How to Buy Lipstick Guide

Hey guys! This post is inspired by a question my friend asked me the other day. She said “How do I buy a good lipstick?” While I personally spend hours online reading about makeup products before buying something, she was more curious on how to go to a store a select a good lipstick. So here are my five tips on how to buy a lipstick!

1. Decide between Drugstore or Department

It is easier to narrow down the search to one store. Department stores or places like Sephora are more expensive, but offer more variety and often have testers to try. Drugstores are cheaper but offer less selection. Some drugstores do offer testers so if you choose the drugstore route I definitely suggest going to places like Shoppers that offer testers.

2. Choose a Finish

Nowadays there is so much variety with lip products from lipsticks, lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. Even within the lipstick family there is matte, cream and satin finishes. Knowing what you’re looking for in your lipstick can help you select a finish. Generally, lip glosses help create fuller lips, liquid lipsticks are long lasting and cream and satin lipsticks are the most comfortable.

3. Choose a Colour

There are six major colour groups for lipsticks: pinks, reds, oranges/corals, purples, darks and nudes. What colour you choose is up to you. There is no ‘wrong’ colour, but it helps to pick a lipstick when you narrow down to one or two colours instead of looking at them all.

4. Choose a Shade

While it is possible to wear a lipstick that does not match your skin tone, it will look more natural and effortless if it does. This is especially for reds and pinks. There are many ways to figure out your skin tone (Google is an excellent resource), I find the simplest method is to determine if you look better wearing gold or silver jewelry. If you prefer gold then you have a yellow/warm skin tone, silver means pink/cool and both is neutral. Yellow/warm skin tones work best with shades that have red undertone while pink/cool look best with shades that have a blue undertone. Neutral skin tones can rock either! Like I mentioned above, if you are still confused but how shades work, there are many excellent resources online to help you figure this out!

5. Pick Something Pretty

Of all the tips, I think this one is the most important. Pick something you like. You can ignore all the other tips as long as you follow this one. If you pick a lipstick that you think makes your skin tone perfectly but you feel meh towards then you’re never going to wear it! Pick a lipstick that you think looks pretty and that you want to wear every single day!

I hope you guys find this guide helpful! I had lots of fun thinking and writing about it!



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