Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie Palette

Hey guys! So if you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that one of my favourite Youtuber’s is Laura Lee. I bought her first eye shadow palette and I loved it! So when I saw that she can out with a new palette I immediately bought it. This eye shadow palette is called Nudie Patootie and features a range of nude shades and a few sparkly shades. It has 14 shades and costs $45 USD; it was around $65 CAD for with me shipping, and I did have to pay duties on the palette. The shipping was relatively quick.

Photo 2018-05-03, 3 33 29 PM

The packaging on this palette is beautiful. I love the the pink gradient on the front with the name in a glossy embossed lettering. The logo and sides are the palette are rose gold which is so cute. The palette comes with a large mirror and feels sturdy. The eye shadow pans are about the size of a loonie. This palette is long, basically the size of my forearm. This makes it a little impractical to travel with because it doesn’t fit into my makeup bag. But the palette is so beautiful that it is nice to display.

Photo 2018-05-03, 3 33 17 PM

The quality on this palette in unbelievable. The shadows are creamy and pigmented while being extremely blendable. I will say that the shadows translate a little darker on the lid.  For example, I went in with the shade Bare thinking it would be a nice light wash of pink and man it was PINK. The website says there are only two metallic shades, Au Naurale and Jaybird, but I find that Exposed is more metallic than shimmery. These shades are goregous and super reflective but are a little hard to work with. Laura (and the website) suggests to use a glitter glue or a wet brush with these shades. I tried the wet brush method and while it was beautiful, I did get a ton of fallout. I have yet to tried it with glitter glue since I don’t own any. The shimmers, besides exposed, are very easy to work with and both a brush and finger work well. There is a nice mix of warm toned and cool toned shades, so it is a very inclusive warm palette.

When I saw this palette I was blown away and thought it was beautiful. And then I got the palette and opened it and was like…what look do I do. I like the palette, but I find that the shades are not ones that I really gravitate to. I have created some nice looks from this palette and will continue to use it, but of her two palettes I prefer her other one more.

And that is my overall review of the Laura Lee Los Angeles new palette! Let me know if there are any other palette that you want me to review. Should I do a palette collection post? Let me know!




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