap remover but it does a good job.

The next product is the Sephora Collection Long-Lasting 24 HR Wear Eye Liner. This is actually my favourite black eyeliner. It is a middle range price but it is high performance. It has a brush applicator that I find easy to use. It has a matte finish and I find it lasts all day. I highly recommend this eyeliner! Would I repurchase this product? I’ve mentioned this in another blog post but I accidentally bought the wrong eyeliner when trying to repurchase this product! Oops! I probably will eventually repurchase this product.

I have two Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products. The first is the Perfect Brow Pencil, which I have sharpened right down till the end. The other is the Brow Wiz. I like both of these brow products but for different reasons. The Brow Pencil I find is really good at quickly adding some colour to my sparse parts – it’s really good for an everyday brow. The Brow Wiz is really good at creating precise brow hairs for a bold eyebrow. Would I repurchase this product? I do not have enough money to buy both so I decided to get the Brow Wiz. I find I can with a lighter hand I can do any everyday brow and a bold brow, while the brow pencil I find it harder to get a bold eyebrow.

Finally is the Colour Revilatizer Shampoo by Tresumme. I love this shampoo. It cleans by hair and makes it smooth and silky while helping keep my colour vibrant. I have not tried a shampoo by Tresumme that I do not like. Would I repurchase this product? YES!

These are all my product empties! I’m going to try and do these kinds of posts probably every three to four months because it takes me awhile to finish products. Hope you guys found this helpful!



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