Colourpop Haul

Hey guys! So around three weeks ago I finally got my Colourpop order in. I had ordered a while back – when they were selling their birthday special and when they had free international shipping on orders over $35. My order took around 3 weeks to come in. The only item that broke was my super shock shadow, which thankfully due to it’s texture I was able to mold back into place.

colourpop haul

The first item I got was their Colourpop Palette. This is an empty palette that you can put their single eyeshadows in. It’s a perfect size, as it can hold up to 12 of their eyeshadows.

Next I got three of their Pressed Powder Shadows. I got (left-right in photos) Bel Air, Play by Play and Made to Last. As well, I got their birthday special Super Shock shadow in Birthday Cake (which was unfortunately limited edition).


I love the formula of these shadows. They’re super soft and pigmented. They also apply really nicely to the eyes and blend easily. There is some powder kick up when I dip my brush into them but it is unbearable. My favourite is definitely Made to Last because I do not own anything like it!

eyeshadow swatches

As well, I have never tried their Super Shock shadows before but I am in love! They are creamy and pigmented, but once applied to the eye they do not budge. I really want to get more of their eyeshadows now, in both formulas!


Next I got two different lip products. The first is the shade Aquarius in the Lippie Stix creme finish. I love the formula of their lippie stix, as you can tell from the photo this one is super creamy. This shade is slightly cool tone so I think it will look great in the fall and winter. The other lip product I got was their newer Blotted Lip in the shade Drip. I think this is the perfect summer lip product! It is sheer but buildable – the in photos I did one swipe on the bottom and multiple swipes on top. This shade is a nice warm rosy mauve, which I find is the perfect shade to add a little colour to my lips. I have been wearing this so much since I got it!


Finally the only product I was not wow with was their Creme Gel Liner in the shade Stomper. I had heard that their liners were super creamy and great for the waterline, but I found that I had to run the liner back and forth to get pigmentation. I also find that the tip is quite large so it’s hard to get a precise line. I’m not sure if it’s just this shade or not but I probably will not get another one of their liners.

Overall I was quite happy with the products I got! I love their eyeshadows and I enjoy the lip products I got. I will definitely be making another order in the future 🙂



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