September Boxycharm

Hey guys! So this month I got my Boxycharm box super late. I usually get my box near the beginning of the month, around the 10th-14th, but this month I didn’t get my box until the 21st. I actually had to email the Boxycharm support because two weeks after I had been charged I still had no received any tracking information for the box. Boxycharm’s support was really good though, they emailed me back within the same day and gave me my tracking information. Now they did send it to my parents house even though I updated my address….but that’s another story! Either way I got my September Boxycharm and this is my review!

This month’s theme was Boxy Baddie and I was very excited to receive the box from the sneak peaks they gave.

sept 1

First I got the MAC Eyebrows. I got the shade Spiked, a rich brunette shade. Luckily for me this is the perfect shade for my eyebrows. The shape of the pencil is perfect to create tiny hair like strokes. If I were to compare it to my favourite pencil, the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz, I would say the MAC pencil is slightly waxier but still very good. While I am very happy to receive this product it is just unfortunate that the everyone got they’re perfect shade. Price: $18.00

sept 2

Now while I got the perfect eyebrow shade, I did not get the perfect liquid lipstick shade. Everyone got a different shade of Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lip. I got the shade Littlestitious and I personally dislike this shade on myself so much. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice shade, but I knew as soon as I saw the shade that it would be too light for me. This shade is much lighter than my lips so it gives me a pink hued concealer lips kind of look. As well, this liquid lipstick is very cool toned, so it pulls almost grey on my lips. Honestly I will probably never wear this lipstick, but that’s just my personal taste on the shade. The formula itself is not bad, I just can’t handle the shade. (Unrelated side note to the quality of the product, but I accidentally dropped the lipstick twice while trying to swatch it so it’s now all over my sheets. I think this lippie hates me lol) Price: $6.00

Next I got the Bare Minerals Face Perfecting Brush. This brush is designed that you put your foundation in this special fluid reservoir of the brush and then buff it in. Now my favourite foundation, the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, does not have a pump nor a dropper so I could not put the foundation in the fluid reservoir, so this might affect how I feel about the brush. But overall I thought the brush was alright. I did a decent job of blending out my foundation, but nothing spectacle. The main thing about this brush that I do not like is that it is so small. I generally use a foundation brush almost double the size of this brush so it took me way long to blend out my foundation. Overall not a bad brush but not my favourite. Maybe if I was using a more liquid-y foundation I would like it more. Price: $28.00

sept 4

sept 3

Next, my favourite item in the box, is the Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette by PUR Cosmetics. The palette comes with 12 eye shadows, eight matte and 4 metallic/shimmery shadows. Now I have only swatched the metallic/shimmery shadows but they are so sparkly, I cannot wait to use them on my eyes! I have used many of the matte eye shadows on my eyes and I really like them. They are smooth and blend really nicely. What I also liked about this palette is that each vertical row matches to create a different eye look. Overall I really enjoy this palette and I am excited to continue playing with it. Price: $34.00

Next is a Loose Blush by Studio Makeup. This blush is pretty pigmented! The first time I used it I put way too much one, so definitely use a light hand. There are tiny little shimmers in the blush which I don’t mind too much but would prefer not to have. The many thing is that since it is a loose blush I have to tap some out onto a cap before I can use it. Overall not a bad product but not my favourite mainly due to the simmers and it being a loose powder. Price: $35.00

This month we got six products! The sixth product is a deluxe sample of the Don’t Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. I am unsure about how I feel about this product. While I love the fact that it doesn’t have any sulfates or parabens, I felt like it only did a mediocre job. I have deep conditioners that leave my hair smoother and softer than this one. I did only use it once so I am willing to try it again since it has good reviews online. Price: $20.00

The total price of the box is $141.00 USD. Overall it was a pretty decent box. I liked the eyeshadow palette and brow pencil a lot and will continue to use them. I am also very happy to receive six products this month instead of the normal five!

October is my one year anniversary of my Boxycharm subscription! I am thinking of doing a post about my favourite and least favourite product that I have received, what do you guys think?



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