Jaclyn Hill Palette + Morphe Brushes

Hey guys! Sorry for being really MIA this month, I’ve just been really busy with school. But I am going to try and be way more active from now on!

jaclyn hill palette

So today I have my full review and swatches of the Jaclyn Hill palette. I was hesitant at first whether or not I wanted the palette. I decided to wait and read the reviews before buying it. After reading multiple good reviews I made up my mind that I wanted the palette, but it was sold out! I was finally able to purchase the palette when it restocked in late September. I received my palette and brushes about a week and a half later.

This palette is beautiful. There is a wide range of shades and colours – this palette just makes me inspired and wanting to create different makeup looks. This palette is definietely more warm toned, but there a few cooler tones through the palette. There is also a nice balance between mattes and shimmers. Also there are some really fun shades down in the bottom left corner. The only shade that I believe is missing is a bone/cream coloured matte shadow to set my eyeshadow primer with. Bellow I have swatched all the colours, and included pictures with both flash on and flash off.

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The formula of these shadows are amazing. Honestly these are probably some of the creamiest mattes I have ever used. The blend really easily on the eye which is super important to me. There is a bit fallout in the pan but none on the eyes with the mattes. There is a little fallout with the shimmery shades on the eyes, but nothing too bad. The shimmery shades are so creamy and pigmented that I feel that I do not even need to wet like some other shadows. The eyeshadows are just so easy to use that every look I have done with this palette is good!

Overall I love this palette. It is probably the best eye shadow palette that I own. It is even more amazing that it is such a great price! I highly recommend that everyone picks up this palette!

morphe brushes

I also got two different brushes. The first brush is the Y6 Pro Flat Buffer. One of my favourite Youtubers, Laura Lee, loves this foundation brush so I decided to give it a try. And I must say this brush is AMAZING. It does such a great job of seamlessly blending out my foundation and it is a great size. The only issue I have is it’s a little big and awkward around my nose piercing because it’s a flat top instead of rounded, but I love this brush regardless of this small flaw. If you like using brushes to blend out your foundation you need to get this brush.

The other brush I got was the R31 Highlight Definer. This brush is pretty good. It’s a little big but still does a good job. What I really like is that it’s not completely rounded but has two sides, so I use one side with gold highlights and the other side with rosy highlights. Overall it’s a pretty decent brush and I would recommend if you like bigger highlight brushes.

And that is it for my review of some great Morphe products! Both times that I have ordered from them I have been really happy with what I got. What are some other Morphe products that you think I should try? Let me know!



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