May Boxycharm

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The theme for this month’s Boxycharm is Makeup Is Art. I absolutely love this theme because I think it’s so true! My dad jokingly calls my makeup brushes my ‘paint brushes’! I truly believe that makeup really is a form of art and self expression so I love this theme. I also love everything I got in this month’s box!

20170520_130238 (2)

First, probably my favourite products I recieved this month is the Convertible Brow  in 02 and Brow Brush by The Brow Gal. The Convertible Brow is a brow powder trio that can be used both wet and dry. I have never used a brow powder before but find this one really easy to use. It also comes with three shades so it fits a wider range of brow shades. The brow brush comes with a spoolie on one end and a nice angled brush on the other. The two products work really well together to create a nice every day brow. I will definitely continue to use this product! Price: $14.00 for the brush and $35.00 for the powder.

Next is the Crown Pro Round Contour Brush. This brush reminds me of the Artis brushes but for a much better price. The handle is kind of cheap but the brush hairs itself are soft and dense and work wonderfully! I personally use this brush to apply foundation instead of contour and find it does a fabulous job of seamlessly blending out my foundation. Great brush! Price: $24.99

may 3.jpg

Next is the Highlight and Contour Palette by IBY Beauty. At first I really liked this product, but the more I used it the more meh I felt about it. There are a nice range of shades of warm versus cool tone but I find that there are quite similar. If you don’t have fair skin this would not work well for you. The contour shades only apply nicely if I set my face with powder before, something I usually do not have an issue with. Also I really like the highlight powders, but recently my face broke out right under by eyes, a place I rarely break out. I’m not 100% sure if it is because of this powder but just to be safe I have stopped using this powder to see if that helps. Overall I was initally impressed but now underwhelmed by the performance of this product. Price: $40.00

may 4.jpg

Finally is the Liquid Glow by Temptu. This product was specially created for Boxycharm and can be applied by hand. I was expecting a blinding highlight with this product but I find it to be much more natural. It makes your skin look dewy and gives a golden glow. This highlight lasts all day, way longer compared to some powder highlights. I sometimes layer a powder highlight for a more blinding glow. I really like this highlight and I think it will be a good product for the summer. Price: $29.50

Overall price of the box is $142.49 USD. This was probably one of my favourites boxes I have received, I loved 4/5 products in the box! Excited for next month’s box 🙂



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