July Boxycharm Review

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted a lot, it has been a crazy month for me! Here is my July Boxycharm review 🙂

july 1

First, the product I was probably most excited to try was the Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo by Bare Minerals. I like my setting powder and highlight to do very opposite things: I want to be very matte where I put my setting powder and very glowy where I put my highlight. I found that this duo did a mediocre job of both. I used it a few times and then gave up. But now reading reviews on Sephora, every is raving about how good this powder, I feel like I want to give it another shot. Very undecided on this product. Price: $32.00

july 2

Now the Electric Eyes Palette by Blinc is probably the opposite of the powder duo. At first I didn’t think it was going to be very good, but then when I tried it I was blown away! The shadows in this palette are super pigmented and super creamy. They almost look wet or like a creme when applied. I apply the shadow to my lid using my finger and it looks amazing! While these eye shadows are beautifully, I will probably only use them for bold looks not every day use. The other drawback I have is that besides the pink shade, I find most of them to be very similar. Overall I like this palette and will use it again. Price: $45.00

Next is the Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil by WinkyLux. While the pencil itself works really well – I like the shape and that it comes with a spoolie – I can’t get over the claim that this is a universal eyebrow pencil. The colour is just a little too grey-toned to work well with my hair. This just did not work for me, and I can imagine it didn’t work for many other people too. Price: $12.00

An okay product was the Spay Set Go Makeup Setting Spray by Project Beauty. It did set my makeup, but I find it did not help it last through the day or anything. The sprayer on this setting spray sucks though – it got little water droplets all over my face. Overall a meh product. Price: $32.00

july 3

Finally everyone got a ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in a different shade. ColourPop makes great lipsticks, but I was disappointed in the shade I got. It is called Lock Diary, from their Hello Kitty collection, which I am unsure if they discontinued it or not. The thing that really bugs me that is is almost exactly the same shade as the Ofra Liquid Lipstick that I received last month. As you can tell in the photo above (Ofra is on top and Colourpop is on the bottom) they are quite similar. If this was a nude shade I would let it slide, but this is a bright berry fuchsia, a colour that I don’t exactly wear every day. It’s not a bad liquid lipstick I just don’t like the shade I received. Price: $6.00

Total price is $127.00 USD. Overall I was kind of underwhelmed by this month’s Boxycharm. I had so hope for this month and I felt disappointed by many of them. Hopefully next month will be better!



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