April Boxycharm!

Hey guys! Here is my April Boxycharm, this month’s theme is Boxy Glow.


First item is the Measurable Difference Concealer Palette. I am personally not a big fan of more solid concealers, I prefer liquid ones. On no-makeup days I will just wear concealer on bare skin, and I find that this concealer just does not look blended on bare skin. It worked better on top of foundation. I will say there is a wide shade range, so this is a decent item to get in a box. Overall not my favourite item but that’s just because of concealer preference. Price: $19.99

Next is the PUR 3-piece Blending Sponge Kit. After a month of testing out this makeup sponge I am still undecided as to whether or not I like these sponges. First thing that throws me off is that when you went it, I find the sponge does not expand much and does not get much softer. It also soaks up a lot of product when using it. It does a good job of blending out my foundation or cream products, and I also find the point good for applying setting powder under my eyes. But I find that it does a patchy job of blending out my concealer under my eyes. It’s an okay sponge, but it’s nice that we get three in the box! Price: $36.00 for three sponges

Next is a Lip Gloss in the shade Plato’s Cave by the Allegory Store. Okay, so I have applied this lip gloss on my lips but I have never worn it. The shade is a rich chocolaty brown. I personally feel like I have chocolate smeared all over my lips when I apply this shade. The gloss itself is good. It applies nicely, smells good. It took two coats to get a nice opacity. I just can’t wear this colour in a gloss – now if it was matte maybe I would wear this but I just have no figured out how to wear this shade this month. Price: $15.00

Next is my favourite item, the Rodeo Drive Highlighter by OFRA Cosmetics. This is probably one of my favourite items I have received in my Boxycharm box. I can honestly not think of a thing I do not like about this highlight. It’s a beautiful shade, applies nicely, looks good on my cheekbones and in the inner corner of my eyes, and lasts all day! Honestly it’s a 10/10 product and I would recommend this highlight to everyone. Price: $35.00

Finally is the Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo by Project Beauty. This product smells amazing. If I could I would eat it. It does a good job of cleaning my hair, but I find it does not make it as smooth or shinny compared to other shampoos. I’m going to continue using it while I have it, but I probably would not repurchase it. Price: $10.00

Overall, I am really divided on this box. I really loved the highlight but a lot of the products were quite meh this month. Overall price of the box: $115.99 USD

And that’s this month’s Boxycharm!



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